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Core points of Gamers

Best areas to seek out defend foragables in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Shield pots, minis, and chug splashes are all nice objects for rising your shields in Fortnite, however there are different methods you possibly can enhance them as effectively. Sometimes, defend pots and minis could be arduous to return by, particularly if you do not have time to cease and test chests in your run from the storm or between battles. There are foragable objects, equivalent to vegetables and fruit, that you’ll find rising across the map or in particular containers that may restore a few of your shields as effectively. Here are some wonderful spots to seek out them!


Coconuts are a uncommon foragable that may restore well being or defend. If all of your shields are diminished, and your well being is barely decreased, it’ll restore your well being earlier than making use of the defend. If you need to eat the Coconut for shields, be sure you are full well being.

The most typical locations to seek out Coconuts are palm timber, normally discovered alongside the seashores on the Eastern aspect of the map. To get them to fall from the timber, it’s a must to hit them together with your pickaxe. The Coconuts will fall out to the bottom to be harvested or eaten.

Palm timber carrying Coconuts could be discovered in additional important volumes in these particular areas:

  • The seaside Northeast of The Daily Bugle
  • Cuddle Cruisers Island
  • Looper Landing Island
  • Launchpad Island
  • The seaside East of Sanctuary
  • The seaside North of The Joneses
  • The Perch
  • Shrouded Settlement


Unlike the Coconuts, Mushrooms can solely be used to revive some defend. They don’t restore misplaced well being, however both method, they make for a useful protection towards enemy gamers. Mushrooms can normally be discovered rising on the bottom in darker, shrouded forest areas. You can eat them straight from their spawn spots or harvest them for later use.

These are a number of the extra concentrated Mushroom areas:

  • In the timber Northeast of Command Cavern
  • In the forests Southeast of Camp Cuddle
  • In the forests alongside the river Northeast of Greasy Grove
  • In the forest close to Power Towers
  • In the timber close to the fuel station Southwest of Sanctuary
  • In the forest surrounding The Joneses
  • In the forest between Shrouded Settlement and Tow-Away Beach

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Produce Boxes

Produce Boxes are one other nice method to discover foragables, however there is not permits a assure of what you can see inside. They carry a random array of produce, which means you may get all well being foragables, defend foragables, or a mixture of each, which is tremendous useful for a fast heal or shielding up in the beginning of the match.

Produce Boxes can normally be present in kitchens inside homes, eating places, shops, or fuel stations. They seem like little cardboard packing containers and have veggie and fruit footage displayed exterior. Once you loot the field, the produce will fall out of it so that you can harvest or eat.

These are the areas with a greater probability of discovering a big quantity of Produce Boxes:

  • Command Cavern
  • Sleepy Sound
  • Tilted Towers
  • Condo Canyon
  • The Butter Barn

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