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In the beautiful and expansive universe of Starfield, choosing the best companion can make or break your cosmic adventures. While each companion boasts unique skills and tales, Sarah Morgan stands out as the best companion. Her blend of exploration prowess, combat expertise, and a compelling role in the game’s narrative elevates her above others, making her an unmatched ally in your space odyssey. Still, I have listed here 8 best companions in Starfield that you should always try to recruit first. 

Key Takeaways

  • Companions in Starfield significantly enhance the gameplay experience by diversifying strategies.
  • Each companion offers unique skills that cater to different playstyles and mission types.
  • Investing in the best companion in Starfield can maximize resource gathering, exploration, and combat efficiency.
  • Balancing companions based on mission requirements optimizes success rates.
  • Too much reliance on a single companion might limit the player’s experience of the Starfield’s full spectrum.
  • Ensuring a harmonious crew combination can affect ship morale and mission outcomes.
  • Strategic placement, whether in combat or outposts, maximizes each companion’s potential in Starfield.

Best Companion In Starfield

Here is an overview of the 8 best companion to have in Starfield, showcased along with the best features, and roles/expertise they offer you in the game:

Serial Number Name Best Feature(s) Role or Expertise
1 Sarah Morgan Versatility, Combat Prowess, Character Depth Astrodynamics, Botany, Laser weapons
2 Sam Coe Adept Pilot, Combat Excellence, Intriguing Backstory Piloting, Rifle Certification, Payloads, Geology
3 Andreja Stealth Prodigy, Ship Combat Expertise, Moral Flexibility Stealth, Particle Beams, Pickpocketing
4 Barrett Starship Maestro, Robotic Counter, Gourmet Craftsman Starship Engineering, Particle Beam Weapon Systems, Robotics
5 Marika Boros Combat Focus, Specialized Skills Ballistics, Shotgun Certification, Particle Beam Weapon Systems
6 Simeon Bankowski At A Distance Playstyle, Undisputed Combat Expertise Sniper Certification, Sharpshooting & Marksmanship
7 Ezekiel Affordable Expertise, Survivability First, Economical Exploration Energy Weapon Dissipation, Shield Systems, Scavenging
8 Rosie Tannehill Medical Mastery, Enhanced Durability, Financial Flexibility Medicine, Wellness

1. Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan
Sarah Morgan (picture credits: eXputer)

Sarah Morgan, the first companion you unlock in Starfield, offers unparalleled advantages. In comparison with Sam Coe, while he’s an excellent ranged fighter due to his Rifle Certification, Sarah’s broad skill set, rich backstory, and central role in Starfield’s narrative make her the best companion choice in Starfield. Here’s why she stands out:


Her skills cater to both exploration and combat. Her expertise in Astrodynamics extends jump drive ranges by 15%, allowing players to explore the galaxy’s vastness with ease. Coupled with her Botany skill, players can harvest valuable resources, cultivating a diverse range of flora at their outposts.

Combat Prowess

Sarah’s proficiency with Laser weapons makes her invaluable in combat scenarios. Even though laser weapons might be rare initially, having a companion who maximizes their potential can be a game-changer. Her background in Starfield as a former soldier ensures she is adept in battle, standing toe-to-toe with other companions like Sam Coe.

Character Depth

Beyond her skills, Sarah’s character is intricate. She’s central to Starfield’s narrative and is a familiar voice from the trailers. With a unique companion quest and a romance option, players can immerse themselves in her story, enriching their gameplay experience.


Her leadership skill ensures faster affinity gains with companions, making team synergy and collaboration smoother.

2. Sam Coe

Sam Coe
Sam Coe (picture credits: eXputer)

In comparison to other companions, Sam’s balanced skill set and rich personal history make him a valuable asset both in gameplay mechanics and narrative depth. When evaluating companions in Starfield, Sam Coe stands out distinctively, and here’s why:

Adept Pilot

In the vast expanse of space, having an efficient pilot is indispensable. With Sam’s expertise in Piloting, players benefit from increased ship maneuverability, ensuring quicker reactions to threats and efficient exploration. This trait alone can make your journeys in the cosmos a smoother experience.

Combat Excellence

For players who lean towards rifle gameplay, Sam’s Rifle Certification is a boon. Ensuring more damage per shot, he can effectively turn the tide in challenging combat scenarios, offering a strategic advantage.

Cargo And Resource Management

Sam’s skills in Payloads and Geology can transform your resource-gathering expeditions. His ability to expand ship cargo capacity ensures you carry more loot, and with his geology knowledge, mining becomes more fruitful, maximizing gains from planetary surfaces.

Intriguing Backstory

Beyond utility, Sam’s past with the Freestar Rangers and his dynamics with his daughter Cora adds depth to his character. Navigating his complex relations, especially avoiding the United Colonies, enriches the narrative experience.

Legacy Challenges

His desire to break free from his father’s shadow provides a compelling character motivation, adding layers to his interactions and quests.

3. Andreja

Andreja (picture credits: eXputer)

Considering her balanced skill set, mysterious persona, and moral flexibility, Andreja emerges as the best choice for a companion in Starfield for diverse gameplay experiences. Among the myriad of companions in Starfield, Andreja stands out, offering a unique blend of skills and personality. Here’s why:

Stealth Prodigy

For players who prefer the silent approach, Andreja is unmatched. Her ability to turn invisible when crouched ensures covert operations are seamless. The added stealth meter, coupled with amplified sneak attack damage from suppressed weapons, makes her indispensable for stealth-based strategies.

Ship Combat Expertise

In space, Andreja’s proficiency in Particle Beams and Energy Weapon Systems gives players a significant edge. She enhances ship particle beams and reduces costs in Targeting mode, optimizing space combat encounters.

Thievery Skills

In a game with myriad mission types, Andreja’s pickpocketing skill can prove invaluable. This unique ability allows players to approach scenarios differently, often bypassing confrontations or procuring key items discreetly.

Complex Character

Andreja isn’t just a bundle of skills; she’s a riddle within the Constellation. Her enigmatic nature and unparalleled self-reliance add depth to her character, making interactions and quests with her more intriguing.

Moral Flexibility

For players who sometimes take the less virtuous route, Andreja’s leniency towards “evil” actions provides freedom in decision-making without risking companion affinity.

4. Barrett

Barrett (picture credits: eXputer)

While individual playstyles and preferences dictate the best companion choice in Starfield, Barrett is undeniably a boon for players who prioritize their starship’s prowess and longevity. Barrett, despite being unlocked later, brings a unique charm to the table, especially for players focused on their starship’s efficiency and integrity. Here’s the rationale:

Starship Maestro

With Barrett’s expertise in Starship Engineering, all ship systems repair at an accelerated rate. This ensures that prolonged space expeditions and skirmishes leave a minimal lasting impact on your vessel, reducing downtime.

Weapon Systems Specialist

Leveraging his knowledge in Particle Beam Weapon Systems, Barrett enhances ship particle beams’ efficiency. The reduced cost in Targeting mode and amplified damage give players a distinct edge in space dogfights.

Robotic Counter

In a universe filled with mechanized threats, Barrett’s proficiency in Robotics is invaluable. Not only does he amplify damage against Robots and Turrets, but his unique ability to neutralize a higher-level robot temporarily can drastically change the outcome of battles.

Gourmet Craftsman

A touch of Barrett’s Gastronomy skill ensures players can craft specialty meals and beverages. This, in turn, might provide unique buffs or heal the player, adding another layer to gameplay strategies.

Versatile Adventurer

As an early encounter and a pivotal member of the Constellation team, Barrett’s engineering and mechanical aptitude ensures he remains relevant, especially for players focusing on ship-based gameplay.

5. Marika Boros

Marika Boros
Marika Boros (picture credits: eXputer)

For players seeking a combat-centric playstyle, Marika Boros is easily the best companion in Starfield that stands as a force to be reckoned with, offering unmatched combat prowess in both terrestrial and celestial skirmishes. In the expansive universe of Starfield, the threats are abundant. For players prioritizing raw combat strength, Marika Boros is an unparalleled asset. Here’s a breakdown:

Combat Focus

While other companions offer versatility, Marika is honed for battle. She brings a unique advantage in high-stakes combat situations, ensuring enemies both on land and in space are dealt with decisively.

Specialized Skills

  • Ballistics: With her advanced skill in Ballistics, Marika supercharges the potency of ballistic ship weapons, making space encounters lean in the player’s favor.
  • Shotgun Certification: On the ground, her expertise ensures shotguns deal significantly more damage, essential for close-quarters combat.
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems: Marika further bolsters the ship’s offensive capabilities, enhancing the damage and efficiency of particle beam weapons.

Accessible Early On

Found in Jemison’s Viewport, players can recruit Marika early in their journey, making challenging quests in the initial stages more manageable.

Negotiable Recruitment

Though her asking price is steep, adept players can leverage their persuasion skills to recruit her at a discounted rate, obtaining top-tier combat prowess without breaking the bank.

Focused Arsenal

While she might have fewer skills compared to other companions, Marika’s concentrated combat expertise ensures she’s invaluable during confrontations.

6. Simeon Bankowski

Simeon Bankowski
Simeon Bankowski (picture credits: eXputer)

Simeon Bankowski isn’t just another crew member; he’s a sniper aficionado, ensuring that in the vast expanse of Starfield, threats are neutralized before they even get close. If long-range engagements are your strategy, Simeon is the indisputable choice.

Navigating the galaxy, one comes across various challenges, and sometimes, the best offense is keeping a distance. This is where Simeon Bankowski, the master of long-range warfare, shines brightly in Starfield.

At A Distance Playstyle

Simeon’s entire skillset is crafted for those who prefer surgical precision from afar.

  • Sniper Certification: Scoped weapons under Simeon’s expertise become incredibly stable, reducing sway and improving accuracy. This is invaluable for players who prioritize sniper gameplay.
  • Sharpshooting & Marksmanship: These skills enhance damage output, ensuring enemies are dispatched efficiently. With a 50% increase in headshot critical damage and a heightened critical hit chance, Simeon’s marksmanship is unparalleled.

Immediate Asset

One can recruit Simeon early in their journey, making him an invaluable asset in early-game sniper engagements.

Undisputed Combat Expertise

While some companions offer versatility, Simeon’s combat-focused abilities make him the definitive choice for clearing enemy outposts and embarking on combat-heavy quests.

Negotiable Recruitment

Despite his high initial fee, savvy players can utilize persuasion boosts to negotiate and cut their asking price, obtaining an elite sniper companion without a hefty investment.

7. Ezekiel

For those prioritizing survival and economic proficiency, Ezekiel is the go-to choice & the best companion in Starfield. His combination of defensive capabilities and treasure-hunting skills ensures a well-rounded, protective, and prosperous journey through Starfield. When exploring the vast universe of Starfield, having a companion who prioritizes survival and economic efficiency is invaluable. Enter Ezekiel, a standout choice for adventurers looking for just that.

Affordable Expertise

Unlike Simeon, recruiting Ezekiel won’t drain your wallet. In fact, he’s free! This financial leniency means players can utilize their credits elsewhere, enhancing their overall experience.

Survivability First

Ezekiel’s skills are tailored to keep players alive and thriving.

  • Energy Weapon Dissipation: With a remarkable ability to reduce energy damage, Ezekiel ensures encounters with foes wielding energy weapons are far less threatening.
  • Shield Systems: As space encounters can turn deadly, an increased ship shield capacity is a boon, offering players a buffer against potential space threats.

Economical Exploration

Adventuring can be costly. Ezekiel’s Scavenging skill is a solution to this. There’s a chance of finding extra credits when searching containers, optimizing the player’s financial gains, and ensuring they’re always equipped.

A Genuine Explorer

Beyond his skills, Ezekiel’s character embodies the essence of an explorer. His infectious love for traveling makes him a delightful companion on long journeys.

8. Rosie Tannehill

Rosie Tannehill
Rosie Tannehill (picture credits: eXputer)

Rosie Tannehill is not just a companion; she’s your lifeline. Her unparalleled medical expertise and wellness enhancement make every Starfield mission a more viable and survivable endeavor. When traversing the treacherous terrains and battling formidable foes in Starfield, the importance of survivability cannot be stressed enough. Rosie Tannehill shines brilliantly in this aspect, making her an indispensable ally.

Medical Mastery

Rosie’s proficiency in Medicine is an absolute game-changer. The 10% faster restoration of HP from Med Packs, Trauma Packs, and Emergency Kits can be the pivotal difference between life and death during tense situations. Whether you’re on a combat mission or exploring hazardous environments, rapid health restoration is vital.

Enhanced Durability

Rosie’s Wellness skill elevates the difficulty in the Starfield threshold by a notch. An impressive 30% increase in max health allows players to face challenges head-on, providing a significant cushion against unexpected threats.

Financial Flexibility

While Rosie’s expertise is invaluable, players can haggle to recruit her at a bargain. Successfully persuading Rosie cuts the recruitment cost in half, granting you access to her exceptional skills at a fraction of the price.

Strategic Placement

Whether accompanying you into the heat of battle or stationed at outposts, Rosie’s health-enhancing skills guarantee optimized performance and longevity.

To sum it up, navigating Starfield’s expansive cosmos demands a reliable ally. While each companion offers distinct advantages tailored to individual playstyles, Sarah Morgan consistently emerges as the frontrunner. Her multifaceted skillset, combat acumen, and central narrative role cement her position as the optimal choice for a well-rounded Starfield journey.


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