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In the world of Brawlhalla, Koji The Wanderer, also known as Honor’s Blade, is a renowned legend with exceptional bow and sword skills. He is a strategic fighter, always patient and prepared for any situation, so learning all about his main weapons; the sword and the bow, as well as his playstyle with combos, is key to mastering him so that you can easily defeat your foes in casual or ranked battles.

Key Takeaways

  • Koji Brawlhalla the Wanderer, also known as Honor’s Blade, is a popular character with high bow and sword skills.
  • Koji’s greatest strength is his dexterity and speed of attack, but his defense is his biggest weakness.
  • His bow attacks have decent range and can hit opponents from afar, while his sword attacks are faster but have less range.
  • Koji’s signature moves can be effective when used correctly, but be careful not to spam them.
  • Mix up attacks with both the bow and sword to keep opponents guessing and create opportunities for combos.
  • Choose the defense stance to balance out Koji’s lower defense stat and increase survivability.

Koji’s Basic Information

Stats Koji
Stats of Koji in Brawlhalla

Koji Brawlhalla the Wandered, Honor’s Blade, is a popular character in Brawlhalla, known for his high bow and sword skills.

  • Koji’s greatest strength is his dexterity, which allows him to attack quickly.
  • However, his defense is his biggest weakness, so it’s important to stay on the move and avoid taking hits.
  • Hit-and-run tactics can be effective with Koji, but be careful not to become too passive.
  • While playing Brawlhalla, a defensive playstyle may seem favored, but the community generally frowns upon an overly passive approach.
  • As Koji, you can use your speed to land multiple hits on your opponent and then back off or bait them into a quick signature move.


Bow Koji
Bow of Koji

A range of advantages, including a defensive move with a great hitbox and an interesting move that hits directly above Koji is offered by Koji’s bow signatures. His neutral signature is a long-range vertical attack, while his side signature is a wind-powered arrow that knocks back enemies hit. His down signature covers a small area but has good speed and can be paired with light attacks for an effective strategy.


  • The greatest advantage of Koji is his dexterity and speed of attack, making him a fast and agile fighter.
  • The bow attacks of Koji have decent range and can hit opponents from afar.
  • The neutral signature of Koji has a fast upward motion and can be a great attack if used correctly.


  • The defense of Koji is his greatest disadvantage, making him vulnerable to attacks from opponents.
  • If the enemy is too close, it’s easy to dodge Koji’s side signature.

Signature Moves:

  • Neutral Signature: Koji’s bow nSig is a long-range vertical sig that launches opponents vertically and finishes them at around 120%. It is quick and covers a wide area, but it doesn’t cover a wide area. It is unable to strike grounded opponents.
  • Side Signature: Koji shoots a wind-powered arrow vertically over his head, knocking back enemies hit. This move covers a small area but has good speed and finishes an opponent at 130%. It works well when combined with light attack moves like dLight.
  • Down Signature: Koji’s bow has a mid-short ranged Ssig that strikes the opponent with rapid speed and tremendous power, sending them flying backward. The move is straightforward but effective, making it a valuable tool in Koji’s arsenal.


Sword Koji
Koji’s Sword

When using the sword, Koji’s side signature move is faster than the bow’s side signature, but it has less range. While it deals higher damage, if Koji is too far away, the attack can miss its target. To compensate for the limited range, Koji can use his down signature, which has a wider hitbox.


  • Koji’s Down Sig with the sword is a swift, far-reaching forward attack.
  • He rapidly slices through the air above him with his sword thanks to his Neutral Sig, finishing with a powerful cut.
  • The Side Sig has a mid-short range, two hits, and a powerful hit.


  • The sword’s side signature has less range than the bow’s side signature.
  • If Koji is too far away, the sword’s side signature attack will miss.
  • The opponent has a clear path for escape or attacks if you keep holding down the attack button during the Side Sig’s second assault.

Signature Moves

  • Neutral Signature: Koji’s neutral signature move involves a quick upward slash with his sword, which launches his opponent up into the air with a final powerful cut. Koji then sheathes his sword, although this is only a cosmetic effect.
  • Side Signature: Koji’s side signature move hits twice – once with a quick slash at very short range, and again with a stronger hit at mid-short range. However, charging the attack button only powers up the second attack, which can be dangerous and ineffective as it leaves Koji open to counterattacks or escape by the enemy.
  • Down Signature: Koji’s down signature is a swift forward strike that covers a considerable distance, but it only hits where Koji lands. A small spark indicates the spot where Koji intends to land.

Koji’s Playstyle In Brawlhalla

Koji Attacking in Brawlhalla

Koji Brawlhalla is a dexterity-focused legend, making him a difficult character to play with. His average defense and strength numbers don’t make him a particularly forgiving opponent.

You should choose the defensive stance for Koji because his dexterity number is his highest, and a drop in this stat won’t have a significant impact on him. Players can use Koji’s sword signatures more quickly than other characters, thanks to his high dexterity advantage.


  • Use Koji’s high dexterity in Brawlhalla to your advantage when using sword signatures, allowing for quicker attacks and more adventurous gameplay.
  • Choose the defense stance to balance out his lower defense stat and increase survivability.
  • Avoid signature spamming, but use signature attacks when appropriate, as it is harder for opponents to punish Koji for using them compared to other characters.
  • Mix up attacks with both the bow and sword to keep opponents guessing and create opportunities for combos.
  • Use the bow’s down signature for defensive moves and edge guarding, while the side signature provides decent range and knockback.
  • With the sword, the down signature has a wider hitbox, while the side signature is a faster attack but has less range. The neutral signature is a quick and powerful attack that can launch opponents upward.

Best Bow Combos

Koji Brawlhalla has several combo moves that can be effective in different situations. Here are some of the best combos you can use while playing Koji:


  • Best combo starter
  • Not possible at later percentages
  • Mix it up with other moves like nAir, nLight, or sAir to keep your opponent guessing.


  • Most basic bow combo
  • It can be used at any percent
  • Great for racking up damage and leading into other strings


  • Similar to the nLight version
  • Used to kill an opponent if you’re in the middle of the stage
  • Possible at any percent


  • Includes a sig with a dodge frame of only 1
  • Great for finishing off opponents and can also be used to rack up damage
  • Possible at all percentages and can finish off an opponent at 130%


  • Like the nAir version
  • Used to kill an opponent if you’re on the edge of the stage
  • Good combo starter and can be used at any percent


  • Basic string available for the bow
  • The Dodge window between the sLight and dLight is only 1 frame, so it’s almost a true combo.
  • Great kill confirm and a safer string if you’re not near a ledge to go for the side-air kill.
  • Possible up to 220%, but after 190%, the dodge window becomes bigger
  • This can lead to other moves like gPs and dAirs


  • Pretty good combo that can be used on all stages throughout the game
  • Particularly efficient for eliminating an enemy due to the recovery
  • A true combination that opponents cannot counter, but to use it, you must strike the dLight’s end hitbox.
  • Possible at 20%


  • An extended form of the simplest string
  • If you hit it, it deals a tonne of damage and can put you in an excellent position.
  • Depending on where your opponent likes to head after the sAir, you could use the dAir instead of the ground pound.
  • gP/dAir is used for edge guarding at the end
  • A really useful string that’s worth practicing, as it can be difficult to hit it correctly.

Best Sword Combos

If you’re looking to master the bow of Koji in Brawlhalla, you’ll want to practice these sword combos:


  • This is a popular string that can be used for both damage and killing.
  • It is best used near the edge of the stage to get a kill.
  • SAIR kills earlier than REC, which is its advantage over the latter.
  • It is possible to use this string at all percentages.


  • A classic string that deals the most damage among all true combos.
  • It is a kill confirmed at 160%, making it a good option when SAIR won’t kill.
  • It is possible to use this string at all percentages.


  • This is the most commonly used string that racks up solid damage.
  • Compared to the DLIGHT variant, it has a smaller dodge window.
  • It is possible to use this string at all percentages.


  • This string can be used after landing a DAIR.
  • It is a powerful string starter because of the long duration of NLIGHT.
  • It can still hit an opponent who neutral dodges.
  • This string can be used up to 90%, after which NSIG should be used because NLIGHT leads into strings at lower percentages better.


  • Another string that may be utilized to finish a true combo kill or to do a lot of damage.
  • This string contains two more dodge windows compared to the NLIGHT version; hence it is advised to utilize it at higher percentages to obtain a confirmed kill.
  • It is possible to use this string at all percentages.

Tips And Tricks

  • Although Koji Brawlhalla is a fast and unpredictable legend, his low defense and strength stats can make him challenging to play.
  • Koji demands time and effort to master, just like every other legend
  • Sword and bow are two of the most straightforward weapons, making them great choices for beginners.
  • Basic strings on both weapons can cause massive damage against enemies.
  • Additionally, they have solid recoveries, but it’s important to mix up your options for getting back on stage to keep your opponents guessing.
  • Regular practice will help you sharpen your abilities and master Koji’s movements.
  • Be sure to utilize bow strings, as they are potent and can give you a significant lead.

You will get better at playing as Koji once you are good with his weapons. The question: Is Koji Good? It only depends on how well you have grasped the concept of using his weapons. However, for now, that’s it on the guide to Koji Brawlhalla, covering his best combos and playstyle.



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