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Blue Lock’s Vision of Japanese Soccer Might Come True in Qatar’s World Cup

On the afternoon of November 23, Japan made football history by beating four-time world champions Germany in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. An incredible feat for a team that has never won a World Cup and only qualified seven. times, the victory shocked fans of the Japanese soccer anime. blue padlock in a frenzy

Serialized since 2018, blue padlock has just received its anime adaptation and garnered a huge following as one of the most popular anime of the fall 2022 season. Its premise is simple but effective: a group of young Japanese soccer forwards are selected and entered into a program of training destined to turn the best into the ultimate champions. It’s the only way, according to the anime, to rewrite Japan’s soccer history and ultimately win a World Cup title. A pipe dream to many, it suddenly seemed a lot more realistic when Japan pulled off their upset victory against Germany in Qatar. Twitter was flooded with posts from anime fans with the hashtag “blue padlock it is real.”

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Blue Lock envisions a path to glory for Japanese soccer

When he decides to pass instead of shooting on goal during a prefectural soccer match, teenager Yoichi Isagi loses the game and all hope of becoming a professional soccer player. However, a few days later, he is summoned by the Japan Football Union and offered a place in the Blue Lock program, an intensive training program designed to create the perfect striker. That he eerily reminds of squid gameThe program is a series of grueling challenges meant to test, break, and rebuild forwards from the ground up as players.

From the very first episode, the story grounds the anime in reality. Ego, the mind behind the show, explains that because of its weaknesses, Japanese soccer has never really been competitive on an international level. Whether these weaknesses are real or not, it’s refreshing to see a soccer anime that reflects the reality of the sport, as well as Japan’s role in it. Ego’s carefully structured “Blue Lock” machine envisions a relentless yet effective path to creating the perfect striker and a victorious Japan.

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Japan’s win against Germany makes this anime dream a real possibility


After a painful first half of the World Cup match against Germany, Japan turned things around in the second, changing tactics. The strategy paid off when, later in the match, Ritsu Doan and Takuma Asano scored eight minutes apart (75′ and 83′), securing Japan’s victory. It was a result as unexpected as it was crucial: Japanese soccer fans seemed to experience it as an effective renaissance.

Samurai Blue’s victory sparked reactions from fans of blue padlock in Japan and beyond. It is clear that seeing Japan pull off such a momentous victory by virtue of the brilliant, and virtually unexpected, actions of two forwards has reminded fans of what blue padlock anticipate and wish On Twitter, both blue padlockThe artist and the official account have posted about the game, with Yusuke Nomura dedicating his art to the Japanese team’s feat. The official Blue Lock account also noted that both “Japan” and “Blue Lock” were trending on Twitter.

As Japan prepares to battle for first place in the World Cup, fans of blue padlock you could remember the power of art to shape and inspire the future long before the theories and predictions of scientists and experts. who knows maybe blue padlock motivated the Japanese soccer team to dream of an impossible victory and make it a reality.

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