BEST Overwatch 2 Characters (DPS, Tank, Support)



The meta of Overwatch 2 is set to undergo a significant change. Every hero has undergone some modification; however, the new five-vs-five format also affects the makeup of teams and the priorities that must be set. With quicker reloads and mobility following kills, DPS heroes are now significantly more vital, while Tanks aren’t employed as frequently because shields aren’t as crucial. In this Overwatch 2 Best Characters guide, we will discuss all the Characters and go into detail.

Key Takeaways

  • In Overwatch 2, Genji, Ashe, and Soldier 76 are considered some of the best damage heroes.
    • Genji is a robotic ninja who excels at flanking and has fast reflexes and mobility,
    • Ashe is a gunslinger who is effective at medium to long-range combat.
    • Soldier 76 is a damage hero in Overwatch 2 who is known for his versatility and ability to deal consistent damage at medium range. 
  • Some of the best healers in the game are are Zarya, Zenyatta, and Doomfist
    • Zarya is a tank that can create barriers to protect herself and her teammates from incoming damage and can use the energy of that damage to charge at enemies.
    • Zenyatta is a monk who uses his Orb of Harmony to assist his allies in battle and has increased melee attack damage.
    • Doomfist is a tank with a deadly fist and the ability to divert enemies by taking damage for his squad.
  • The best tank characters in the game are Lucio, Winston, and Baptiste.
    • Lucio is a Dj who can heal himself and his teammates and can also increase their moment speed.
    • Winston is a genetically engineered gorilla who uses a Tesla Cannon as a weapon and can go into a rage mode where he smashes everything in sight.
    • Baptiste can restore his and his teammate’s health.

Before we begin, let’s briefly compare some of the Overwatch 2 characters that we have included in our list:

Name Role Health Primary Weapon Ultimate Ability
Genji DPS 200.0 Shuriken Dragon blade
Ashe DPS 200.0 The viper B.O.B
Soldier:76 DPS  200.0 Heavy pulse rifle Tactical Visor
Zarya Tank 250 (role queue), 100 (other modes), 225 shields Particle cannon Gravitation surge
Zenyatta Support 50, 150 shields Orb of Destruction  Transcendence
Doomfist Tank 450 (role queue), 300 (other modes) Hand cannon Meteor strike
D.VA Tank 150 (pilot), 350 (mech, role queue), 200 (mech, other modes, 300 (mech) armor Fusion cannons, light gun  Self destruct (mech), Call mech (pilot)
Lucio Support 200.0 Sonic amplifier Sound barrier
Winston Tank 350 (role queue, 200 (other modes), 200 armor Tesla cannon Primal rage
Baptiste Support 200.0 Biotic launcher Amplification

Best Damage Characters In Overwatch 2

Damage heroes are in charge of finding, interacting with, and eliminating the adversary by utilizing a variety of equipment and skills. As a damage hero, it is your responsibility to obtain kills. The Characters below are the Best ones from the Damage class.


Overwatch 2 Best Characters Genji

Role Health Weapon Abilities
Damage 200 Shuriken Passive Ability:

– Cyber Agility


– Swift Strike

– Deflect

Ultimate Ability:

– Dragon Blade

Genji is a robotic ninja who can move quickly across the battlefield, making him one of the Best Damage Characters. In addition to his excellent mobility, he also possesses the quick reflexes and strength to swiftly parry incoming blows and even dispatch opponents with a powerful katana.

Genji is a fantastic pick for anybody searching for a hero who can carry out fast justice. Despite receiving a visual overhaul for Overwatch 2, Genji’s skills mainly remained the same. This indicates that Overwatch veterans will fit in nicely; however, newcomers to him may have a little learning curve.

After mastering his skills, players may, however, use him to soar around the battlefield and terrorize their enemies as they advance towards victory. Despite receiving a visual makeover, Genji remains largely the same character as in the first Overwatch game.

He will thus play in the same manner, taking advantage of his skills to enter and exit battles fast. His skill as a flanker depends on fast switching targets. Players may quickly shred their way toward a victory for their team with his strategy and tactics.

Genji’s Playstyle

Genji is a master at flanking, moving from one place to another to surprise players. With his shurikens, he can fight opponents at a comfortable mid-range. And a swift slash from his sword will take out any retreating or low-health foes.

Together, these abilities enable him to move easily through the game, effectively eliminating the other squad. He has some mobility even though he is by no means the quickest hero on the battlefield.

Nevertheless, speedier heroes may outclass or outrange him. Players may employ Deflect to stay alive while dealing huge damage to foes with their weapons. He can also wipe out a whole squad with a few strokes of his Dragonblade when Genji’s ultimate is prepared.


Overwatch 2 Best Characters Ashe

Role Health Weapon Abilities
Damage 200  The Viper Ability:

– Dynamite

– Coach Gun

Ultimate Ability:

– B.O.B

In Overwatch 2, Ashe is a formidable opponent, and many players like to think of her as the Best Damage Character. When employed properly, she may swiftly do damage to other squads. She has the traditional cowgirl gunslinger appearance appropriate for being the boss of the Deadlock Gang.

Her appearance isn’t just for show; equipped with the Viper, she can easily dispatch enemies with a gun that alternates between hip fire as well as ADS. Despite her prowess in medium-to-long-range combat, she possesses a variety of weapons that she may use to deal damage to anybody who approaches too closely.

Although her ability to maneuver is crucial to her kit, she can suffer tremendously if she is caught in close quarters. Compared to Overwatch, Ashe hasn’t seen significant modifications in Overwatch 2.

She hasn’t changed much at all despite minor, aesthetic modifications to her appearance, except for a little decline in the strength of her Ultimate, B.O.B. Because of this, Overwatch 2 gamers who used Ashe in Overwatch will feel at ease.

After little practice, those who are unfamiliar with Ashe would be capable of dominating her. They will be capable of doing a lot of destruction to the enemy side, and aid secures the victory if they learn how to use their powers properly. Ashe might be the ideal DPS character for gamers looking for versatility.

She has a lot of potential to harm other teams. She might have a high learning curve when it comes to an understanding her optimal range and how to employ her skills, but with experience, she can become a formidable opponent.

Ashe’s Playstyle

Learning to remain inside a certain range is one of the primary things which players who choose Ashe will want to achieve in Overwatch 2. Ashe can harm targets at a greater distance, while she is not quite as effective at it as a sniper.

She performs best at medium range, where she can engage enemy targets while maintaining distance, thanks to her mobility. She can do a lot of damage rapidly, but if foes approach too closely, she may be easily destroyed.

As reloading takes some time to complete, players should be careful to avoid being taken by surprise with their rifles empty. She performs best when she can quickly enter and exit cover and when a good tank or support can assist in deterring the opposition.

Soldier: 76

Overwatch 2 Best Characters Soldier 76

Role Health Weapon Abilities
Damage 200 Heavy Pulse Rifle Ability:

– Helix Rockets

– Sprint

– Biotic Field

Ultimate Ability:

– Tactical Visor

Soldier: 76 is a character that does consistent, precise damage to his enemies with the help of his potent hits pulse rifle. He possesses abilities that can assist him in becoming more accurate in battle and maintain himself better than many other Overwatch 2 DPS heroes.

He can be a deadly force upon the battlefield because of his skills, and if he gains a good vantage point, he may dispatch opponent players with relative ease. As the game upgraded to the newest generation, Overwatch 2 saw various adjustments. The teams changed from 6v6 to 5v5, which is one of the largest alterations to the game.

Each team now has one fewer tank to deal with as a consequence of the decrease in team size. It implies that for a team to succeed, each player will have to contribute more. Each job was given a unique passive skill to aid with this.

Soldier: 76 and other DPS heroes now have the passive capability to receive a 25% boost in mobility and reload speed after achieving an elimination. Soldier: 76’s ability cannot stack. However, additional kills might reset the timer and hasten the enemy’s destruction.

His pulse rifle now deals less damage, and his ultimate ability also saw some tweaks that will make him more comparable to other DPS heroes. In Overwatch 2, he continues to be a good option overall and can join virtually any squad.

Soldier: 76’s Playstyle

One of Overwatch 2’s most evenly matched characters is Soldier: 76. He is ideal for novice players to take up and learn to play because of this. Soldier: 76 can utilize his weaponry and powers to deliver both continuous damage and damage in a short period.

He can move fast between locations and keep his troops alive using his Biotic Field. Although he does have numerous advantages, he is an expert on none and a little bit of everything. He lacks a particularly potent Ultimate Ability and has little to no vertical mobility.

Best Support Characters in Overwatch 2

A happy healer? You must seek out support. Support personnel serves as the squad’s foundation by acting as heals, builders, and buffers. Whatever you accomplish, you’re a great addition to the squad, whether you improve the abilities, speed, or damage tolerance of your team by choosing a supporting character.


Overwatch 2 Best Characters Zarya

Role Health  Shields Weapon Abilities
Tank Open Queue: 100 hp

Role Queue: 250 hp

225 Particle Canon Passive Ability:

– Energy


– Particle Barrier

– Projected Barrier

Ultimate Ability:

– Graviton Surge

Zarya is a tank that shields herself or her friends with one of her unique barriers. Damage to the barriers provides energy for the particle cannon that she can employ to eliminate her adversaries. In Overwatch 2, Zarya has undergone various upgrades.

Her HP has increased to 250 (from 200), and her shields have increased to 225 from 200. She is now more resilient than she was in the first Overwatch, and she can be a real benefit to her teammates by boosting their resilience. To account for the peculiarities in a one-tank meta, many of her skills have been altered.

Players will see certain modifications to how she can protect herself and her teammates, as well as a modest improvement in her general lasting ability as a result. In Overwatch 2, players may protect their squad from harm and take the initiative to victory by mastering Zarya’s powers.

In the correct hands, She can be a potent tank who can not only defend her squad but also inflict damage. She does have a learning curve, but those who take the time to master her in Overwatch 2 will be capable of leading the drive to victory.

Zarya’s Playstyle

Zarya may be a strong tank, but mastering her requires a lot of work. If she can recharge her Photon Cannon, she can deliver a lot of damage, but doing so necessitates careful use of both the Projected Barrier and Particle Barrier.

When fully charged, she can easily defeat the majority of foes. She can also create some of the game’s most lethal combinations with her Ultimate Ability. She lacks mobility-enhancing techniques and has a smaller health bar than other tanks, which are both drawbacks.

To properly use her Barrier to acquire Energy to deal punishment to her adversaries, she heavily relies on her allies and her discretion.

A player may become one of the game’s most potent heroes, able to both defend her teammates and position herself for very potent assaults if they can effectively utilize their teammates and have strong teamwork.


Overwatch 2 Best Characters Zenyatta

Role Health  Shields Weapon Abilities
Support 50 150 Orb Of Destruction Passive Ability:

– Snap Kick


– Orb Of Harmony

– Orb Of Discord

Ultimate Ability:

– Transcendence

Zenyatta is a floating monk support character who uses the spheres known as the Orb of Harmony to assist his friends in the battle. Zenyatta‘s melee attacks are now capable of doing more damage, and they may now inflict discomfort.

He now only has 150 shields in Overwatch 2, which might make him appear squishier than previously. Even while his offensive skills are what give him the most strength, he is also a skilled healer and can easily dispatch even the most powerful tanks with a few perfectly placed bullets.

Support heroes get the capacity to heal themselves gradually after a brief period of not taking damage, like Zenyatta. Zenyatta, who previously lacked this type of self-sustenance skill, would greatly benefit from this, giving him a better option in Overwatch 2.

Although Zenyatta is usually offensively oriented support, he has several skills that may help him keep his squad alive. Veteran players may note he is a little different, even though he performs mostly the same way he was in the original Overwatch.

Specifically, he has a worse overall state of health but a higher rate of long-term survival. Nevertheless, he is a competent hero that can overwhelm adversaries and sustain his friends so they may win in Overwatch 2.

Zenyatta’s Playstyle

As offensively oriented support, Zenyatta can keep his team alive while doing significant single-target destruction to high-priority targets. He can concentrate on other activities, including doing damage while keeping his comrades’ health topped off, thanks to his ability to transmit orbs to them.

He may also use the Discord Orb to designate prioritized enemies for his squad to eliminate rapidly. Zenyatta, however, is highly vulnerable against heroes with fast movement, who can do a lot of damage at close range, like Reaper, or who can kill him with a single shot from a great distance, like Widowmaker.

Zenyatta can still do a ton of damage and use his Ultimate to help his squad overcome practically any obstacle as long as his aim is on target.



Role Health Weapon Abilities
Tank Open Queue: 300 HP

Role Queue: 400 HP

Hand Canon Passive Ability:

– The Best Defense


– Seismic Slam

– Power Block

– Rocket Punch

Ultimate Ability:

– Meteor Strike

Doomfist takes the position of a tank in Overwatch 2 that can withstand a boatload of damage by deflecting opponent blows before answering with a strong punch. He plays a big role in attracting fire from the other side and diverting them enough so his squad may advance and kill any obstructions.

Doomfist’s enormous, muscular fists are evident to players, and they play a significant role in how he plays. Players may become adept at tanking and lead their team to win by mastering their moves. Doomfist is now considerably more concerned with surviving than it is with doing damage.

Gamers who previously played him might want to play with him for a couple of matches to refresh their memory of his new playstyle because he has undergone a major revamp. He continues to be a strong character, though, and in the proper hands, he can exact revenge on the opposing side for hitting him.

Players may secure their survival in addition to the victory of their squad as a whole by effectively employing their talents. The player chooses to dominate with close-quarters melee combat and close-range weapons when they select Doomfist. It is a potent decision that can take out-of-position players off guard.

Doomfist can enter combat swiftly and, if he assists in taking out priority targets, can put a stop to them before they ever begin. He can block shots for his squad, buying them time to flee or change positions. Any player who wishes to smash their path to victory should choose Doomfist as he’s one of the Best Overwatch 2 Heroes.

Doomfist’s Playstyle

Powerful tank Doomfist can divert enemies by taking damage for his squad. He will accumulate his devastating blows as a result of damage taken, which he may then unleash on any attacker who dared to challenge him.

Despite having considerable mobility, he may be quickly defeated by opponents that can go out of his range or go past his restricted strike area. Players should move rapidly into close ranges against him because his short-range weaponry does not stand up in longer-range encounters.

When rushing in, take care not to leave your team behind. Doomfist can quickly lead a rush to victory if used properly and can compete seriously on the battlefield.



Role Health Armor Weapon Abilities
Rank Open Queue: 200 HP

Role Queue: 350 HP

Pilot Form: 150 HP

300 – Fusion Canons

– Light Gun

Passive Ability:

– Eject!


– Defense Matrix

– Boosters

– Micro Missiles

Ultimate Ability:

– Self Destruct

– Call Mech

Players will receive two unique characters when they choose D.Va. This is so because D.Va combines a mech and a pilot. Players can take the shape of mechs, which are well armored and able to endure harsh harm. However, players in the pilot form are quite weak and won’t hold out against enemies wearing armor for very long.

However, even in her pilot form, they can continue to engage the enemy with their blaster until they can send in a backup mech and rejoin the battle. D. Va’s job in battle is to take damage for her squad as a tank, and she may utilize both the blasters and projectiles to attack and chisel away at adversaries from a distance.

Her boosters enable her to infiltrate and approach adversaries so that she may engage them in close battle and obliterate them with her weaponry.

In Overwatch 2, D. Va’s general health has improved; her mech now has 650 HP, and her pilot form has 350 HP. She becomes more resilient as a result, which might help her absorb more blows for her squad. Playing D. Va is a genuinely unique experience all around, and understanding what she is capable of may help any team succeed.

D.Va is a tank with a startling amount of damage she can do to everyone in her vicinity. Being able to maneuver and shoot without having to reload might be incredibly frustrating for the other squad.

A team fight may also be won by her formidable ultimate ability on her own. D. Va is an interesting tank in Overwatch 2 that gets close to the action while still possessing some ranged strength, making her a great choice for those who want to defend their squad, and she is among one of the best support characters.

D.VA’s Playstyle

D.Va excels at close-quarters combat. Her Boosters may help her close the distance to any attacker, and the Fusion Cannons can deal significant, sustained damage while she is moving. With perfect positioning, she may utilize her ultimate to wipe out whole opponent teams, and she can use her defense matrix to shield her squad.

Her limitations are that she relies on being near to the target to deliver damage and that when she isn’t utilizing boosters, she moves slowly. When she fires at them, quicker heroes can outrun her or just avoid her. To be able to defeat an adversary, players should attempt to anticipate their enemy’s moves and maintain a decent distance from them.

Best Tank Characters in Overwatch 2

Tank characters take damage, make room for your squad, and dislodge entrenched positions, such as densely packed adversaries and congested choke spots.

You take the lead if you’re a tank. Below are the Best Tank Heroes In Overwatch 2.



Role Health Weapon Abilities
Support  200 Sonic Amplifier Passive Ability:

– Wall Ride


– Soundwave

– Crossfade

– Amp It Up

Ultimate Ability:

– Sound Barrier

The music of Lucio, a DJ who rollerblades with excellent mobility, may support his team in a variety of ways. The movement speed or health of Lucio’s squad might increase over time according to the music that is played.

Around with advantageous benefits, his mobility enables him to flee or engage the adversary head-on by rollerblading along barriers. He may also throw his opponents back and raise his team’s shields as a means of enhancing their collective durability.

Anyone who encounters him in Overwatch 2 will recognize him because he hasn’t altered all that much since the first Overwatch. When used correctly, He can be a hard hero for the other team to kill, and his healing abilities may make a huge difference in a team battle.

Support characters have the passive capability to start healing themselves again after a short period of not taking damage, such as Lucio. Lucio, who has excellent mobility, may utilize this to his benefit to flee from battle, recover, and rejoin the conflict.

The majority of Lucio’s skills are focused on keeping his squad in the battle. He provides musical recordings for his team to listen to that represent various auras. Players may aid their team in overcoming obstacles and lead them to victory by perfecting their movement and understanding when to change directions.

Every team requires a strong healer, and He can undoubtedly provide his squad the assistance they require to prevail.

He may irritate the other side with his quick movements and disorient other players by drawing their attention and engaging in combat. In Overwatch 2, players may use Lucio to Wall Ride his way to victory with diligent preparation.

Lucio’s Playstyle

The Overwatch 2 support hero with the most mobility is Lucio. To avoid getting hit, players should try to leverage this to their advantage. Now that support characters may recover even when they are not receiving damage, Lucio can utilize his Wall Ride power to leave the area, swiftly heal up, and then return to help his team.

He may be a support, but he can still battle well and do a significant amount of damage, especially while utilizing Wall Ride to avoid enemy fire. The longer-range characters that Lucio is vulnerable to may be avoided with smart mobility.

Additionally, Lucio can swiftly transport his squad to other locations on the map by using his mobility skills, such as his aura, which increases speed. Players can make use of this to gain an edge over a team or goal.



Role Health Armor Weapon Abilities
Tank Open Queue: 200 HP

Role Queue: 350 HP

200 Tesla Canon Ability:

– Barrier Projector

– Jump Pack

Ultimate Ability:

– Primal Rage

Winston excels as a tank. He makes use of his numerous technical wonders to increase his movement speed, harm his enemies, and defend his group. He may also use his tremendous power to destroy any weak heroes in a flash.

Even if he has altered a little from the original installment, those who have already played him will recognize his new upgrades. In Overwatch 2, Winston may use his power and agility to his team’s advantage in a variety of ways. In general, Winston has been strengthened for Overwatch 2, making him one of the Best Tank Characters.

He received an armor upgrade which made it up to 200, increasing his resistance to harm. Furthermore, he got a new secondary firing mode for the Tesla Cannon and more HP for his Barrier Projector.

This should greatly increase his viability in Overwatch 2’s single-tank team configurations and provide him the chance to spearhead his team’s win.

In Overwatch 2, Winston is a great option for a tank. Supporting the group with barriers and eliminating enemies with his rapid mobility and disruptive assaults. In Overwatch 2, players can pick Winston to captain their squad and propel them to victory.

Winston’s Playstyle

Winston is an extremely aggressive and mobile tank who can use the jump pack to be close to the opponent at all times. He can jump into groups and create havoc for the other side by using his agility and disruption. He can attack numerous enemies at once and even penetrate obstacles thanks to his Tesla Cannon.

Because of this, he excels at taking down adversaries that are fleeing and those with low HP. However, except for Barrier Projector, he doesn’t have many defensive choices, which renders them less tanky than a few of the other possibilities.

He is also constrained by the weapon’s range, and while it’s been significantly lessened by the introduction of a secondary fire mode, other heroes may still be able to outrange him.

The heroes that might try to maintain him at a distance can be swiftly eliminated if he can utilize Jump Pack to close the distance. Winston’s major flaw, however, is that if he is captured without a backup hero around, heavy burst damage can reduce his health to untenable levels.


Overwatch 2 Best Characters Baptiste

Role Health Weapon Abilities
Support 200 Biotic Launcher Passive Ability:

– Exo Boosts


– Regenerative Burst

– Immortality Field

Ultimate Ability: 

– Amplification Matrix

Baptiste is a battlefield medic who enhances his skills using experimental technologies. His obscenely big boots make him simple to identify. He can jump exceptionally high, thanks to his boots, which are known as Exo Boots, giving him plenty of agility as a support player.

In addition, Baptiste may kill the other squad while protecting his own by using his offensive fire. To defend his squad and guide them to victory, he must know how to use his talents properly. Here is a list of all Baptiste’s Overwatch 2 skills. Baptiste’s skills were improved a little bit and helped him stay among the Best Characters in the game.

Along with the excellent passive that ensures his survival, he has experienced advancements in his active skills that should help him perform a little bit better this time. Although Baptiste has a steeper learning curve compared to other healers, he already has a strong character.

Baptiste players may enhance their experience with him and contribute to their team’s victory by reading the information below. Understanding how and when to utilize his abilities is essential to success with Baptiste.

Baptiste is a good option for people seeking a somewhat different healing experience that combines harm with mobility and healing.

Although he has a little learning curve, he now has greater sustain than ever because of the adjustments made to support passives. In the proper hands, it should render him a monster who, with smart play, can rescue teams from loss and seal success in Overwatch 2.

Baptiste’s Playstyle

Baptiste can employ both of his fire ways simultaneously; therefore, the right approach to use him is to combine that with his mobility. Attacking enemies while always kneeling is a fantastic technique to do. The player may then easily hop out of the path as they advance on Baptiste in this manner.

Additionally, players can utilize their Exo Boots to access places that are exceedingly difficult for other players to reach. Players may use this to escape a difficult circumstance. Baptiste’s ability to simultaneously employ both his fire styles and agility makes him the finest playing style.

Always crouching while assaulting an adversary is an excellent technique to do this. In this manner, the player may easily hop out of the path as they rush towards Baptiste.

Exo Boots may also be used by players to access places that are exceedingly difficult for other players to reach. Players may be able to escape a difficult position by doing this.

If you’re interested in learning about the changes from the first game to Overwatch 2, then consider watching our YouTube video.

That’s the all for the Best Overwatch 2 Characters in our Guide. If you have any more questions or recommendations for us, please tell us in the comment box below.

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