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Best Stabbomancer Builds in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands permits gamers to reside out their class fantasy to fairly a decent diploma. Each class and subsequent multiclass has a bevy of choices obtainable to them. But for followers of the shadowy and sneaky artwork of stabbing, there’s just one true Stabbomancer construct.

What is the Best Stabbomancer Build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?


When it involves the six base courses within the recreation, there are sufficient ability factors to accumulate each ability as soon as Fatemakers hit degree 40. This makes this construct, by default, the strongest construct on the market.

That being mentioned, there are some key abilities to deal with whereas leveling to be the simplest rogue you’ll be able to. They are Arsenal, Haste, Follow Up, Nimble Fingers, Shadow Step, A Thousand Cuts, and Alchemical Agent. While two Active Skills can be found, Fatemakers will need Ghost Blade.

  • Ghost Blade: The Fatemaker throws out a ghost blade which spins in place, dealing melee harm periodically to close by enemies primarily based on the Fatemaker’s outfitted weapon. Pressing the Action Skill button whereas Ghost Blade is lively causes it to teleport to the focused location and reduces its remaining length by a small proportion.

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Gear & Enchantments

The Stabbomancer is all about dealing important harm and standing results by way of melee assaults.

  • +[X]% Melee Critical Hit Chance
  • +[X]% All Damage Dealt
  • +[X]% Melee Damage


When operating this construct, the Stabbomancer’s main weapon goes to be their melee weapon. As such, Fatemakers will wish to discover one thing that feels good to swing as they are going to be doing numerous it. The Banshee Claw of Edginess works rather well because it has a lift to important harm and can do bonus harm with each melee hit.

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