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Black Panther 2 Theory: Aneka Is a Skrull

As much as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever it’s a standalone story, as with any Marvel Studios property, it has to drive other cogs in the moving machine known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sure, it’s about the passing of King T’Challa and the pain associated with handing over the Panther mantle to someone close. But it also teases the future to come a bit.

Fans learn that another Black Panther successor is organically in the works, while Countess Valentina and the CIA subtly set up a retribution arc for the Thunderbolts. Fortunately, this doesn’t detract from the story of Queen Ramonda and Princess Shuri, who are processing the trauma and rising up as protectors. However, there are subtle signs in wakandan forever that could be linked secret invasionteasing a key Wakandan hero as the Skrull and a dangerous future ahead.

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Aneka from Black Panther 2 could be a Skrull

In wakandan forever, Aneka is an outsider in the tradition of the Dora Milaje and Bucks. She gives off a rebellious vibe, interested in using technological blades Shuri made instead of the usual spear. And that’s why Okoye scolds her, since she wants him to respect her heritage, her legacy and her rules. It’s true that the rest of Dora does, which is why Aneka lines up at the end of the movie.

However, in the final act, he seems insistent, probing Shuri on her visit to the Talokan empire and wanting to know more about Namor. She also insists on being close to Shuri in battle when Namor invades, when one would think she would be with his beloved Ayo de él. Fortunately, Wakanda achieves a truce with the Talokan, but again, Aneka has positioned herself in a key role, close to the throne and Shuri’s laboratory.

In addition to living in a secluded country house with Ayo, this makes her the perfect candidate to steal intelligence, mine information, and spy on Wakandans for the Skrull Empire. The movie makes it clear that she’s not one of them, so Aneka could be this inside agent, similar to how Talos did in captain marvel. He, too, cut that spy figure, collecting data when he embedded himself in key parts of the national security setup. And given the star status of actress Michaela Cole from Bubble gum Y i can destroy youit’s hard to see her taking a role that would be minor in the MCU.

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Skrulls Might Be Looking For Vibranium After Black Panther 2

Black Panther fighting a Super Skrull in Secret Invasion

From a strategic point of view, Aneka being a Skrull makes sense. After all, the comics had Skrulls infiltrating all sectors of society, including Wakanda. They wanted scientific tools to take world power off the board, and Aneka could be the cornerstone for that. Since there is no more powerful element in the world than vibranium, he could be seeking this metal for the shape-shifting aliens to gain access to Namor’s realm, which also has the metal. There’s also the heart-shaped herbal serum that Shuri recreates to become Black Panther, which can be dissected to enhance Skrulls or make Super-Skrulls.

Both nations are powerful so honestly it would be a brilliant tactic and would explain why Aneka wants to know more about both empires. Aneka also loves disguises, as he shows when he hides out in Mali’s outreach program, helping to catch and eliminate mercenaries. Ultimately, if the Skrulls want to take over Earth, crippling their strongest strongholds makes sense. With armor wars hinting that they are gathering weapons on the surface, Aneka may be the key to doing the same in the isolated regions. It’s very possible that he’s fooling everyone as he navigates this newfound and potentially vulnerable alliance that has powerful resources and a potential grievance with the surface.

To see Aneka’s suspicious actions, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is now in theaters.

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