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Best Clawbringer Build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands lets gamers deliver some severe warmth and thunder with its Clawbringer. But how finest ought to gamers make the most of this tank-like class?

What is the Best Clawbringer Build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?


While a completely leveled Clawbringer can have entry to all traits and perks within the expertise tree, there are a number of we suggest grabbing first to make the leveling expertise extra gratifying. They are Oath of Thunder, Dedication, Rebuke, Storm Breath, and Awe.

While there are two Action Skills out there, we suggest deciding on Storm Dragon’s Judgement because it pairs with choose spells and weapons nicely.

  • Cleansing Flames: The Fatemaker summons their hammer and slams it into the bottom, dealing melee injury and creating an enormous hearth nova, dealing hearth means injury to close by enemies.
  • Storm Dragon’s Judgement: The Fatemaker summons their hammer and hurls it, dealing lightning melee injury to all enemies it touches. It sticks wherever it lands and offers lightning means injury each second to all close by enemies. Pressing the Action Skill button remembers the hammer, damaging enemies alongside its path, ending the Action Skill early, and refunding a portion of the cooldown.

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Gear & Enchantments

The theme of this construct is turning into the God of Thunder, Thor. So something that reduces that Action Skill cooldown and buffs Lightning injury is vital. Otherwise, hold a watch out for enhancements like:

  • +[X]% Ability Critical Hit Chance
  • +[X]% Melee Critical Hit Damage
  • +[X]% Companion Critical Chance
  • +[X]% Status Effect Damage


There’s no onerous or quick rule that involves what weapons to make use of for this construct. Use what feels finest to you, however we do suggest equipping a gnarly hammer to really reside out that Thor fantasy.

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