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Best Graveborn Build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands provides arguably probably the most strong construct crafting inside the Borderlands collection. Each of the six distinctive lessons is extremely robust and enjoyable to play on their very own and multiclassing solely opens this up additional. But followers of the necromantic arts are going to key in on the Graveborn particularly.

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What is the Best Graveborn Build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?


With a Graveborn totally leveled as much as 40, Fatemakers will be capable to fill out your entire Graveborn tree. So, it is type of like dishonest however nonetheless technically true that the perfect construct is the one which will get all the abilities. Though it does make sense that the purest type of a category is the one that’s its strongest.

  • Dire Sacrifice: By sacrificing a portion of their well being, the Graveborn unleashes a strong AoE assault that applies the Dark Magic standing impact to all these hit with it. That’s assuming they survive the blast. Dire Sacrifice additionally does bonus injury based mostly on the quantity of well being sacrificed.
  • Reaper of Bones: This Action Skill is fascinating in that it powers up the Graveborn whereas actively killing them. When their flip to die lastly comes, they develop into invulnerable, restore some well being, and the impact ends.

Gear & Enchantments

The Graveborn is all about doing massive injury at the price of their very own well being. It’s a tradeoff and one which works remarkably properly. So, to do probably the most injury and acquire these juicy bonus injury numbers, the Graveborn will desire a bigger well being pool and boosts to Dark Magic injury. Look out for results like:

  • +X% Dark Magic Efficiency
  • +X% Maximum Health
  • Restores Health by way of Damage (Leech)


To maintain these darkish arts, the Graveborn wants a strategy to restore all that lacking well being. The best strategy to go about that is to make use of weapons with Leech. Leech will restore a participant’s well being by way of injury. It’s not essential to have all weapon slots use Leech, however one or two in case ammo turns into sparse is advisable.

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