BG3: How To Get To Underdark Region (Step By Step)


Like most biomes on your map, the BG3 Underdark location is home to rare items, merchants, and intriguing questlines. This area may seem challenging to enter at first since it’s the last part of the first major in-game region. Fortunately, there are several you can get to it, and considering the content hidden here, the trip is worth it.

Key Takeaways

  • The BG3 Underdark map location is one of the final areas in Act 1 and is accessible from four main sites – Blighted Village, Hag’s Hideout, Zhentarim Hideout, and Goblin’s Camp.
  • To reach Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3 from the Blighted Village, descend the well to get to the Whispering Depths and jump down the pit after killing the Phase Spider Matriarch.
  • Finally, starting from Goblin’s Camp, enter the Shattered Sanctum, continue to the Defiled Temple, and access the staircase after solving the Stone Disc puzzle.

Best Ways To Reach The BG3 Underdark Location

There are four methods to get to Underdark, meaning you can reach it from several starting points on your map regardless of progression. To choose the best route, you should see which areas you’ve currently unlocked and can easily traverse since each course has its unique challenges and puzzles awaiting. However, each path will lead you to a different section of the Underdark, so your first experience of the region may vary from other players.

1. Blighted Village

If you find yourself towards the western edge of the Forest, it’s recommended to follow the hidden track beneath the Blighted Village. While this may be optimal, be vary of the boss in the area since it might hinder you from proceeding to Undedark.

  1. First, head to the well near the Ancient Sigil Circle, located at X:29 and Y:399 coordinates towards the middle of the Village.
Well in the Blighted Village (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  1. Throw a coin into the well and pick the “Use a rope” option to travel down it, leading you to the Whispering Depths.
  2. Follow the rocky trail west and destroy the Phase Spiders’ eggs along the path until you encounter the Phase Spider Matriarch, the main boss of the Depths.
spider enemy blighted village
Phase Spider Matriarch (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
  1. After killing this boss, you’ll see a pit beside the Phase Spider’s corpse which you need to jump down from by casting a spell or scroll of Feather Fall, after which you’ll land at Underdark.
  2. However, be aware of the two nearby Minotaurs once you fall, which may spot you and immediately become hostile.
Feather Fall spell
Level 1 Transmutation Spell: Feather Fall (Image by eXputer)

Important: Defeating the Matriarch also rewards players with the Poisonous Robe, a clothing item that deals an additional 1d4 Poison damage when the wearer casts a poison-based spell.

2. Hag’s Hideout

An alternate route to Underdark is from Hag’s Hideout, located south of the Blighted Village. Unlike the previous course, this one’s more focused on platforming, mobility, and traversing dangerous territory. If you’re near the area or have any active defense-based spellcasters in your team, this is probably the optimal path for you.

  1. Starting from the Riverside Teahouse, head west with your party and climb the staircase to enter the Gnarled Teahouse.
Gnarled Teahouse bg3
Gnarled Teahouse map location (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  1. Inside, you’ll find an active fireplace that will eventually burn out and reveal a hidden staircase behind it, leading you to the Overgrown Tunnel.
  2. Proceed through the tunnel’s narrow path until you reach a locked door, which you can unlock by using the Whispering Mask lying on a table beside the door.
Whispering Mask bg3
The Whispering Mask (Image taken by eXputer)
  1. From here, it’s another straight trail past the waterfall to the series of platforms covered by a toxic mist.
  2. Make your way onto the ledge across the platform by either jumping over the mist or using the stones near the waterfall and throwing them at the vent in the mist so the fumes disappear.
  3. After that, you’ll come across a sizeable vine-covered door with a road behind it which you can view by moving your camera around.
overgrown tunnel hag's hideout bg3
Locked Door at Overgrown Tunnel (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  1. Finally, equip yourself with the aforementioned Whispering Mask to unveil and go past the illusion, and after a brief cutscene, you’ll see a green Mushroom Circle that’ll take you to Underdark in BG3.

Important: If you have a Sorcerer, Wizard, or anyone that utilizes spells, you can use Misty Steps to go through the illusion as well.

3. Zhentarim Hideout

Getting to Underdark from Zhentarim Hideout is perhaps the longest but easiest strategy. Here, you won’t have to face any noteworthy mobs, solve puzzles, or travel across poisonous areas. Instead, it’s a long walk from Waukeen’s Rest, located northwest of Blighted Village.

Waukeen's Rest bg3
Waukeen’s Rest map location (Image by eXputer)
  1. Once you enter Waukeen’s Rest, follow the slender road leading to the area’s western edge and head through the Shabby Door surrounded by boxes on the road’s far corner to enter the Zhentarim Hideout.
  2. Next, you’ll face a pyromancer at the back of the Hideout, who you can interact with to get the Engraved Key that can be used at the hatch beside you to go to the Zhentarim Basement.
Salazon the Pyromancer (Image Captured by eXputer)
  1. Climb the basement using the ladder at the end, head north, then descend the ladder on your left to proceed through the Hideout.
  2. As you’re trailing north, you’ll encounter a sleeping Wolf, which you can simply walk past without waking the animal and go through the illusionary wall behind it.
  3. Lastly, use your lockpicking skills at the Elevator Winch to access the elevator and descend to the Underdark region.
Elevator Winch zhentarim basement
Elevator Winch behind Illusionary Wall (Image Credits: eXputer)

4. Goblin’s Camp

For the final route, you can access Underdark from multiple areas near the Goblin’s Camp, found west of Blighted Village. This path involves several combat engagements, and to start, you must first fast-travel to the area’s Ancient Sigil Circle and head north to the Heavy Oak Door that goes to the Shattered Sanctum.

heavy oak door bg3
Entrance to the Shattered Sanctum (Image Source: eXputer)
  1. From the Sanctum, proceed deeper into the castle, where you’ll meet a High Priestess that’ll take you to the upper floor.
  2. Here, you must kill the Priestess to receive a key which you can use to open the Ornate Door on the later section of the floor to reach the Defiled Temple.
  3. Inside, you’ll encounter the Stone Disc puzzle, which can be solved by arranging the discs so the bottom disc has all the black holes.
  4. Upon solving the puzzle, you’ll unlock the stone arch in front of you that’ll lead you to the Underdark in BG3 via a long staircase.
stone disc puzzle defiled temple bg3
The Stone Disc puzzle’s solution (Screenshot by eXputer)

Important: You can also skip this puzzle entirely if you have a high Perception Check. You can use a DC 15 Sleight of Hand to successfully lockpick the lever beside the Stone Discs that would also open the door.

That wraps up all the ways you can reach the BG3 Underdark map location, featuring the routes from or near the Blighted Village. As mentioned, this is a late-game region during Act 1, so it’s better to ensure you have the appropriate gear and party composition beforehand. And to get an early heads-up, be sure to check out this Subreddit Post to see the distinct walkthroughs other players have taken.

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