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The healer role refers to a spellcaster who specializes in healing allies, buffing their abilities, and debuffing enemies. As such, having the BG3 Best Healers plays a crucial role in your party’s survival. While many classes focus on combat, some characters can provide crucial support in challenging situations. Leveraging their abilities becomes essential for surviving battles, especially against numerous foes.

Key Takeaways

  • The BG3 Best Healers are vital for party survival, providing healing, buffs, and debuffs.
  • Healers offer varied healing approaches and utility in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • Choosing the right attributes and subclasses maximizes healing potential.
  • Healers offer tactical support through abilities that protect against curses, diseases, and more.
  • Advanced spells ensure party-wide recovery and bolster tactical advantage.

Best Healers In Baldur’s Gate 3

Here’s an overview of the BG3 Best Healers showcased along with Class, role, main attributes, best spell, and best race choices:

Rank Class Role Main Attributes Best Spell Best Race
1 Cleric Divine Caster Wisdom Heroes’ Feast, Healing Word, Revivify Wood Elf, Good Dwarf
2 Druid Nature Caster Wisdom Healing Word and Heal Gold Dwarf
3 Paladin Holy Warrior Strength Lay on Hands and Revivify Dwarf
4 Bard Support Caster Charisma Healing Word and Remove Curse High-Elf and Human

4. Bard

Class Bard
Bard Class (Image by eXputer)
Role Attributes Subclasses Best Races Best Healing Spell
Versatile support spellcaster with musical talents. Charisma
  • College of Lore
  • College of Valor
  • College of Swords
High-Elf and Human Healing Word and Remove Curse

The Bard serves as the musician of the party, wielding song, speech, and magic to support the group. At the same time, not exclusively a healer, Bards have debuffing and buffing capabilities. Their primary ability score is Charisma, making them skilled talkers and effective in skill checks.

Level 1 Healing Word Spell

  • At the start, Bards possess the Level 1 spell: Healing Word.
  • This common but useful ability restores Hit Points as It targets visible creatures and heals for 1d4.

Advanced Healing Abilities

  • Mass Healing Word and Mass Cure Wounds are spells built upon the basic Healing Word, enhancing healing potential and broader reach.
  • Effective in healing multiple allies within the spell’s area.

Warden Of Vitality Aura & Restore Vitality

  • Bards unlock these abilities to amplify their healing capabilities.
  • Aura enables bonus action casting for rapid healing. Using this aura, Bards can heal nearby allies and themselves promptly.

Remove Curse

  • Possessing Level 3 Remove Curse, Bards counter curses.
  • Effective against curses on affected teammates within spell range.

3. Paladin

best healer bg3 Paladin
Paladin Class (Image by eXputer)
Role Attributes Subclasses Best Races Best Healing Spell
Holy warrior with healing and protective abilities. Strength
  • Oath of Devotion
  • Oath of The Ancients
  • Oath of Vengeance
  • Oathbreaker
Dwarf Lay on Hands and Revivify

Paladins are the best healers in BG3 in terms of melee-focused and defender categories, upholding justice and righteousness. They have high hit points, strength is their primary ability score, and with the Best Paladin Race, they can be unstoppable.

Healing Radiance and Lay On Hands

  • Healing Radiance surpasses conventional single-ally abilities, restoring five Hit Points to all nearby characters.
  • Lay on Hands can heal a creature or cure it of diseases and poisons with 4 Healing.

Level 2 Spells

  • Progressing further, Paladins can acquire Level 2 spells such as Aid or Lesser Restoration.
  • These spells elevate the Paladin’s support capabilities, providing additional healing options for the team.

Level 3 Revivify Spell

  • Revivify allows Paladins to revive fallen companions, obviating the need for a scroll.
  • This capability significantly enhances the Paladin’s healing and revival capabilities.

2. Druid

Druid Class (Image by eXputer)
Role Attributes Subclasses Best Races Best Healing Spell
A nature-oriented spellcaster with shape-shifting abilities. Wisdom
  • Circle of The Moon
  • Circle of The Land
  • Circle of The Spores
Wood Elf, Good Dwarf Healing Word and Heal

Druids tap into nature’s power, using spells to heal and support their allies. They have lower hit points but excel in versatility. Wisdom is their primary ability score.

Level 1 Healing Spells

Druids start with Level 1 Healing Word spells, which enable basic healing for the group.


Druids possess a useful cantrip in Baldur’s Gate 3 called Resistance, which acts as a barrier against magical attacks from enemies.

Protection from Energy and Poison

  • For those vulnerable to specific types of attacks, Druids can cast Protection from Energy or Protection From Poison spells.
  • These spells offer defense against damage like Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, Poison, or Thunder.

Healing Proficiency

  • At Level 6, Druids gain access to the Heal spell which demonstrates the Druid’s exceptional healing abilities.
  • It not only heals wounds but also addresses Blindness effects and diseases, which greatly contributes to comprehensive healing for the team.

1. Cleric

Cleric best healer bg3
Cleric Class (Image by eXputer)
Role Attributes Subclasses Best Races Best Healing Spell
Devout spellcaster channeling divine energy. Wisdom
  • Life Domain
  • Light Domain
  • Trickery Domain
  • Knowledge Domain
  • Nature Domain
  • Tempest Domain
  • War Domain
Gold Dwarf Heroes’ Feast, Healing Word, Revivify

Clerics are representatives of gods and, therefore, the best choice for the best healers in BG3. They wield divine magic for good or ill. They are classical support-focused spellcasters with a wide range of spells, making them versatile. Wisdom is their primary ability score.

Healing Abilities

  • The Cleric class in Baldur’s Gate 3 is equipped with a wide array of healing abilities in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • From Revivify to Mass Healing Word to Heal, Clerics offers a robust healing toolkit.

Out-Of-Combat Support

  • Beyond combat, Clerics assist with the Prayer of Healing spell.
  • This spell effectively cures injuries for the entire team, providing valuable recovery.

Heroes’ Feast For Party Healing

  • Clerics can cast Heroes’ Feast, a spell that provides party-wide healing.
  • This spell not only heals party members but also guards against curses, diseases, and frightening effects.

Tactical Uses Of Abilities

  • To prevent deaths, Clerics can employ Feign Death.
  • This ability places a teammate in a coma, rendering them temporarily resistant to harm.

Additional Versatile Spells

  • Clerics possess a variety of other useful spells.
  • Death Ward: Automatically restores target to 1 hit point when their hit points drop to 0 for the first time.
  • Beacon of Hope: Allies regain maximum hit points from healing and gain an Advantage on Wisdom and Death Saving Throws.
  • These spells enhance team support and tactical advantage.

That’s all you need to know about the BG3 Best Healers to support your party. With the selection of the correct Races, you can make the Best Build and provide useful buffs to your allies in combat. Make sure to change your appearance and create the best character in Character Creator.


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