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Baldur’s Gate 3 consists of many one-handed weapons, so it can be hard to choose from them. So, in this guide, I will discuss the top 8 best One-Handed Weapons In Baldur’s Gate 3. The BG3 Best One Handed Weapon among them will be the Duellist Prerogative, which has great piercing damage and deals Necrotic damage.

Key Takeaways

  • The BG3’s best one-handed weapon is a legendary rapier, Duellist’s Prerogative
  • The Blood of Lathander and Crimson Mischief are a great choice to wield as a one-handed weapon.
  • Most of the weapons listed in the guide are obtained after a long quest.
  • Getting the Devotee’s Mace can be a hard choice as it can be obtained by a skill that can be used only once.
  • Pelorsun Blade and Knife of the Undermountain King are not legendary weapons, and yet they are pretty useful.
  • If players kill Nightsong, they won’t be able to get Selune’s Spear of Night.  

Best One-Handed Weapons In BG3

Here’s an overview of the best one-handed weapons you can find in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Name Proficiency Quality Damage
Duellist’s Prerogative Marital Legendary 1d8 Piercing, 1d4 Necrotic
The Blood of Lathander Simple Legendary 1d6+7 Bludgeoning
Crimson Mischief Marital Legendary 1d6 Piercing, 1d4 Necrotic, 1d4 Piercing (conditional)
Devotee’s Mace Simple Legendary 1d6 Bludgeoning, 1d8 Radiant
Netherstone-Pomelled Bloodthirst Simple Legendary 1d4 Piercing, 1d4 Necrotic
Pelorsun Blade Marital Very Rare 1d8 Piercing, 1d4 Radiant
Knife of the Undermountain King Marital Very Rare 1d6+2 Piercing

1. Duellist’s Prerogative

Duellist’s Prerogative (Image Credits: eXputer)

Some players might prefer another weapon over the Duellist Prerogative, but I think this is the BG3 Best One Handed Weapon so far.

Duellist Prerogative also possesses the Finesse weapon ability along with piercing damage of 1d8. Duellist Prerogative is overall a great choice as it deals the opponents with Necrotic damage, and you get additional damage depending on the proficiency bonus.

  • It has a range of 1.5m with a value of 1300, and you can get it without extreme effort.

You can get this weapon by doing the Save Vanra will start. To start the quest, you will have to talk to Lora and then defeat Auntie Ethel. The quest can take some of your time, but getting a Duellist Prerogative is going to be worth it.

The following are the special abilities of Duellist Prerogative:

  • Elegant Duellist: You score a Critical Hit if your off-hand is empty and you roll a 19. You also gain an additional reaction per turn.
  • Withering Cut: When you hit an enemy with a melee attack, the weapon will cause a reaction to deal Necrotic damage equal to your proficiency bonus.

2. The Blood Of Lathander

The Blood Of Lathander Mace (Image by eXputer)

The Blood of Lathander is not the BG3 Best One Handed Weapon, but it is surely one of the best that you can obtain early. However, getting the weapon can prove to be hard as it takes an extremely long quest line. This legendary weapon can be extremely useful as, except for having great abilities, it can save you from death once per a long rest. It also blinds enemies that stand close to you.

The Blood of Lathander is a great choice if you don’t want to use the Duellist Prerogative, which you get by obtaining the Dawnmaster’s Crest; however, the Duellist Prerogative weapon has its own benefits. 

The following are the special abilities of The Blood of Lathander:

  • Lathander’s Light: If your hit points are reduced to 0, you will gain 2-12 points once per a long rest. 
  • Lathander’s Blessing: An ability that will allow you to cast a holy light in a 6m radius. Fiends and the undead in the light will be blinded.
  • Sunbeam: Fires a beam in a huge area that can hit multiple enemies and has a chance to do massive damage.

3. Crimson Mischief

Crimson Mischief (Screenshot Captured By eXputer)

Crimson Mischief is a legendary one-handed weapon that is wielded by Orin the Red. It is a useful weapon as it has great piercing abilities, and you can also do multiple piercing damage with it. To get this legendary shortsword, you will have to complete a long quest line and kill Orin inside the Temple of Bhaal. Once you are done with that, just loot her body and obtain the weapon.  

  • It has a range of 1.5m with a value of 640. 

The following are the special abilities of Crimson Mischief:

  • Prey Upon the Weak: It will let you deal an additional 1-4 piercing damage with opponents who have 50% health or less.
  • Redvein Savagery(Main Hand Only): When you perform an attack with an advantage, the target that you have performed it on will receive an additional seven piercing damage.
  • Crimson Weapon(Off-Hand Only): This ability will let you add the ability modifier to the damage of the attack.

4. Devotee’s Mace

Devotee’s Mace (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Devotee’s Mace is another mace on this list. It is also a legendary weapon that gives you three weapon enchantments along with a healing incense aura. Getting Devotee’s Mace is not hard but can be a tough choice. This weapon could be most valuable in Baldur’s Gate 3 as it is obtained by using a skill that can be used only once in-game. 

  1. To getDevotee’s Mace, you must need Cleric or Shadowheart and get them to level 10, as they will unlock a skill called Divine Intervention.
  2. Upon using the skill, you get four different options. 
  3. All the options will provide you with a different thing, but to get Devotee’s Mace, you have to choose Arm Thy Servant, and then you will get the Mace. 

The following are the special abilities of Devotee’s Mace:

  • Weapon Enchantment +3.
  • Healing Incense Aura (Main hand only).

5. Netherstone-Pomelled Bloodthirst

Netherstone-Pomelled Bloodthirst (Image Captured By eXputer)

Netherstone-Pomelled Bloodthirst is another weapon that Orin at the Bhaal Temple is wielding. It can be an extremely useful weapon if you play as a rouge, as it is lightweight and has improved critical strikes. It does not qualify as the BG3 Best One-Handed Weapon, but it is pretty good.

  • You can obtain Netherstone-Pomelled Bloodthirst by killing Orin at the Bhaal Temple and looting her body.
  • You won’t have to choose between Crimson Mischief and Bloodthirst, as you will get them both.

The following are the special abilities of Netherstone-Pomelled Bloodthirst:

  • Improved Critical: An ability that improves the chance of a critical hit as it reduces the number you need to roll for a frit by 1. Moreover, it can be stacked.
  • Exploit Weakness (Main Hand Only): The creatures who are hit with this weapon will receive vulnerability to piercing damage.
  • True Strike Riposte (Off-Hand Only): If a creature misses a melee attack while attacking, then you can use it and strike a riposte.

6. Selune’s Spear of Night

Selune’s Spear Of Night (Image Captured By Us)

Selune’s Spear of Night is a legendary spear that is pretty useful for a class based on wisdom. With this weapon, you gain an advantage on Wisdom and Perception checks. You can pair it with a shield as it goes well with it.

  • This legendary spear can be obtained in the Find the Nightsong questline.
  • It is a reward you can get at the end of Act 2 after sparing with Nightsong.
  • Killing her is not ideal as that way, you won’t get the weapon.  

The following are the special abilities of Selune’s Spear Of Night:

  • Selune’s Blessing: This ability will give you an advantage on Perception Checks and Wisdom Saving Throws.
  • Darkvision: With Darvision, you will be able to see in the dark up to 12m.

7. Pelorsun Blade

Pelorsun Blade (Image Credits: eXputer)

Despite not being a legendary weapon, Pelorsun Blade is a great one-handed weapon in Baldur’s Gate 3. It is a very rare enhanced rapier that can deal additional radiant damage. With this weapon, you will also have an advantage against undead creatures.

  • You can find it while doing The Pale Elf.
  • Pelorsun Blade can be found in a secret room in Cazador’s Dungeon.

The following is the special ability of Pelorsun Blade:

  • Undead Bane: The attack rolls with Pelorsun Blade will give you an advantage against the undead.

8. Knife of the Undermountain King

Knife Of The Undermountain King (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Knife of the Undermountain King is a cool-looking and one of the best shortswords in Baldur’s Gate 3. It can increase your character’s offensive capabilities. It is also a great choice for Rouges, Bards, and Rangers as it has the Light and Finesse properties.

  • Knife of the Undermountain King can be purchased from A’jak’nir Jeera in Creche Y’llek for 480g.

The following are the special abilities of Knife of the Undermountain King:

  • Organ Rearranger: The wielder scores a Critical Hit when rolling a 19. When they roll 2 damage or less, reroll the dice, taking the highest result.
  • Shadow Blade: With Shadow Blade, you get an advantage on attack rolls against Lightly or Heavily Obscured targets.

That’s almost everything you would want to know about the BG3 Best One-Handed Weapon. The top 8 weapons that are discussed in this guide are all excellent as they help you to improve your offensive capabilities. They also offer some unique abilities, so choose any of the weapons that you think will be best for you. While you are at it, you should read the guide on how to get Helldusk Armor, as it is a rare heavy armor that offers you some unique perks.

After that, check out the complete list of All Ritual Spells to know more about them. Also, make sure to visit the page of a step-by-step guide on how to get to the Underdark Region. Do not forget to check out the guide on how to clean house with Flowers Quest Marker to know more about Oliver’s background and the questline. Lastly, read the guide on the top 8 Best Feats for Rouge in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

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