Brawlhalla Sandstorm (Controls, Legends, & Achievements)



GDSandstorm, also known as Sandstorm, is a professional player with great success in eSports. He is known for his exceptional skill and expertise in Brawlhalla and has won several championships and tournaments. In this guide, I will provide a comprehensive overview of Sandstorm Brawlhalla, including his in-game controls, eSports achievements, and much more.

Key Takeaways

  • GDSandstorm is a professional player of Brawlhalla.
  • Born in Pennsylvania, United States, he discovered his passion for playing competitively at a very young age.
  • He was known for his Geometry Dash skills before becoming famous in Brawlhalla.
  • He started playing Brawlhalla professionally in 2017 but showed his true skills in 2018 when he won his first Brawlhalla World Championship.
  • Sandstorm’s Most-Played Legends are:
  • Sandstorm has earned more than $200,000 from his eSports career since 2017.
  • Earnings from streaming platforms such as Twitch and Youtube are unknown.


Sandstorm Brawlhalla
Sandstorm (Image Credit: Brawlhalla on Youtube)

Stephen Myers, who goes by the alias of “Sandstorm” is a professional player. Sandstorm was born on February 03, 2002, in Pennsylvania, United States. He began playing Brawlhalla competitively in 2017 and has since become one of the most dominant players in the community. He might have secured his spot among the top players of Brawlhalla today but back in 2017, he was very new. Despite that, Sandstorm had the ultimate potential for climbing to the top.

Before joining Brawlhalla professionally, He was known for playing Geometry Dash. It is the reason that he goes by the name of GDSandstorm on his social media. Before gaining fame in Brawlhalla, he gained recognition in the Geometry Dash community for his skill in conquering extremely challenging levels.

Sandstorm became a part of the Wildcard Gaming eSports organization on January 21st, 2019, and remained associated with them until January 7th, 2020. Subsequently, he and his 2v2 teammate Boomie joined the eSports organization Tempo Storm on January 21st, 2020, where they played until January 20th, 2021.

Sandstorm Brawlhalla decided to take a break from competitive play after the Winter Championship in 2022. However, he participated in the Mid-season Championship LAN later that year. In this event, he declared that he would be retiring from Brawlhalla competitive play. However, he announced his comeback in 2023 on November 11, 2022.

Sandstorm’s In-Game Controls

Almost every fan who follows a professional player becomes quite interested in knowing their in-game settings. Not just the in-game settings but a lot of these fans also want to know the in-game controls of that specific professional player. This is the reason that I have included Sandstorm’s in-game controls in this guide.

According to Cosolix on Youtube, Sandstorm’s Brawlhalla Controls are pretty much the same as the default controls. However, a lot of players do not feel comfortable with the default keys. So, you don’t need to be using the same controls as Sandstorm if you are a huge Sandstorm fan. I believe that every player should follow the key binds with which they feel comfortable. 

Sandstorm Brawlhalla Keybinds
Move Left Left A
Move Right Right D
Jump + Aim Up Up W
Aim Up
Jump Space
Drop Down S
Quick Attack C K
Heavy Attack X H
Throw Item V L
Dodge/Dash Z
Emote 1 1
Emote 2 2
Emote 3 3
Emote 4 4
Emote 5 5
Emote 6 6
Emote 7 7
Emote 8 8
Show Names Tab B
Command /

Sandstorm’s Most-Played Legends

Not every legend is made for every player, but there are some legends with which Sandstorm has been dominating eSports since 2017. These legends include Mordex, Magyar, Kor, Mako, and Nix.


Sandstorm has been using Mordex since the beginning of his eSports career. He has dominated a lot of Brawlhalla World Championship stages with this legend. His compatibility with Mordex is not something that every player can dream of.

Mordex Brawlhalla
Mordex (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Mordex was made part of Brawlhalla in patch 2.54 and can be counted among the best legends when it comes to speed and agility. He uses Scythe as his primary weapon and Gauntlets as his secondary weapon. It has fairly well-balanced stats, his agility being the highest and his strength not far behind. His defense is average, and his dexterity is just slightly below average.

Mordex’s Stats
Strength 6 points
Dexterity 4 points
Defense 5 points
Stats 7 points


The legend that secures second place in Sandstorm’s most-played legends is Magyar. Sandstorm currently has an 81% win rate with Magyar. He has been using Magyar alongside Mordex since its release. He has been dominating the championship stages with Magyar although it has completely different stats when compared with Mordex.

Magyar Brawlhalla
Magyar (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

As mentioned above Mordex has high speed and agility, Magyar as compared to him has very slow speed but Magyar is considered to be the best legend in terms of defense. Magyar uses Grapple Hammer as its primary while Greatsword is its secondary weapon.

Magyar’s Stats
Strength 5 points
Dexterity 4 points
Defense 9 points
Stats 4 points


Kor is a tough and sturdy Legend in Brawlhalla, with high strength and defense stats. He wields both a Hammer and Gauntlets. This allows him to perform a mix of heavy-hitting attacks and quick combos. His unique weapon combination allows him to cover a wide range of playstyles and strategies, making him a versatile choice for players who enjoy a mix of offense and defense. 

Kor Brawlhalla
Kor (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
Kor’s Stats
Strength 6 points
Dexterity 5 points
Defense 7 points
Stats 4 points


Mako is a speedy and nimble Legend in Brawlhalla, with high dexterity and mobility. She wields a Greatsword and Katars, allowing for a mix of long-range and close combat attacks. The Greatsword has wide, sweeping attacks that deal heavy damage. While the Katars are fast and precise, making them perfect for quick combos and juggling. Mako’s weapons complement each other well, allowing for a versatile playstyle that can adapt to different situations. Mako is equipped with a set of well-balanced stats.

Mako Brawlhalla
Mako (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
Mako’s Stats
Strength 6 points
Dexterity 4 points
Defense 4 points
Stats 8 points


Nix is a dark and mysterious Legend. She has high dexterity and defense stats. Nix uses Scythe as her primary and Blasters as her secondary weapon. This pair of weapons allows her to perform a mix of long-range and close combat attacks. The Scythes have long-range and sweeping attacks that can catch opponents off guard. The Blasters allow for zoning and control. Sandstorm while playing Nix has never lost a single match yet in his tournaments, which makes his win rate a Nix 100%.

Nix Brawlhalla
Nix (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
Nix’s Stats
Strength 4 points
Dexterity 5 points
Defense 7 points 
Stats 6 points

Esports Achievements

Sandstorm is widely regarded as one of the most dominant players in the  Brawlhalla competitive scene. Although he started Brawlhalla professionally in 2017, he first gained recognition for his exceptional skill in 2018 when he won both the Singles and Doubles tournaments at the Brawlhalla World Championship. Since then, he has continued to showcase his impressive talent and consistency by winning numerous tournaments and placing highly in others.

In addition to his success as a player, Sandstorm has also become a popular and influential figure in the community. His success and skill have inspired many other players to improve and strive for excellence in Brawlhalla. Overall, his career in Brawlhalla has been marked by outstanding achievements, innovation, and dedication to the game and its community.

All the achievements of Sandstorm are listed below starting from 2017 up to 2023:


Tournament Type Position
Summer Championship 1v1 257th
BCX USE Regional Qualifier 1v1 13th


Tournament Type Position
Winter Championship 1v1 33rd
Spring Championship 1v1 9th
Outplay or Dismay 1v1 1st
Summer Championship 1v1 7th
Brawl League Masters Ascension 1v1 2nd
Brawl League Masters Finals 1v1 7th
Autumn Championship 1v1 5th
Brawlhalla World Championship 1v1 1st
Winter Championship 2v2 33rd
Spring Championship 2v2 33rd 2v2 17th
Summer Championship 2v2 5th
Brawl to the Future 2v2 7th
Autumn Championship 2v2 257th
Brawlhalla World Championship 2v2 13th


Tournament Type Position
Winter Championship 1v1 7th
March of Legends 1v1 1st
Final Round  1v1 1st
Spring Championship 1v1 1st
Mayhem of Ragnirock 1v1 3rd
Dreamhack Dallas 1v1 1st
Dreamhack Summer 1v1 1st
CEO Daytona 1v1 1st
Low Tier City 1v1 1st
Super Summer Slayem 1v1 5th
Shine 1v1 2nd
Dreamhack Montreal 1v1 2nd
Autumn Championship 1v1 2nd
Dreamhack Rotterdam 1v1 3rd
Brawlhalla World Championship 1v1 1st
Winter Championship 2v2 1st
Sunny Side Air 2v2 1st
Final Round 2v2 1st
Spring Championship 2v2 3rd
Dreamhack Dallas 2v2 1st
Dreamhack Summer 2v2 1st
CEO Daytona 2v2 1st
Low Tier City 2v2 2nd
Shine  2v2 1st
Dreamhack Montreal 2v2 3rd
Autumn Championship 2v2 1st
Dreamhack Rotterdam 2v2 2nd
Brawlhalla World Championship 2v2 1st


Tournament Type Position
Winter Championship  1v1 5th
CEO Online  1v1 1st
Spring Championship 1v1 1st
Combo Breaker Online  1v1 5th
LTC Midseason Championship 1v1 1st
Winter Championship 2v2 1st
CEO Online 2v2 1st
Spring Championship 2v2 1st
Combo Breaker Online 2v2 1st
Summer Championship 2v2 7th


Tournament Type Position
Winter Championship 1v1 9th
Spring Championship 1v1 1st
Summer Championship 1v1 1st
Autumn Championship 1v1 1st
World Championship 1v1 3rd


Tournament Type Position
Winter Championship 1v1 3rd
Midseason Championship 1v1 5th
Winter Championship 2v2 3rd
Midseason Championship 2v2 13-16th


Tournament Type Position
Moose Wars, Moose Mania 1v1 6th
Winter Championship 1v1 6th
Brawlhalla Championship 1v1 4th
Winter Championship 2v2 4th

Esports Earning

Sandstorm is considered one of the highest-earning eSports players. Since his debut in the competitive scene in 2017, Sandstorm has won numerous tournaments, which include multiple Brawlhalla World Championships as well. These tournaments earned him a substantial sum of money. As of 2023, Sandstorm’s Brawlhalla Earnings exceed $200,000.

In addition to his competitive success, Sandstorm also streams his gameplay on Twitch, where he has over 90,000 followers. He also owns a Youtube channel with over 200,000 subscribers. This allows him to generate additional income through ads, donations, and subscriptions.

Sandstorm’s success in eSports has not only made him a top-earning player but has also cemented his status as one of the greatest professional Brawlhalla players of all time.

Final Take

Sandstorm is among the most successful players of all time. His expertise and skill in Brawlhalla are unparalleled. He has won several championships and has consistently performed well in various other competitions. His impressive Brawlhalla competitive career made it clear that Sandstorm is a top player. His legacy will continue to inspire and motivate other players for years.

Brawlhalla has established itself as one of the most popular and successful fighting games in the eSports scene. For players who are struggling with legends in Brawlhalla and still have no idea which legend can prove to be a perfect fit for them, then worry not our website provides the best Brawlhalla Legends Tier List to be played. 


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