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Best Spellshot Builds in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a construct crafter’s dream. With six base lessons that may be blended and matched with one another for a complete of 25 lessons. But, relating to the core lessons, particularly the Spellshot, what’s the very best construct.

What is the Best Spellshot Build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?


With a Spellshot absolutely leveled as much as 40, Fatemakers will be capable to fill out the whole ability tree. Hence, the very best pure construct for a Spellshot is the one which is ready to use all of the perks and traits.

There are some key abilities to construct into whereas leveling that may give a really feel for the total construct. They are Spell Sniper, Font of Mana, Mage Armor, Glass Cannon, and High Thread Count. With fundamental abilities out of the best way, all that is left are the Active Skills.

  • Polymorph: The Fatemaker turns an enemy right into a Skeep for a couple of seconds. If they’re Immune, the Fatemaker immediately casts a free spell on that enemy and positive factors two stacks of Spellweaving. While Polymorph is lively, the Fatemaker and their allies have an opportunity to solid a free spell after dealing gun harm to the polymorphed goal. This impact is assured the primary time the Fatemaker offers gun harm. After the Fatemaker casts a spell on this manner, they acquire a stack of Spellweaving.
  • Ambi-Hextrous: The Fatemaker could equip a second spell of their stock. Ambi-Hextrous is the go-to Action Skill of this construct.

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Gear & Enchantments

The crux of the Spellshot is that they deal a number of harm, however have just about no shielding. It’s a trade-off very like the Graveborn and their change of life for elevated energy. So, to offset the possibilities of dying, the Spellborn must kill every little thing else first.

  • Meteor spells do an insane quantity of AoE harm and might one-shot many enemies. If you’ll find one for each spell-slots, the decreased cooldown pairs properly and these could be solid frequently.
  • +[X]% Ability Critical Hit Chance
  • +[X]% Maximum Health
  • Restores well being through Damage (Leech)
  • +[X]% Spell Critical Hit Chance


The weapons within the Spellshot’s arsenal aren’t practically as construct crucial as different lessons. Each will see a lift to break and reload velocity by perks. So roll with no matter works finest for you.

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