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Black Panther 2 Heals Trauma and Grief for All Except Okokye

Before Black Panther: Wakanda Forever hit theaters, fans already knew it would be an emotional journey of coping and grief. Chadwick Boseman’s untimely death played a part in this, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe revealing that his King T’Challa died in the opening act. He would also plunge Princess Shuri into despair, leading to a fight with Queen Ramonda over lore.

Shuri hated how the world took so much from her, especially since it all came after her father died. However, another hero went through similar trials – Okoye. But while the pain and trauma of others healed, Okoye was left with a gaping hole when the film ended.

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Okoye from Black Panther 2 takes on Queen Ramonda

When Namor’s Talokan army kidnaps Shuri and Riri Williams in Boston, Ramonda is furious. And she takes it out on Okoye, since the Dora Milaje’s head was supposed to protect her daughter. The queen couldn’t afford to lose another son while she gave the rival empire she wanted to crush Wakanda a ton of influence. As such, Okoye was dishonorably discharged and exiled to the outskirts of town.

What hurt the most was how Okoye considered the queen a mother, begging to redeem herself after being shamed in public. She wanted to find Shuri, but this role was given to Nakia, leaving Okoye heartbroken and crying. It was very hard because it wasn’t Okoye’s fault that they were ambushed and outnumbered, and she always took care of T’Challa. In fact, she was the one who helped Shuri overcome her problems, so it felt very unfair.

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Okoye never closes in Black Panther 2

Okoye holding a spear by her side

The firing turned out to be a betrayal, given how much Okoye sacrificed, including turning on her seditious husband, W’Kabi, in the first film. Unfortunately, Okoye and Ramonda never manage to make things right because Namor kills the queen. Thus, Ramonda dies thinking that Okoye is a careless failure, while Okoye is unable to prove that she can repair her perceived mistakes.

Now, he is left with the loss of his mentor. And to make matters worse, she felt abandoned by Nakia, who has T’Challa’s son to carry on. As for Shuri, she has M’Baku as a kind of brother and Nakia, so it seems like they all have some kind of support. Even Ayo and Aneke have each other as romantic partners. Sadly, in Okoye’s case, she is the rock everyone leans on, but due to her rough and tumble exterior, no one is there for her. Sure, she can make amends as Midnight Angel, but she can’t address her own issues, which could be detrimental down the road.

See how Okoye’s sorrows and suffering are never healed in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, now in theaters.

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