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Blood Rage Is the Perfect Thanksgiving Horror Movie

Halloween gets all the glory as the holiday of choice for the hounds of terror, but what’s a fan of fright after the season to seasonal standards like Hallowe’en Y Friday the 13th Has it come and gone? True horror devotees know that a decent show is worth seeing all year long, but once Halloween is over, it can be a bit difficult to find the next slasher worth trying, like those who just dip their toes in. feet in the bloody waters of Camp Crystal Lake. they are generally off the account for the rest of the year. For those who like a little spooky with their Thanksgiving turkey, 1987 blood rage He’s the perfect schlocky slasher to quench the bloodlust and cranberry sauce of any fear seeker alike.

What is the story behind Blood Rage?

Originally shot in 1983, blood rage it sat on the shelf for four years before finally being released under the much less catchy title, Nightmare in Shadow Woods. The first version of the film to debut was heavily edited, removing most of the film’s deliciously over-the-top gore effects and any sexual content. As an uncut slasher film, this initial run quickly disappeared from its already limited theatrical release. Only after its release on home video, under the better-known title blood rage, the movie finally had its true colors exposed. Interestingly, that same VHS did its part by creating more confusion at the title’s release, as the opening credits double over the film. slasherin spite of the blood rage banner on the cover.

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What is Blood Rage about?

terry cooks his parents a threatening thanksgiving meal with blood rage

The film stars mostly unknowns, except for comedic actress (and a great scream queen who never was) Louise Lasser. blood rage it begins with identical twins Todd and Terry watching their mother, Maddy (the aforementioned Lasser), make out with her boyfriend at a drive-in movie. Disgusted, the twins explore the drive-in. After finding an axe, Terry murders a man involved in similar lewd activity as Maddy and her boyfriend. Terry then places the murder weapon on his meek twin brother Todd, who is promptly committed for the crime.

A decade after the murder, the once silent Todd suggests that Terry is, in fact, the brother responsible for the drive-in death, much to Maddy’s disgust and disbelief. That night, with friends and family gathered for a Thanksgiving celebration, Maddy and Terry learn that Todd has escaped from his mental institution, sparking a renewed murderous rage in Terry. With his freedom at stake, Terry decides to go on a murder spree and blame it on his brother, who has been mistakenly labeled crazy all these years. What happens for the rest of the runtime is, naturally, violent and ridiculous in equal measure.

What makes Blood Rage a fun watch?

Blood Rage Killer Terry laughs maniacally

what sets blood rage Aside from its equally gory slasher compatriots, plus its bizarre Thanksgiving setting, is how it uses the terrifying prospect of dysfunctional family gatherings as the lynchpin for the murderous proceedings that follow. The botched slasher works as a surprisingly effective examination of large-scale sibling rivalry, the damage family can inflict (despite the best intentions), and the pain a parent can experience watching their children spiral into a place beyond your control.

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The true joys of blood rage, however, come from its pure, unadulterated absurdity. This is the stuff of the best ’80s slasher movie, complete with wonderfully peppered (and appropriately cranberry-colored) gore effects, stilted soap opera performances, and misreadings of lines throughout. For those uninitiated in the cheesy delights of 1980s B-movie horror and exploitation, blood rage it is an excellent entry point. It exemplifies all the weird zest, worst tropes, and ridiculous decision-making inherent in that corner of cinema.

Does Blood Rage hold?

terry's mother maddie drinks whiskey with blood rage

Having said that, blood rage it is by no means a misunderstood masterpiece. But there are moments of transcendent and sublime silliness that the film carries when its technical weaknesses threaten to collapse the whole thing. Combine that with excellent gore effects and a self-aware sense of humor, bolstered by a performance by Louise Lasser at the kitchen sink, and there you have the solid foundation of a wholly likable contender for schlocky slasher movie canon.

Horror fans and the creepy-curious in need of a Thanksgiving treat are sure to find a cornucopia of wacky wonders to recommend at blood rage. And if the viewer has a few fellow gore fans in the family, this blood-soaked B-movie is perfect for viewing under the gauze of a tryptophan-induced haze.

Catch Blood Rage this Thanksgiving season, currently streaming on Tubi TV.

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