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Black Panther 2 Mirrors Wakanda’s Role in Avengers: Infinity War

An advantage over Black Panther: Wakanda Forever This was how Marvel Studios managed to keep most of the plot quiet. Fans knew the movie would revolve around the death of King T’Challa, and the royals, Queen Ramonda and Princess Shuri, coping with the loss. However, there were still mysteries as to how Namor and the Talokan empire would go to war with the African nation and who would replace T’Challa. Also, no one knew how MIT teen prodigy Riri Williams would influence the film and become one of Shuri’s most trusted allies. Well, when Riri becomes the catalyst for the feud between these world powers, wakandan forever has a lot in common with Avengers: infinity war.

Avengers: Infinity War had a protective arc with vision

Thanos spent quite a bit of time assembling the infinity stones and realized he had to do the work himself. infinity war it culminated in him taking the Time Stone on Titan before coming to Wakanda. He wanted Vision, who had the Mind Stone in his head, but Black Panther, Captain America, Bucky Barnes, and many other Avengers battened down the hatches to protect the hero.

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Shuri was even working on an extraction that would keep him alive in the lab, with Scarlet Witch acting as his bodyguard. Unfortunately, his mission was unsuccessful as the Mad Titan was unavoidable. He reversed time, obtained the Vision stone, and erased half of all reality with his Snap, starting the apocalypse the Wakandan alliance feared would happen.

Black Panther 2 Features a Similar Savior Story

Riri Williams Pounding In Wakanda Black Panther Forever

In wakandan forever, Riri’s college work is stolen, resulting in Countess Valentina and the CIA creating their vibranium-seeking machine. They end up disturbing Namor’s underwater kingdom, which angers the Talokan as they believe that Wakanda caused this by wanting to integrate with the world and share their secrets in the first place. As such, Namor orders Wakanda to bring the scientist to him, so he can kill her and keep the Talokan isolated from her.

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That pushes Shuri and Okoye to catch Riri first and bring her back to Wakanda to keep her safe, not wanting to spill innocent blood. She remixes how they tried to protect Vision, going on the road to catch her in Boston for her own good. Eventually they are taken to Namor’s kingdom and escape back to Wakanda, which brings the furious Sub-Mariner along. Once again, he wants Riri’s head, but he is also satisfied with the death of more common people.

Namor can’t stand how his people perished when Nakia rescued Shuri and Riri, so he drowns many and murders Ramonda in revenge, nodding to how Thanos’ Outriders invaded. In the process, Wakanda faces another tragedy and pushes Shuri to become the new Black Panther. But she also inspires Riri to become Ironheart when Wakanda strikes back because even though Vision died and couldn’t fight Thanos, she can protect the people who protected her.

To see Riri mirror Vision’s story in Infinity War, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is now in theaters.

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