Brooklyn Visions: BV Club Fair Tour


BV Club Fair It is the first mission that is part of the Visions of Brooklyn history in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. While everyone prepares for college admission, Miles has to respond to a missing person’s report, especially since the missing person is one of his teachers.

Brooklyn Visions quests will become available after completing the main story quest “Amends.” These missions are exclusive to Miles Morales and are tied to Brooklyn Visions Academy.

Brooklyn Visions: BV Club Fair Mission Goals:

To start the BV Club Fair quest, head to Brooklyn Visions Academy and climb the bridge where one of Miles’ backpacks is hidden.

Meet Ganke and Hailey

Walk over to Ganke and Hailey to talk to them. After hearing an officer talk about a missing person, Miles will have to investigate.

Find a way to approach the director and the officer.

You will have to find another way to approach the officer. Facing the door, find the gap between the two shops on the right side and then go through it. Then, go through the maze following his voices until you see the officer and the director.

Find criminal hideout

Switching into his Spider-Man suit, Miles will need to locate Ms. Ferguson’s fitness tracker. He scans the city until he finds a marker, then follows the marker to reach the hideout.

Defeat the criminals

Once you reach the hideout, you can take on the enemies patrolling there or sneak in and take them out silently. Eliminate everyone inside the lot to continue.

Check the warehouse for Mrs. Ferguson / Find Mrs. Ferguson

Head to the warehouse on the east side of the lot and go up to the roof to see Mrs. Ferguson through the sunroof. Use your skills to break through the ceiling and rescue Mrs. Ferguson.

Defeat reinforcements

Once you return to the parking lot, you will have to defeat all the reinforcements that arrived.

Getting Mrs. Ferguson back to school

After eliminating all enemies, take Mrs. Ferguson back to campus to complete the mission.

Then you will be rewarded with 800 XP, x8 city tokensand Technical parts x80.

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