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Black Panther 2’s New Duo Puts Tony Stark & Bruce Banner to Shame

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Started With Science Bros. The Original Iron Man Y The incredible Hulk, both released in 2008, chronicle a pair of geniuses and the results of their efforts. Tony Stark became Iron Man and launched a new era of superheroes (after a few false starts), while Bruce Banner dealt with the Frankenstein-esque fallout from gamma research gone awry. Both of them shaped the MCU in countless ways and became the resident “big brains” for the first three phases of the franchise. It has even earned them the informal nickname “Science Bros.”

But that was then, and this is now. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever establishes a new scientific duo looking to shame their elders. Shuri has always been the true genius of the MCU, and wakandan forever it reveals how skilled he has become. She is joined by Riri Williams, one of the de facto heirs to the Iron Man legacy. Together, they set a bar far higher than Science Bros.

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Riri Williams and Shuri are the MCU’s new science team

Though she wasn’t introduced until Phase Three, Shuri was always the franchise’s great forgotten mastermind: a prodigy like Tony and Bruce, only armed with technology and resources centuries before them. With Wakanda hidden for so long, no one knew of her until shortly before the Snap, and even then, her youth could easily lead others to overlook her. But she was already breaking boundaries that the Science Bros couldn’t dream of, and providing Black Panther with her suit was just the beginning. wakandan forever finds her in top form: not only in her attempts to defend Wakanda against the threat of Namor, but also in successfully breeding the heart-shaped herb that gives her Black Panther powers.

Shuri joins Riri, making her MCU debut in anticipation of future endeavors as Iron heart Y armor wars. She is studying at Tony’s alma mater at MIT and, as the movie says, “runs circles around her professors.” Her efforts include a new version of Tony’s armor that she built from scratch and a vibranium detector that earned her a death sentence from Namor. The Wakandans eventually bring her to her country, where she and Shuri team up to devise a means to stop Namor despite her kingdom’s strong technological advantage.

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How Black Panther 2’s duo outperforms the MCU’s Science Bros


Their team succeeds far more often and with fewer hiccups than similar Science Bros. efforts. The pair work together with ease, putting their heads together with minimal friction. His weapons are tested in battle under the most brutal conditions and emerge with flying colors, and his plan to defeat Namor goes exceptionally well considering the circumstances. It leaves a lot of potential for their future partnership, and with Riri more or less having access to the Wakandan labs, it’s likely that he’ll accomplish more than Tony could hope for in later chapters. And Shuri is already alone in a class.

The Science Bros, on the other hand, succumb to the weaknesses of trial and error much more often. While its triumphs are palpable, including Tony and Bruce’s time travel figuring out how to keep their personas intact in the Hulk’s body, they’re also marked by some glaring shortcomings. For example, Bruce’s efforts to duplicate time travel are less effective, while Tony’s breast implant nearly poisons him in iron man 2 and causes an armor malfunction in iron Man 3. All of that adds up to the real elephant in the room: Ultron, Tony’s monster, who nearly wiped out all life on Earth.

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That’s not to say that Shuri and Williams won’t have their own Frankenstein moment down the road, especially if threats like Talokan push them into reckless decisions. But they are already ahead of the game when it comes to their predecessors, both in their early successes and in their ability to more easily team up. Tony and Bruce were some of the earliest heroes of the MCU, but it’s inevitable that later generations will surpass what they accomplished. With his new science team, wakandan forever announces that the future is here.

To check out the MCU’s newest science duo, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is now in theaters.

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