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Choosing the right weapon is an important task as you embark on your journey with Pinocchio. After seeing so many options to choose from, you might get confused about which one to go for. If you know about P Best beginner weapon lies Depending on your playstyle, you’ll be able to progress through the story more efficiently.

Key takeaways

  • There are about 30 common weapons in Lies of Pi, and there are three weapons to start with, and the weapon players will get depends on They choose the path. In the beginning.
  • All starting weapons are different. Stats in PK lieand players can choose the ones that complement their build and playstyle.
  • Choosing heavier weapons will provide better. power And Durabilitybut players will have to compromise. speed And Agility In P.K.’s lie
  • Will provide go for light weight weapons skill And fast attacks, but to attack power will be relatively low.

P Best Starting Weapons lie

Here’s an overview of the best weapons to consider in your early game, along with the weapon’s name, type, weight, durability, attack power, and arts stats.

Weapon Name Kind of The weight Durability Attack power The arts How to get
The great word of fortune Great word 13.8 100 111 Link slash, absolute defense Get with Path of the Sweeper.
Puppet Saber Sword 9.1 140 100 Storm Slash, focus Get the cricket way.
Electric coil dull 11.7 11.7 56 To break the rush, to produce Shop at merchants on Allison Boulevard.
Salamander dagger blade Dagger 7.9 100 45 Ignite, recoil Inside the closed room of the entrance area of ​​the workshop union
Large pipe wrench Big blunt 23.8 117 156 Patient Break, Payback Swing In a treasure chest inside the cave near the center of the Vangeni Works
A bone-cutting blade Great word 15.9 126 152 Cut the link, endure Inside the chest in Malam district
Booster Glaive Blade Great word 11.6 120 130 Storm Slash, Patient Slash Storm Slash, Patient Slash
Wintry Rapier Sword 6.3 100 79 Stormwar, Guard Perry Get with Path of the Bastard.

1. The great word of fortune

The great word of fortune
The Great Word of Fate (Screenshot Grab: Xporter)
Type of weapon Great word
net weight 13.8
Durability of weapons 100
Physical attack power 111
The arts Link slash, absolute defense
movement B
The technique D

The Great Word of Fate is an excellent choice as a starting weapon because of this. High damage and piercing abilities. The weapon can be quite reliable against normal enemies as well as early game bosses. gave The great word of fortune Also has the ability to learn your enemy’s fighting moves and act accordingly. This is a unique ability that makes it a versatile melee option.

  • If you choose the path of the sweeper, you will receive a great word of fortune. Otherwise, you can buy it from the Sword Merchant on Cersani Street. 300 Ergo.
  • Comes with a weapon Link slash An ability that allows you to take multiple hits in a single attack.
  • The second ability is Defensive, which blocks an enemy’s attack and saves you. HP.
  • One drawback of the Greatsword is that it’s a little. Heavy to run And slows down your movement.

2. Puppet Saber

P Best Early Weapons lie
Puppet Saber Blade (grab screenshot: eXputer)
Type of weapon Sword
net weight 9.1
Durability of weapons 140
Physical attack power 100
The arts Storm Slash, focus
movement C
The technique C

Puppet Saber is another decent choice to start with. The weapon allows you to make high-speed attacks with it. Slashing Abilities. The weapon is enough light Compared to the great Word of Fate, it allows you to maintain your momentum while fighting multiple enemies. Although you get faster movement with a saber, you have to compromise a bit on damage.

  • If you choose it, you will get Puppet Saber for free. The way of cricket.
  • You get a number of cool abilities with Puppet Saber, eg Storm Slash And Focusingwhich allows you to target multiple enemies and temporarily increase your damage.
  • There is also a weapon Maximum stability Of the three default options.
  • However, weapons are lacking. movement And it has less attack power than the Great Sword of Fate.

Important: All three default weapons can be purchased from the merchant. So, you can still try out the starting weapons, regardless of the path you choose.

3. Electric coil

P Best Early Weapons lie
Electric Coil (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
Type of weapon dull
net weight 11.7
Durability of weapons 100
Physical attack power 56
The arts To break the rush, to produce
movement C
The technique D

An electric coil is a unique weapon that uses electricity To stun enemies and deal more damage. This weapon fits well in the early stages of the game as normal enemies are weak against electrical damage and can be taken down in a few hits.

  • Electric coil arm consists of two parts: Electric head And The handle.
  • The interesting thing about the weapon is that you can change parts to change its stats and make it more lethal.
  • Comes with a weapon. Run Smash And create Abilities that increase the electrical effect to deal lethal damage.
  • You can get the Electric Coil in Area 2, where you can buy it from the merchant in the house. Allison Boulevard.
  • The cost of an electric coil is 1,200 therefore.

4. Salamander dagger blade

Salamander Digger Statistics
Salamander Digger (Photo by eXputer)
Type of weapon Dagger
net weight 7.9
Durability of weapons 100
Physical attack power 45
The arts Ignite, recoil
movement D
The technique C

If you are focusing on one. light weight Build with fast attacks and fast movement, then Salamander Dagger Blade is the right option for you. The most interesting thing about the dagger is that it deals. Fire damageWhich is a weakness of many enemies. Daggers can deliver smooth attacks without giving your enemies a chance to take any action.

  • These features Instigating Ability, which temporarily increases your fire damage, which you can use in hot conditions.
  • Another unique attack is animation Back stabbingin which the protagonist quickly stabs the enemy and backstabs to avoid any counterattack.
  • Can separate you too Blade And The handle and swap parts to expand its capabilities.
  • The Salamander Dagger can be found inside a locked room in the entrance area of ​​the Workshop Union.

5. Large pipe wrench

P Best Early Weapons lie
Large Pipe Wrench (Photo by eXputer)
Type of weapon Big blunt
net weight 23.8
Durability of weapons 117
Physical attack power 156
The arts Patient Break, Payback Swing
movement B
The technique D

Finally, here’s an early game weapon for a heavy build. gave Large wrench pipe A heavy-weight firearm that deals a lot of damage and is focused on. movement. With a wrench, you can take out enemies in one critical hit. The weapon is also reliable against strong bosses with high hit points.

  • Features of Big Wrench a Patience break The ability to muster all your strength to deal with a heavy blow.
  • There is another interesting ability. Returns to swingin which the character makes a strong forward attack after guarding the attack.
  • You can change The head And The handle of a wrench to customize it to your build.
  • The Big Pipe Wrench can be found in a treasure chest inside the cave that is located near it. Center of Wangini Works.

6. A blade for cutting bones

Bone cutting blade
Bone Cutting Saw Blade (Screenshot Grab: Exporter)
Type of weapon Great word
net weight 15.9
Durability of weapons 126
Physical attack power 152
The arts Cut the link, endure
movement B
The technique D

The Bone Cutting Soblade is another heavy weapon that is perfect for players who want both. speed And power. This weapon is available in Area V, meaning you’ll have to travel a bit further to get your hands on the deadly Greatsword. The Sawblade does a lot of decent damage, giving it better movement speed than the Wrench, which is good for it. Motivation-focused constructs. The weapon is easy to carry as it provides a combination of agility and power.

  • gave The link Cutting The Sawblade ability allows you to strike downwards, dealing massive damage.
  • second capacity, endurancefocuses on defense and allows you to temporarily counter an enemy attack.
  • Like other weapons, the Sawblade can be wielded. Separated and customized for better effects.
  • Inside the chest you can find the Bone Chopping Saw Blade. bad district area

7. Booster Glaive Blade

Booster Glaive Blade
Booster Glaive Blade (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
Type of weapon Great word
net weight 11.6
Durability of weapons 120
Physical attack power 130
The arts Storm Slash, Patient Slash
movement C
The technique D

After mentioning the heavy weapons I would like to mention. Booster Sword Blade, which is my personal favorite. Provides weapons. Balanced statistics, which makes it a versatile choice. You can fit the firearm into any build thanks to its impressive offensive stats and decent agility. The hybrid stats make the weapon an all-rounder in the early game stages.

  • Comes with Booster Glaive Blade. Storm Slash And Patience Slash Ability, which allows you to perform multiple slashing attacks on an enemy when activated.
  • One interesting thing about the blade is that it Can not do it Be separatedand you cannot change any part.
  • The Booster can be found inside a chest near the Glaive Union The culvert Stargazer Workshop at end of drainage area.

8. Wintry Rapier

Wintry Rapier
Wintry Rapier (Photo by eXputer)
Type of weapon Sword
net weight 6.3
Durability of weapons 100
Physical attack power 79
The arts Stormwar, Guard Perry
movement D
The technique B

Finally, there is the Wintry Rapier, which is a fine choice to start with. The Wintry Rapier can perform well in the early game, but as soon as you start facing serious enemies, you’ll need to switch to a more lethal weapon with lethal capabilities. The weapon takes minimal damage and is degraded in Motive.

  • If you choose you will get the Wintry Rapier weapon. The path to mastery.
  • A beneficial feature of the Wintry Rapier is that it Very light.
  • Players who prefer speed and agility over attack power can go for the Wintry Rapier,
  • The weapon is optimized for performance. Combo attacks And fighting multiple enemies.
  • The Wintry Rapier can do well against puppets, but if you’re going to face a boss, it’s best to go for the max weapon. DPS and loss.

This summarizes the guide on the best starting weapons. Each class comes with its own unique strengths and weapon preferences, so choose a weapon that complements your desired build. Remember that getting the best weapon is all about customization and customization, so don’t be afraid to use and modify your character’s gear. adventure.

Whether you’re slicing through enemies with a greatsword, electrocuting with a coil, or smashing heads with a wrench, it’s your job to conquer the lies of Pworld by hand.


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