BG3: Investigate the Mason’s Guild (Selonite Resistance Quest)


Investigate the Masons Guild.“One of the many quests in BG3 you can start in the Shadow Cursed Lands. It’s part of Selunite and Shar Lore, making it a fun quest line if you want to learn all the lore in BG3. “Also, it’s an important part.”Investigate Selonite resistance.“Coastline that you may or may not have triggered in Act 2.

Key takeaways

  • “Investigate the Masons Guild” is its subquest. Selonite resistance Quest line in BG3.
  • The questline is only available in Act 2 of BG3.
  • The Last Light is essential for finding access to these tieflings and protection from the Shadow Curse.
  • You need to investigate the basement of the Masons Guild. Key to the shape of the tower.
  • Mason’s logs are guarded by a Wraith and several Shadows.
  • Study Mason’s Inscriptions This will complete the entire search chain.

What is the “Investigate the Masons Guild” questline.

Investigate The Mason’s Guild Quest (Image credit: eXputer)

Investigate the Masons Guild BG3 “Investigate the Selunite Resistance” is one of the main subquests of the quest line. This is an integral part of Shaar vs Selonite lore.

Moreover, it is responsible for uncovering many secrets. Shaded lands. In Act 2 of BG3. Additionally, it’s a fun quest, especially if you’re keen to explore Shadowheart romantically.

Begin investigation of Selonite resistance.

To start the “Investigate the Mason’s Guild” quest in BG3, you must first start the “Investigate the Selonite Resistance” questline as soon as you arrive at the Shadow Cursed Lands.

  • Go to the bus. Potter’s workshop was abandoned. (X:-54, Y:12).
  • To start the quest you must get a note from the locked chest inside and read it.

How to Investigate a Mason’s Guild

To complete the “Investigate the Mason’s Guild” quest, you must return to where you started the main quest, the Abandoned Potter’s House. However, fulfillment requires more than just location. You will need. Key to the shape of the towerprotection from Shadow Curse, and check out some expressions in certain areas.

Follow the steps below to navigate the Masons Guild:

  1. Fast travel or navigate. Raython Town V Point And head north to the Mason’s Guild.
    Mason’s Guild Map Location (Image courtesy of eXputer)
  2. Once in the Mason’s Guild, go inside and find the Ornate Wooden Hatch (X:-128, Y:26).
    Arnett Wooden Hatch Location (Photo by eXputer)
  3. Enter the wooden hatch in the basement and move towards the far wall.
  4. Walk around the middle section and try to pass the perception test. Tower shaped keyhole.
    Tower-shaped keyhole Herald (Image credit copyright: eXputer)
  5. Go inside and try to open the chest in the left corridor.
    Corridor chest at Mason’s Guild (Image credit: eXputer)
  6. If you choose to go for the chest, you need to succeed on the lock pick roll. Otherwise, you’ll trigger a trap that requires you to pass 3 checks in a row or fight 3. Gargoyles.
    Gargoyle Trap (screenshot taken by Exporter)
  7. In the next room, prepare yourself for a battle against one. Wraith And many shadows.
    Wraith and Shadow at the Masons Guild (Photo by eXputer)
  8. After clearing the room, find the “Mason’s Log” on the table in the center of the room.
    Mason Logs (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  9. Reading this will complete the “Investigation of the Masons’ Guild” and “Investigation of Selonite Resistance” quests.

Requirements for Quest

Mattis the Tiefling in BG3 (Image courtesy of eXputer)

This section will cover how to achieve some of the requirements listed in order to complete the above questions. Although they are easy to obtain, knowing that you need them is a very confusing and secret instruction that most players miss.

How to get the tower shape key.

  • If you helped the Tieflings escape in Act 1, you can find most of them on Ko. Last Light In.
  • The Tiefling you want to find is Metis.
  • Mattis Maul’s gang has tieflings and the Last Light can be found on their ground floor.
  • You can either buy it from him for 1000 gold or roll some of it. Deception / Persuasion check So that he can give you the key in return for your heroic services.

Protection from Shadow Curse

Protection from Shadow Curse is one of the key moves in Act 2 that you must decide for yourself. There are several ways to do this, but they will vary depending on the choices you’ve made so far in BG3.

You can protect against Shadow Curse through these effects:

  • Get Pixie’s blessing.
  • Use one of the many. Moon lanterns. you will find.
  • Receive Selune’s blessing through Isobel.
  • Use a flashlight to stay in the light.

My thoughts

Complete Quest Line (Photo by eXputer)

BG3 is a game full of lore, and that’s one of the best things about it. Naturally, I love discovering all secrets, especially me Underdark/Shadow Cursed Lands. “Investigate the Masons Guild.BG3 quests contribute not only to your wealth but also to the attitude of your companions. A word of advice: Pick up Mason Logs For more Selonite resistance questions later in BG3.

Finally, it’s time to wrap up the guide on how to investigate the Masons Guild in Bg3. Feel free to check out some of the other Bg3 guides while you’re here. Best Paladin Oath. If that’s not your style, you can always learn more about perfecting it. Dank Crypt Dungeon.


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