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Best Spore Warden Builds in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has a novel tackle rangers, archers, and different arrow slinging lessons. The Spore Warden comes with an cute companion and the flexibility to deal spectacular gun harm. However, its elemental bonuses are one thing else totally.

What is the Best Spore Warden Build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

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While a totally leveled Spore Warden can have entry to all traits and perks within the expertise tree, there are a number of we advocate grabbing first to make the leveling expertise extra gratifying. They are Bounty of the Hunt, Affinity, Medicinal Mushroom, and Wrath of Nature.

While there are two Action Skills out there, we advocate choosing Blizzard because it pairs with choose spells and weapons properly.

  • Barrage: The Fatemaker summons an Ethereal Bow, firing seven arrows that deal skill harm on influence. Arrows ricochet twice between close by enemies. Barrage has a number of expenses. Increases to gun harm apply to break dealt by Barrage.
  • Blizzard: The Fatemaker creates three frost cyclones for a length that hunt down close by enemies, dealing frost skill harm over time.

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Gear & Enchantments

Thanks to the Blizzard Action Skill, the Spore warden will need to deal with buffing Frost harm and Action Skill cooldown.

  • Enchantment: On spell forged, enhance Frost harm by X% for Y seconds.
  • Enchantment: On Action Skill begin, enhance harm dealt by X% for Y seconds.
  • Enchantment: While Action Skill is lively, enhance Frost harm by X%.
  • Spell: Burgeoning Impaling Ice Spike: Summons an ice spike from the bottom that slows and impales enemies.
  • Armor: Anything that will increase Spore Warden energy and skill harm.


Since freezing foes is the secret, we advocate utilizing a Frost weapon as the first gun. Something with a excessive price of fireside like an SMG or Hyperius shotgun will do the trick. Of course, counting on Frost for the whole lot will get you in hassle as some enemies are proof against it. For that, we advocate a Blackpowder pistol to make quick work of them.

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