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Blood Origin Confirmed to Feature Joey Batey’s Jaskier

Netflix’s fantasy prequel series The Witcher: Blood Origin will feature fan-favorite bard Jaskier, once again played by actor Joey Batey.

After over a year of unconfirmed reports that actor Joey Batey would be joining Netflix The Witcher: Origin of Bloodthe singer and sorcerer The star recently made her first official appearance as part of the cast of the prequel series.

Actor Lenny Henry, who plays an elven bard in the upcoming series, shared an image on social media of himself and Batey at a press conference for the show. “The Witcher: Origin of Blood Press Tour: All day yesterday… with this guy,” Henry wrote. The image apparently confirms that Batey will play the bard Dandelion once again for origin of blood.

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Reports of Batey’s involvement surfaced in October 2021, when there was speculation that he would narrate the six-part Netflix series. At the time, it was unknown if she would simply provide a vocal performance or if she would appear in person at some point.

It was later reported that he would play a role in origin of bloodThe framing story. The story would see Dandelion in a tavern, beginning to recite the tale of the ancient elves to a large crowd. The plan was for him to be interrupted by an unknown elf, who would correct him and tell the bard and listeners that the events in Dandelion’s song are not entirely accurate and probably exaggerated.

It has since been revealed that Jaskier will not, in fact, play the role of narrator. While the show will have one, he will be played by actress Minnie Driver, whose appearance was announced at this year’s TUDUM event. She plays an elf Seancha√≠, who is described as a guardian elf of lore. It is currently unknown how much, if at all, she will interact with Dandelion.

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The Witcher: Origin of Blood is a four-part limited series set 1,200 years before the events of the main show, around the time of the cataclysmic events known in Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels as the Conjunction of the Spheres. The event wreaked havoc across the continent, allowing humans, magic, and monsters to cross over from entirely separate universes and populate the earth.

While the series makes use of the lore established in the novels, its setting and characters are entirely new, as the era is mentioned but never explored in Sapkowski’s novels. The main characters of the series, √Čile, played by Sophia Brown; Fjall, played by Laurence O’Fuarain and Scian, played by Michelle Yeoh; They were created especially for the Netflix series.

The Witcher: Origin of Blood will premiere on December 25, only on Netflix.

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