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When you choose Paladin Class, you can choose from several. Subclasses or Types of. However, it’s hard to decide which oath to choose because they all offer buffs in different ways. As such, BG3 may be worth a look. The best oath The guide that covers it all. Paladin Types of conversation that are most appropriate for some. makes And playstyle.

Key takeaways

  • are tomorrow 4 Oath (including Oathbreaker subclass) You can choose this when you play the Paladin class in BG3.
  • Each oath focuses on a different playstyle, and is currently the best oath. Kind of ancient.
  • This Oath is one of the most popular builds in Baldor’s Gate 3 because it focuses on running in melee range, ideally with a one-handed weapon and a shield.
  • In my opinion, Oath of the Ancients is the best because it uses the close-range legacy of Avernus Fire Smite, which has a lot of crowd control to effectively lock down enemies.

All types for Paladins

Paladin build details (Image credit: eXputer)

The most popular subclasses that people go for are Oath of the Ancients or Oath of Vengeance. However, Oath of the Ancients seems to be the more popular choice for most players.

Here’s an overview of all the Paladin Subclass Oaths you can choose from, with all their pros and cons and ranked from best to worst:

Oath Occupation Cons of
Oaths of the Ancients – High DPS utility
– Makes the best use of Legacy of Avernus.
– Solid dueling capability
– Fast movement
– Easy to use CC
– Power spike is after level 5.
– Doesn’t offer much retention.
– No limit abilities.
Oath of Vengeance – Relatively high DPS
– Extremely aggressive dueling utility
– Easy and fast movement
– Very easy to CC on enemies.
– Very late power surges
– Not good for range.
– Doesn’t offer much healing.
Oath breaker – Necrotic bonus damage
– Additional charisma scaling on attacks
– Revives the dead for allies.
– Crown of Madness ability that causes enemies to attack their allies.
– Returning to another oath costs 2000 gold.
– Dialogue options are negative.
– There is no healing or resistance.
– Too dependent on luck
Pledge of Allegiance – Healing efficacy and sustain
– Increases allies’ combat power.
– Useful from level 1
– Silence spell for instant cc
– Terrible damage throughout
– Depends heavily on ally damage.
– Many haste items are needed to keep allies alive.

What are Paladin Oaths?

Paladin Class Details (Photo by eXputer)

Like all classes in Baldurs Gate 3, the Paladin class has subclasses that you have to choose from. These subclasses are called Oaths and give you bonuses in different ways. Currently, there are only Three Types (except Oath breaker) that you can choose from. You can find all their benefits and advancements in the following section.

Statistical distribution

Being a paladin and duelist, your ideal stats are the focus. Charisma And power. You’ll also want a decent chunk of your points. Constitution. You don’t have to be concerned with wisdom, skill, or intelligence to build a textbook, but you can build them if you want to experiment.

All these important statistics are listed below in order of importance along with their distribution.

  • Strength: 16 (+3)
  • Charisma: 16 (+3)
  • Constitution: 14(-1)
  • Skill: 10

1. Type of Ancients

Oath of the Ancients (screenshot taken via eXputer)

First is Kind of ancient. It is an oath based on the defense of life and nature, somewhat like a druid. Oath of the Ancients is also one of the most popular oaths and, by far, the best BG3 best oath. It starts with giving you stability. AoE healing Through the healing aura. You can level it up and get a lot more. skill listed in the table below.

  • You get two very useful ones. Mantra which can either heal you (Healing Glow) or CC a target enemy (Wrath of nature.)
  • As you level up, you gain teleportation (Misty Step) and resistance spells (Protection from Energy, Aura of Warding) which make for a great environment for dueling.
  • The most popular scaling constructs with this oath have the following creation steps.

2. Oath of Vengeance

Oath of Vengeance (grab screenshot: eXputer)

gave Oath of Vengeance A self-sufficient oath that uses solo skills and spells. Unlike other oaths, this oath does not rely on helping allies too much. Rather, it empowers you to become an unstoppable enemy to all your enemies. To see what this oath offers, refer to the table below.

  • Oath of Vengeance provides the same but more aggressive countermeasures as Oath of the Ancients.
  • At level 1, you gain advantage. Inquistor’s Mightwhich allows you to deal bonus damage.
  • Later, you learn Blurred steps(Teleport) with Hold Person, which completely freezes the target.
  • Finally, at level 9, you gain haste (extra actions) and Energy conservationmakes you resistant to one elemental damage type.

3. Oath of Devotion

Oath of Devolution (Image credit: Exporter)

The next oath is for the Paladin class Pledge of Allegiance. The Oath is your typical textbook Knight in Shining Armor. Full of honor and strength, users are dedicated to fighting for the greater good and defending the weak. This BG3 is the furthest thing from the best Oath.

All the skills and spells you will learn under this oath are listed below.

  • Path of Devotion is a support role for your allies.
  • All your abilities, eg Low maintenance And divine rebuke, Boost the health and combat power of your allies.
  • Silence is a key spell in your kit at level 5, which creates an area where every being is silenced.
  • With level 9, you have an advantage. Ray of hopewhich increases your healing, and remove the curse which removes all curses from your allies.

4. An oath-breaker

Paladin Oathbreaker (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Oath breaker Not necessarily an oath, but it is a Paladin subclass. So, it’s a viable candidate for a great oath in BG3. It’s also a Paladin Subclass, but the only way to get it is to not swear an oath. You can get your oath back by paying. 2000 to sleep Knight.

The following are the skills you can acquire as an Oathbreaker:

  • Oathbreaker’s skills and spells are quite devastating and serious due to the evil nature of the subclass.
  • Your Level 1 Spells involved in control the undead, which gives you control of an undead being, and severe pain, which allows you to deal necrotic damage to enemies.

Additional spells and skills unique to this path include:

  • Crown of Madness Will make enemies aggressive against their allies.
  • Animate Undead Gives you the ability to revive a downed unit and use it as an ally.
  • A flash of hate Adds a Charisma modifier to your attacks.

what i think

Paladin Oathbreaker Oath (Image credit: Xporter)

As a dedicated Baldurs Gate 3 player, I’ve tested all of these builds, and my personal best seems to resonate with the majority. gave Kind of ancient Very helpful as just a paladin due to being readily available. Blurred steps Very quick and crazy healing. No more hunting for the perfect appliance 3 jobs later.

Important: Some spoilers may be in the next section, so tread carefully..

Initial occupation

Oath of the Ancients is especially helpful against goblins and spiders. Act 1 Because of the very early fade step. Additionally, AoE healing is incredibly helpful for your allies, especially if you have saved Karlach, Vail, or Gale.

This allows for great combat escapes. Act 2 Regardless of whether you take the mountains or cross the underdark. Either way, you’ll have a much easier time against many Minotaurs and undead.

Initial losses

However, the utility you have as an Oath of the Ancients is very similar. Shadow Heart, so if you want to go after him as an ally, it might be best to take the Oath of Vengeance with Vader and siphon your allies to sacrifice your full damage output. Secondly, your first few fights will be tough until you get Gale, Karlach, or Asterion for some DPS.

Finally, this concludes the BG3 Best Oaths Guide, covering the pros and cons of all Paladin Oaths and determining which one is best for you. Since you’re here, consider checking out similar guides, such as The best bard subclasses. If that doesn’t sound like fun, you can always check out. How to unlock Vitr in BG3. Finally, if there’s anything you’d like readers to know, leave it in the comments below.


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