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Best Companions for Caravans in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

Mount And Blade: Bannerlord is extra intricate than earlier installments with its caravans. Unlike earlier installments, the companions aren’t the identical in each playthrough. When selecting a companion to run caravans, it is vital to have a look at their names. Every companion has a randomized title of their title that signifies their talent ranges.

What companions do I select to guide Caravans?

You’re going to need to discover companions with these titles:

  • The Swift
    • Trade 80
    • Steward 80
    • Roguery 100
  • The Spicevendor

These titles point out their talent units are tailor-made to commerce and stewardship. Steward signifies how effectively they’ll lead and handle. Trade measures how effectively they’ll promote gadgets.

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Best perks for caravan leaders in Bannerlord

When you stage up your character and your clan members, you may give them perks. We have listed one of the best commerce abilities within the order that you must purchase them.

  • Whole Seller – Appraiser
    • Either alternative is sweet as a result of it provides you a 15% lower in promote value for gear or commerce items.
  • Caravan Master
    • Let’s the get together carry 30% extra weight, and merchandise costs are proven relative to the typical value.
  • Local Connection – Traveling Rumors
    • Either alternative is sweet as a result of it provides a 15% lower within the promote value penalty for animals or a 15% lower within the purchase value from villages.
  • Toll Gates
    • The relationship gained by resolving points with retailers is doubled. Every caravan getting into the city this character oversees generates 20 gold revenue.
  • Great Investor
    • Every worthwhile caravan provides one renown a day, and hiring companions is 30% cheaper.
  • Content Trades
    • Increased tariff revenue by 10%. The get together’s wage is decreased by 50% whereas ready in settlements.
  • Insurance Plans
    • Your caravans return 5,000 Gold when destroyed. This provides a 25% lower within the purchase value penalty for meals gadgets.
  • Granary Accountant  Tradeyard Foreman
    • Either perk is sweet. This provides a 20% lower within the promote value penalty for pottery, instruments, cotton, and jewellery, or a 20% lower within the promote value penalty for meals commerce items.
  • Sword for Barter
    • 15% decrease wage for caravan guard troops, and hiring mercenaries is 20% cheaper.
  • Silver Tongue
    • Negotiation for secure passage barter is 50% cheaper, and caravans and villagers provide 15% higher commerce offers.
  • Trickle Down
    • Gain one relationship level with service provider notables in case you purchase greater than 10,000 gold price of commerce items in a city. Your ruled city positive factors two prosperity factors per day so long as it’s constructing a challenge.
  • Everything has a value
    • You can now commerce settlements when bartering.

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