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Bob Chapek’s Disparaging Animation Comments Angered Disney, Pixar Employees

Ousted Disney CEO Bob Chapek is leaving after several controversies, including unfavorable comments about his animation.

The fallout from Bob Chapek’s firing at Disney continues, with his comments about animation allegedly undermining Disney and Pixar employees.

The Wall Street Journal He cited people close to the situation who said Chapek alienated people in the animation departments at Disney and Pixar during his tenure at The Walt Disney Company. In a moment that many employees saw as a debasement of the brand, he insisted during an interview at a Wall Street Journal conference that adults don’t watch Disney’s animated efforts. Members of the animation team listened to the comments and felt that Chapek compromised the value of his product, which has long been a Disney staple since its founding in 1923.

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Chapek’s unfavorable comments about animation are the latest in a series of controversies that surrounded the Chicago native in the months leading up to his departure, which was confirmed on November 21 when it was announced that Bob Iger would be coming out of retirement to resume his place. as executive director. However, the outgoing boss’s fall from grace allegedly began when Scarlett Johansson filed a lawsuit alleging that Chapek sacrificed the blockbuster of his black widow movie to boost Disney+. They finally settled the matter out of court in September 2021 for an undisclosed amount.

Another controversy that plagued Chapek during his two-year reign as CEO was his response to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, signed by state Governor Ron DeSantis in March, which bans instruction on sexual orientation. and gender identity since kindergarten. to grade 3 in local schools. Disney initially spoke out against the ban but did not condemn it, leading to a public relations nightmare for the company and Chapek issuing a more definitive statement following widespread criticism.

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Chapek accused of undermining Disney

Furthermore, Chapek claimed last October that Disney+ was drastically undervalued despite the fact that the cost of Disney’s streaming service is expected to rise by 38% in December. Then, on November 8, during a fourth-quarter earnings call, he allegedly tried to paint an encouraging picture of Disney’s finances, conveying that the company made a record $28 billion in profit even though it wasn’t profitable. usually. Disney shares tumbled once earnings reports were released.

The creatives were also not happy under Chapek’s watch, as several lost power or were laid off. Consequently, Iger, upon his return to Disney, announced that he will put the decision-making in the hands of the creatives to help recapture his mystique. The return of Iger, who was previously chief executive from September 2005 to February 2020, sent Disney stock prices soaring soon after the announcement. The relationship between the last two Disney bosses was cold as Iger badmouthed Chapek in private conversations and regretted making him chief executive when he resigned.

However, the future of Disney with Iger in charge remains unknown. Despite his promises to creatives and the revenue potential he could bring to the company, there is speculation that Iger could sell Disney to Apple, given his relationship with the tech brand and his friendship with his late founder Steve Jobs. Therefore, the leadership change will not quickly solve Disney’s problems.

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