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Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-simulator mixed with an adventure-based game that allows players to interact with characters and do relaxing activities like taking care of your house, cooking food, and much more! Our Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips guide will showcase 20+ tips that will help you get started! Make sure to read up on our Disney Dreamlight Valley Apple Pie guide!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips

  • Set up cloud save to access data on different gaming systems.
  • Experiment with cooking to unlock new recipes and immerse yourself in gameplay.
  • Make money by selling surplus food at Goofy’s stall at the farmer’s market.
  • Interact with neighbors to unlock story missions and increase friendship.
  • Give gifts to specific characters to increase friendship points.
  • Visit Scrooge’s store to purchase gifts and order customizable clothing and furniture items.
  • Dig for coal to sell for money and upgrade tools.
  • Collect items from the beach and sell them at the recycle shop.
  • Collect and sell rare bugs for money.

Setup Cloud Save 

Dreamlight Valley Cloudsave

The first thing that players should not miss out on will be setting their cloud save. Basically, what cloud saving entails is that they will be able to access their data should they switch consoles or gaming systems and will not have to worry about potentially losing out on any kind of personal in-game data. 

The easiest way to enable cloudsaving in Dreamlight Valley is to load up the main screen, and it will showcase five options for players. Those will range from “Continue”, “New Game”, Cloud Save, settings, Credits, and Exit. Click on Cloud Save, which will further guide you on how you can fully set up cloud saving!

Have Fun With Cooking

Dreamlight Valley Experimenting With Food
Experimenting With Food

Next up, if players have spent a solid few hours in the game, they will be quick to realize that cooking is one of the most crucial aspects of keeping themselves immersed in the lifestyle aspect of Dreamlight Valley. Not only is cooking done to enjoy the process, but it also helps players unlock newer recipes. 

While players are able to purchase and gain access to recipes through completing quests, it can also be possible to encounter new and hidden recipes by simply mixing random ingredients together and seeing what happens. Upon mixing newer recipes, players can unlock from a selection of 100 different recipes. 

Make Money From Goofy’s Stall 

Dreamlight Valley Goofy's Stall
Make Money From Goofy’s Stall

Moving on, one of the main things that players will also want to prioritize when they first start off with the game will be to earn money. Having an ample supply of money in your hand will grant you access to newer furniture, characters, housing, and, in general, an easier lifestyle, especially if you are a completionist and want to decorate your living space fully. 

The best way to earn some quick bucks at the start of the game will be to head over to the farmer’s market. Once you arrive there, you will be able to encounter a stall which has the famous character “Goofy” as the owner. You will be able to sell some of your surplus food to him in exchange for money. 

Interact With Neighbors 

Dreamlight Valley Interacting With Neighbors
Interacting With Neighbors

Another thing that you should really take into consideration is socializing with the neighbors that are present around town. Not only will it get you talking and out of the house, but it also helps immerse you in the gameplay even further. 

Furthermore, there are going to be certain story missions that players will need to complete if they want to progress fully in the game, and these can end up being locked unless you interact with your neighbors and exhaust their dialogues. 

Giving Gifts 

Dreamlight Valley Giving Gifts
Giving Gifts

Another important thing that players will need to do if they want to go further in the game is to understand their neighbors better. And what better way to do that than to give them gifts and increase up your friendship with them.

Typically when you interact with these characters every day, they will have a total of 3 specific items that they will want to receive. If you manage to go on a hunt and get these items and gift them to the specific characters, it will make them extremely happy and will grant you extra friendship points. 

Scrooge Duck’s Store 

Dreamlight Valley Scrooge's Store
Scrooge‘s Store

Moving on, if you manage to stumble into Scrooge’s store, you will be able to encounter that it is a gift shop whereby you can get items and gifts for yourself and other characters that will be roaming in the open world. 

Apart from selecting items from the already available roster in his shop, you are also able to get specific items on demand by interacting with Scrooge.

Once you interact with him, click on the option which says “I’d like to order some items,” and you will be able to order specific clothing or furniture items on demand that can be customized further.

Digging For Coal 

Dreamlight Valley Digging For Coal
Digging For Coal

Oftentimes, whenever you’re exploring the open-world map, you may encounter large clumps of rocks or tougher sand in the grassy areas. If you use a shovel or a pickaxe, you are able to start mining and digging deeper into these clumps of rocks. 

Digging the clumps will reward you with a certain amount of coal, and while it may seem like a throwaway item, one of the main aspects that are cooking will require coal in order to light up the stove and actually grant you food. For that reason alone, while you don’t need to spend hours farming coal, having some on hand is always a necessity. 

Item Spawn Region 

Dreamlight Valley Item Spawn Area
Item Spawn Area

Next up, let’s discuss a few basics regarding the item spawn regions. While you’re making food, crafting furniture, setting up and decorating your house, and interacting with other Disney characters, you might be able to notice a pattern. There will be certain items that only spawn in a certain area of the map, and once they have been picked, they will take a few hours to spawn again. 

The easiest way to find an item that you need for either cooking or crafting is to head over to your inventory. From there, whenever you click on an item in the menu, there will be an option called “Where to find it”, and it will highlight certain areas where you can find and farm the items. 

Biome Specific Items 

Dreamlight Valley Biome Exclusive Items
Biome Exclusive Items

While we’re on the topic of discussing materials that will be required for furniture making or crafting for your home, there will be certain items that will not be universally available to either purchase or farm in the open world. 

In essence, there are certain biomes that players can access as they are traversing the open world, and certain furniture or recipes will require items that you can only get from specific biomes, making it a necessity to unlock the specific biome to gain that recipe or furniture.

Neighbor Locations 

Dreamlight Valley Character Locations
Character Locations

Another thing that players should take note of is that when they are aiming to interact with other Disney characters that are either far off from their house locations or their neighbors, it is important that you know where they are located at all times. 

The reason that players might want to look into knowing the locations of their characters is simply so that if they want to hang out or want to request an item, they can do so easily. Another reason where you might want to know the exact locations will be to gift them the items they want and enhance your friendship further. 

Unlock Realms 

The next of the Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips for beginners will be that of unlocking the Realm Dimensions. One major thing that players will require in order to unlock realms will be to gain access to dream light, and only after that will they be able to unlock the actual Realm Dimensions. 

The dream lights can be gained after completing a certain set of challenges, and upon the launch of the game, there will be a total of realms that you can unlock. These realm missions should be tackled as quickly as possible if you want to progress faster and gain access to certain story missions. 

Realm Upgrades 

Dreamlight Valley Realm Upgrades
Realm Upgrades

Now that we are talking about realms in Dreamlight Valley, players should also keep in mind that alongside being able to unlock story missions by accessing and completing realm missions, there is another major thing that can only be unlocked through realms. 

Realms are able to grant certain upgrades; for example, whenever you are doing the realm mission with Moana, Maui will be able to grant you an upgrade to your pickaxe, and it will be able to break rocks that would typically be considered on the rougher end.

The rocks could drop more valuable items and gems that can be used in the future. 

Layering Furniture 

Dreamlight Valley Layering Furniture
Layering Furniture

Now, everyone is pretty well aware that one of the biggest aspects of Dreamlight Valley is making and upgrading your house. Alongside that, it also allows players to customize the way their home is decorated, make custom furniture sets, and just overall plan and configure their dream living space. 

Now, one thing that you might not know is that you can actually layer furniture items. A major example of this is a living room table, and on top of it, players can keep a PC or a laptop setup. This will further help players use their imagination to come up with newer and more creative ways to unlock setups and design elements. 

Improving Stamina 

Dreamlight Valley Improving Stamina
Improving Stamina

In Dreamlight Valley, an important aspect of taking on strenuous tasks will include of mining, doing the heavy lifting, farming, and much more. What many players don’t know is that the stamina system is crucial in order to farm faster and continue doing these mundane tasks for longer periods of time. 

The easiest way to increase your max stamina will be to level up. When you’re playing through the main story missions, you’ll naturally be able to level up and gain EXP. 

Refilling Stamina 

Dreamlight Valley Refilling Stamina
Refilling Stamina

While you’re aiming to level up your stamina, another important thing that players in Dreamlight Valley should not miss out on will be ensuring that their stamina says full at all times. While it may not be possible to have your stamina at max the entire time, it can be pretty easy to refill it up. 

By eating fruit, players will be able to gain back a certain amount of stamina, whereas if they manage to find their way back home, they’ll be able to regenerate the entirety of their stamina bar and reuse it again. 

Wishing Well 

Dreamlight Valley Wishing Well
Wishing Well

Next up, there will be something that is known as a Wishing Well. The overall world map in Dreamlight Valley is pretty large; therefore, attempting to make your way home by taking the long route can become extremely tedious and time-consuming, considering the sheer amounts of biomes there are in-game as well. 

For that reason, you can use wishing wells as a sort of teleport waypoint, and you can fast-travel to certain locations with the help of wishing wells. You will be able to easily also make your way home, allowing you to refill your stamina then further easily too. 

Overfilling Stamina Bar 

Dreamlight ValleyOverfilling Stamina
Overfilling Stamina

If there’s one thing that you might not know about the game and the stamina system is that you can get overfull your stamina bar. It’s quite common that you will end up running out of stamina when you’re farming and mining all day long for hours in order to get a quick buck or craft something valuable. 

Therefore, it might seem like a good idea to invest in overfilling your stamina bar. The easiest way to do so is to head over to your cooking pot and cook a high-level meal such as a Ratatouille meal that will grant you ample amounts of stamina and will allow you also to overfill your stamina past its max limit. 

Assign Roles To Friends 

Dreamlight Valley Assign Roles To Friends
Assign Roles To Friends

If you manage to find new companions and befriend them, alongside being able to grant them special gifts and also interacting with them, you’ll have another option to assign certain roles to them. 

There will be a total of five roles to choose from, and they will range as follows: Gardening, Fishing, Mining, Foraging, and Digging. Essentially, assigning these roles to your friends/companions will allow you to let them do the heavy work for you and share your workload, allowing you to progress faster in the game. 

Backpack Upgrades 

Dreamlight Valley Backpack Upgrades
Backpack Upgrades

Another important upgrade that you’ll want to invest in will be the backpack upgrade. In Dreamlight Valley, players will typically be encouraged to gain upgrades and be able to access several perks, and one of the main ones will be the upgrades for your backpack. 

Once you go into your inventory, you will have options that go like “Do you intend to buy the x Backpack,” and players will be able to purchase a new backpack with a certain amount of money. And it will expand your total inventory limit, allowing you to add items to your collection further and use them as required.

Build Mode

Another cool feature that Dreamlight Valley typically offers to players will be an accessible build mode for your furniture. Essentially, whenever you’re able to access the furniture menu, it will allow you to enter a customizable build mode. 

Whenever you enter the build mode, you will be able to use the drag and drop method to rearrange your entire town, pick up houses and move them anywhere on the map that you want. It opens up endless possibilities for customization and allows you to make your very own custom town with minimal effort. 

Check Mailbox 

Another tip that you should know at all times is to check your mailbox as often as you can. Your mailbox can offer up certain in-game items such as shards and much more. There is always a certain expiry limit to when you can actually claim the items; therefore, make sure not to miss out on the items and claim them in time. 

Apart from in-game items, the mailbox will also remind you of certain events or updates that might be taking place soon. Therefore, it’s important to keep updating your game and check your mail whenever you get the chance to. 

Launch Rewards 

While this isn’t really an advanced or even a beginner tip, for players that pre-ordered the game and downloaded it on launch day, they will be able to access certain rewards that players who start late won’t be able to access. 

Once you open your mail for the first time after logging into the game, you’ll be able to access a mail that is labeled “Welcome to Disney Dreamlight Valley,” and it will have a small message that will thank players for being one of the first players to download it. 

Alongside the small thank you note, there will be two small items that will be attached beneath the note, and they can be claimed by the player as starter items to get you going in a new game. With that all done, we will wrap up our Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips guide! While you’re at it, read up on our Disney Dreamlight Valley Mystical Cave Riddles guide!

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