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Black Panther 2 Didn’t Need to Explain Shuri’s Darkness

It’s safe to say that everyone expected Black Panther: Wakanda Forever deal with pain and trauma. After King T’Challa’s untimely death, Princess Shuri and Queen Ramonda try to process things but end up at odds, as Ramonda wants Shuri to embrace the beauty of the empire and her tradition. However, Shuri insists on hiding in her science-obsessed lab.

However, as Ramonda continues to insist, the film reveals Shuri’s bitterness and anger. It’s all part of the grieving process, even though Shuri makes a hateful statement that she feels out of place. But in reconciling what her kingdom has been through, the movie doesn’t even need to back up what she says because it’s already set up in Avengers: infinity war.

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Shuri from Black Panther 2 is initially menacing

When Ramonda asks her to perform a ritual after T’Challa’s death by a river, Shuri says that she is filled with rage. In fact, she admits that she would rather burn down the world than his funeral attire, which Namor listens to and clings to. This is why he then tries to broker a deal with her, wanting Wakanda to join her Talokan’s forces and attack the surface to ensure that invaders never think of reaching her homes.

So after Namor kills Ramonda and Shuri’s darkness grows, Killmonger approaches her in the Ancestral Plane. Sure, revenge towards Namor makes sense, but Killmonger talks about Shuri’s earlier anger and how she’s just like him. He doesn’t care about nobility, honor or her mother’s hopes and dreams, he just wants blood. And it’s true that he catches fans off guard because there really isn’t a time where he planted this poisonous seed in Shuri before. However, he is already there due to Thanos’ snap.

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Shuri from Black Panther 2 was destroyed by Thanos’ snap

Queen Ramonda and Shuri in Black Panther Wakanda Forever

Remember that Shuri’s father (King T’Chaka) was killed by Baron Zemo, and then Falcon and Bucky tried to use the villain for help. factor in how infinity war it also took her and T’Challa away, and there is a lot of weight and tragedy and pain in mine, even after they came back. Wakanda Forever, obviously due to the passing of Chadwick Boseman, doesn’t show how they coped in the wake of this, especially since the king falls ill right after. But the impact of these deaths weighs heavily on Shuri. And sadly, she doesn’t have time to digest anything as life continues to beat her and her mother.

And a lot of it was due to outside forces and people, across the galaxy, keeping secrets, like the Infinity Stones. Simply put, the meddling and scheming of others allowed the Mad Titan to perform this Snap just as T’Chaka’s sons were recovering and forging a future. So for Shuri to be revived and then cut straight to her brother’s tragedy, it’s understandable that she’d resent the outside world, especially one that continues to see Wakanda as a threat or a convenient ally. Ultimately, this shapes Thanos’ invasion and the snapping like combined dominoes that truly broke Shuri, as she finally saw just how much tragedy her family could endure.

To see Shuri walk a dark path, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is now playing in theaters.

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