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Crisis Core’s Best Materia can drastically help you in combat whether it’s against the most challenging story bosses or even against a large number of enemies in a single battle. The materia orbs can be found under various different circumstances such as completing key-story missions, completing certain side quests as well as opening chests found in levels during exploration. Lastly, it is also important to note that most of the special or rare materia can mainly be crafted via the Materia Fusion mechanic in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • The Materia orbs in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion play an integral role in allowing Zack Fair to dish out special attacks and abilities.
  • Players can use the best materia ranging from defensive-type spells such as Status Ward to offensive ones such as Ultima and Quake to annihilate enemies and bosses.
  • Materia orbs can be found in various different ways such as by completing missions, stealing them from enemies, and even purchasing them from the in-game vendors.
  • The rare or endgame-level materia can also be crafted via the Materia Fusion mechanic so players can acquire them with relative ease.

The List Of The Best Materia

crisis core best materia
The materia Menu (image by eXputer)

Here’s a full list of all the Best Materias in Crisis Core Reunion:

Best Materia Type MP/AP Cost Effect
Thundaga Blade Command Materia 32 MP Deals thunder damage to the target
Wall Magic Materia 42 MP Halves physical and magical damage taken for 60 seconds (Barrier + MBarrier)
Dispel Magic Materia 10 MP Removes Endure, Barrier, MBarrier, Regen, Critical, Null Magic and Invincible from the target
Status Ward Support Materia No Cost Blocks status effects matching equipped materia
Dualcast Support Materia No Cost Uses Magic Materia twice. MP expended twice
Hell Firaga/Bliz/zaga/Thundaga Magic Materia 52 MP Hell Firaga: Inflicts Poison, Silence, Stop and Death. Blizzaga: Deals ice damage and inflicting Stun Thundaga: Deals Thunder Damage
Tri-Thundaga Magic Materia 64 MP Summons 3 lightning strikes dealing thunder damage to targets.
Hammer Punch Command Materia 99 AP Ignores target’s VIT and deals damage at the cost of AP. Damage increases as Zack’s AP increases
Magical Punch Command Materia 99 MP Ignores target’s VIT and deals damage at the cost of AP. Damage increases as MP increases.
Energy Magic Materia 33 MP Pierces through and deals damage to the same enemy multiple times
Graviga Magic Materia 40 MP Deals damage equal to 50% of the targets remaining HP
Flare Magic Materia 77 MP Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies
Costly Punch Command Materia No Cost Ignores target’s VIT and deals damage at the cost of HP. Damage increases as Zack’s HP decreases
Ultima Magic Materia 99 MP Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies
Quake Magic Materia 48 MP Deals AoE damage around Zack. Flying enemies are immune

Before we begin, it is worth noting that the materia we have prepared for you in this list may vary for each player as each one is unique from the other in their ability design. We recommend testing out each one if you have the available materia to craft and fuse a few of them as they may or may not provide you with an edge during combat. Following are the best materia that you can use in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion:

15. Thundaga Blade

  • Type: Command Materia
  • MP Cost: 32 MP

The first materia on our list is the Thundaga Blade. While the materia itself isn’t anything too special in dealing heaps of damage, it does look pretty cool visually as Zack slices through his foes in quick fashion while imbued with the thunder element. You can purchase it for 10000 Gil at the Wutai Secret Shop vendor or an optional way to obtain it is by fusing together the Thundaga and ATK Up Materia in the fusion menu to craft it.

14. Wall

  • Type: Magic Materia
  • MP Cost: 42 MP

Similar to the Barrier materia, The Wall Materia is essentially a better version of it as it allows you to cut both incoming Physical or magic damage by half. The best part is that the ability lasts for a total of 60 seconds which is extremely useful against the toughest bosses of the game and more to withstand some heavy damaging attacks.

You can acquire through a few different ways, one of which is by completing missions M5-2-4 called Experiment No. 110 as well as M9-1-5 called Behind The Scenes. Furthermore, you will also receive the mastered version of the wall materia upon completing the mission M3-5-3; Genesis‘s Special Ops Unit.

13. Dispel

  • Type: Magic Materia
  • MP Cost: 10 MP

In the simplest terms, the dispel materia can allow you to remove any kind of helpful buffs that the enemy has placed on themselves such as Barrier or Regen, allowing you to properly damage them during combat. You can find the materia during the mission where Zack is tasked with infiltrating the Modeoheim Reactor. 

As you make your way around the guards without being seen, the chest containing Dispel should be on your way toward the objective marker so there is hardly a chance that you will miss it. Furthermore, you can also receive the materia by completing the main Mission M3-1-6 which takes place in Midgar Defense Operations, or additionally, you also buy the materia from the Happy Turtle Shop for 5000 Gil.

12. Status Ward

  • Type: Support Materia
  • MP Cost: No Cost

The Status Ward Materia essentially acts as a passive defensive buff as when it is equipped alongside an elemental materia such as Poison, it will grant you full immunity against it from enemies. It is advised that you use the materia with higher affinity elemental ones such as Hell Blizzaga or Firaga for maximum defense against almost every kind of Status ailment in the game.

The Status Ward materia can be purchased from the Wutai Secret Shop for 40000 Gil. Moreover, you can also craft it from the Materia Fusion mechanic by fusing the Stop and HP Up materia. Another recipe includes fusing together the Master versions of the Dispel and Libra Materia.

11. Dual Cast

  • Type: Support Materia
  • MP Cost: No Cost

Make no mistake from our ranking here as the Dual Cast just like all the other materials on this list is a fantastic support type materia that allows you to cast a magic spell twice at the cost of double MP. The key difference is that the spell animation will only play once so you can increase your overall DPS on tough bosses or enemies.

You can acquire the Dualcast materia in a few ways, one of which is by discovering it through a chest in Mission M9-4-1: Genesis’s Ambition. You also have a slight chance to receive it if you use the Steal materia ability on the Makonoid enemy. Lastly, the materia is available for purchase from the Network Shop Shade for 30000 Gil.

10. Hell Firaga/Blizzaga/Thundaga

  • Type: Magic Materia
  • MP Cost: 52 MP

The Hell elemental material spells can deal devastating damage to foes but most importantly, they also inflict the Poison, Silence, Stop, and Death status ailments all at once upon cast. If the targeted enemy is susceptible to these ailments then this materia can annihilate them or even certain bosses for that matter.

You can obtain all three Hell version elemental materias at the Secret Wutai Shop for 15000 Gil. There is also a way to craft these materia from the fusion menu but you will need the dark versions of Fire, Blizzard, or Thunder and combine them with the Octoslash materia.

9. Tri-Thundaga

  • Type: Magic Materia
  • MP Cost: 64 MP

The Tri-Thundaga is a fan-favorite magic materia that allows Zack to summon three lightning bolt arcs at his enemies in a wide AoE (Area-Of-Effect) attack. It is a fantastic option to clear hordes of enemies in an instant, especially if you’re a fan of using spells in the game.

You can receive the materia as a reward for clearing the  M4-5-1 mission: Neutralize the Commander but most importantly, you can also find it in one of the chests during the following three missions in the game:

8. Hammer Punch

  • Type: Command Materia
  • AP Cost: 99 AP

The Hammer Punch is one of the few unique command materia skills which allow you to deal physical damage to an enemy while ignoring any of their defensive parameters. The higher the amount of AP that Zack has while using Hammer Punch, the higher the damage he will deal to his foes. You can receive the materia after clearing the M9-3-1 mission: To the End.

However, you can also find it in chests during the M3-5-1 mission: Intercept the Copies. Lastly, there is also a slight chance that you can use the Steal materia to swipe it off of the Vajradhara Kinnara enemy during the battle. You can also fuse the magical punch and Libra (Master) materia to create it.

7. Magical Punch

  • Type: Command Materia
  • MP Cost: 99 MP

As one might’ve guessed already, the magic punch is relatively similar to the Hammer Punch but instead of scaling on AP, the damage will instead scale off of Zack’s total MP recharge at the time of casting this skill. It is a great alternative if you want to use other Command Materia Type skills in your arsenal. You can receive the Magic Punch materia as a reward for clearing the following missions in Crisis Core Reunion:

However, there is also the chance to receive the Magic Punch materia from chests that you can find through the following missions:

6. Energy

  • Type: Magic Materia
  • MP Cost: 33 MP

While casting this materia, Zack will launch an energy ball at the enemy, which on impact will deal damage over time for a brief period. It is great if you’re trying to damage an enemy from afar at longer distances without getting too close in their face, especially on Hard Mode. In addition to being able to steal the materia off of the ‘Explosive’ monsters, you can also claim it by completing the following missions:

Furthermore, you can also acquire the Energy materia through one of the chests located in the following missions:

5. Graviga

  • Type: Magic Materia
  • MP Cost: 40 MP

The Graviga Materia is another of the best materia in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion but the fact that it makes it into our top 5 is mainly because it is most viable against foes with a large health pool. The materia essentially depletes 50 percent of the total HP on surrounding enemies caught in it. It is a fantastic spell-based materia to use right off at the beginning of a battle.

You can purchase the materia at the Bone Village Commerce Shop for 15000 Gil. You can also fuse the Gravity and Dash materia to craft it manually. Lastly, you can also receive it from chests through the following missions:

4. Flare

  • Type: Magic Materia
  • MP Cost: 77 MP

Flare is a magic materia that allows Zack to create a flash of light at his enemies, causing instant damage to them which can be extremely useful when you’re in a crowded situation. The MP cost might be a little too much but the damage is worth it whenever you get stuck in a pinch. It is also worth noting that you cannot use the Dual Cast Materia with Flare. You can receive the Flare materia by completing the following missions in the game:

Additionally, you can also unlock the materia by discovering it through chests found in the following missions:

3. Costly Punch

  • Type: Command Materia
  • MP Cost: No Cost

Costly Punch is a high-risk, high-reward command materia that allows you to deal an enormous amount of damage at the cost of Zack’s overall health during battle. The attacks you dish out will be able to bypass almost any kind of defensive parameters and statuses on the enemy such as Barrier at the cost of your HP.

The exact calculation comes down to almost around 1.5% of Zack’s HP being consumed so be careful if you’re planning to use it. However, it is considered by skilled players to be the best materia in the game because the more HP you have on Zack, the more you will be able to use it in order to increase your DPS by tenfolds.

You can unlock Costly Punch by having at least 55% Side Mission Completion progress or alternatively, you can use the Steal Materia to claim it from Mako Ifrit in M9-5-1 Mission: Hojo’s Monsters but the chances to do that are 50/50 here.

2. Ultima

  • Type: Magic Materia
  • MP Cost: 99 MP

Ultima is perhaps one of the most iconic and powerful spells in the Final Fantasy franchise. Not to mention it has made its way into other Square Enix titles too such as Kingdom Hearts. It works similarly to Flare as Zack casts a large blinding light on his foes to damage them but the difference is that Ultima has a longer cast time.

Traditionally, acquiring the ultima in whichever format it is present in across the FF Games can be tough but with Crisis Core Reunion, you obtain it easily by completing the M3-5-4 Mission: Chase the Copies or by fusing the Tri-Thundaga and Octoslash materia. Alternatively, via looting chests through the following missions:

1. Quake

  • Type: Magic Materia
  • MP Cost: 48 MP

Moving on to the number one Best Crisis Core materia on our list is Quake. It allows you to cast- well as the name of the materia implies, a literal earthquake around Zack, critically damaging any enemies caught within it.

It is one of our favorite offensive spells to use, one that even benefitted original players from the PSP version of the game. It is also worth pointing out that the spell cannot damage airborne enemies who get caught in the radius.

You can purchase it for 18000 Gil from the Wutai Secret Shop vendor but aside from that, you can also try to acquire it by stealing it from the Grand Horn enemy. Finally, you can also receive it by opening chests located in the following missions:

The Wrap-Up

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a remaster of the original game that was released back on the Playstation Portable and with how the reception has been so far, it is safe to say that fans both old and new are grateful to experience the heartfelt journey of Zack Fair.

That aside, according to a GameFAQ Forum on the Original Crisis Core, it is easy to assume that there have been hardly any changes to how materia functions and the best ones still maintain their legacy with Reunion.

As pointed out in our Review of Crisis Core Reunion, Square Enix put a great deal of effort into polishing each aspect whether it’s the satisfying action gameplay or the enhanced visuals of the storytelling, the game is sure to encapsulate your heart toward the very end. Newcomers who are assumingly acquainted with Final Fantasy VII Remake will enjoy reuniting with familiar faces here such as our beloved flower girl Aerith as well as Cloud Strife.

However, this concludes our guide for the best materia in Crisis Core Reunion. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we did in our playthrough of the game. If there is anything we missed then feel free to let us know about it in the comments section below and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

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