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Best 1.18 Minecraft Village Seeds (April 2022)

Our Minecraft Village Seeds put up consists of some nice world choices with close by villages which you could start your subsequent world on! These are for each Bedrock and Java, so it’s best to be capable of discover one thing you want on any platform. Villages could make your recreation rather a lot simpler by supplying you with a spot to begin out and commerce!

The Shortlist

  • Java
    • Village Bonanza: -4043078723174909697
    • The Village and Pillage Divide: -8019584034730892087
    • Civilizations Five and Six: 2019763973
    • The Northern Frontier: 8027300948549384115
    • Village Mountain: 292038360
  • Bedrock
    • The Mountain Lair: 1090899386
    • Mountain Faceoff: 8624896
    • Hm.: 969325560
    • Flower Children: 944710140
    • Spelunker’s Delight: 1219235093

1.18 Java Seeds

Village Bonanza

Sometimes, you simply do not need to be lonely. And generally, which means you want a Minecraft seed with an extreme quantity of villages out there so that you can stroll to whenever you first spawn. This is the seed for these conditions. The villages are unfold out evenly and never clustered collectively like in a variety of Minecraft seeds. This gives you with ample alternative for journey with out having to fret about lengthy stretches of isolation when you discover. There are over 20 villages to find inside 2k blocks of spawn! Think yow will discover all of them?

  • Key Locations
    • Village: -400 176
    • Village: 400 272
    • Village: 800 176
    • Village: 64 720
    • Pillager Outpost: 32 -496

The Village and Pillage Divide

Code: -8019584034730892087

When you begin this seed, you end up close to a mountain that runs between a Village and a Pillager Outpost, each inside a 300-block radius. This alone makes it a uncommon seed, however you might also be excited to know that there are a complete of eight Villages and 4 Pillager Outposts inside a 1,000-block radius of Spawn. Clearly, there may be some type of battle for land management occurring. Which facet will you’re taking?

  • Key Locations
    • Village #1: 224 272
    • Village #2: -176 -544
    • Village #3: -528 208
    • Village #4: 592 608
    • Village #5: 848 144
    • Village #6: 720 -272
    • Village #7: -272 -960
    • Village #8: -976 -208
    • Pillager Outpost #1: 240 -160
    • Pillager Outpost #2: -672 608
    • Pillager Outpost #3: -496 -512
    • Pillager Outpost #4: 176 -816

Civilization Five and Six

Seed: 2019763973

This seed works as each a Java seed and a Bedrock seed. In the Java seed, you spawn inside 1000 blocks of 5 villages, and within the Bedrock model, you spawn inside 1000 blocks of six villages! Brooding over the villages and undoubtedly getting ready for an assault is a Pillager Outpost. Further out in the wrong way of the Villages is a big snowy biome with dozens of Igloos and a number of other different Villages!

  • Key Locations
    • Village #1: 192 80
    • Village #2: -305 272
    • Village #3: -368 -160
    • Village #4: -816 -144
    • Village #5: -944 192
    • Pillager Outpost: -1216 352
    • Ice Biome: East (Positive X)

The Northern Frontier

Seed: 8027300948549384115

You spawn close to three villages on this seed, however we’re targeted the clearly rivalry between the 2 proven within the picture. You have the choice of taking the facet of the mountain individuals, nestled in a hoop of mountains and nicely protected, or the village outdoors of the ring. Or, who is aware of, possibly you may be a part of the third village that we do not even have proven!

  • Key Locations
    • Village #1: 56 -136
    • Village #2: -248 -168
    • Village #3: -424 120
    • Igloo: -152 24
    • Nether Portal: -440 -280

Village Mountain

Seed: 292038360

It could also be laborious to see, however three villages are surrounding the mountain within the picture above. The better part? You spawn on that mountain! This seed is an excellent choice to make use of in the event you’re simply beginning 1.18 and need to have a slight benefit whereas exploring the unimaginable new world era. You can both use this as a place to begin or reign over your village residents under and construct an enormous fortress on the mountain.

  • Key Locations
    • Spawn: 98 110 -139
    • Village #1: -15 100 -15
    • Village #2: -180 70 110
    • Village #3: -168 71 -150

1.18 Bedrock Seeds

The Mountain Lair

If you all the time wished to be the villain or a part of the unsuspecting village, right here is your likelihood. This seed spawns you close to two villages and an outpost. One village generates on prime of hollowed out mountain, which is the proper setup for an underground lair. Perhaps this can be a plot from the close by Outpost to destroy the city? Regardless of the story you make of it, that is actually a fantastic seed with loads of buildings and wondrous views out there to you proper at the beginning!

  • Key Locations
    • Mountain Village: 280 296
    • Pillager Outpost: 424 520
    • Village: 328 584
    • Ocean Monument: -328 -488
    • Shipwreck: 152 -232
    • Shipwreck: -152 -200

Mountain Faceoff

Seed: 8624896

This seed began off as one among 1.18’s greatest seeds, and it continues to carry that title. You spawn subsequent to a fantastic ring of mountains and inside strolling distance of two mountainside villages. Not too distant are two ominous Pillager Outposts, able to trigger hassle. Is this seed a battle for management of the mountain between good and evil?

  • Key Locations
    • Village: -216 -264
    • Village: 232 232
    • Pillager Outpost: -584 296
    • Pillager Outpost: 200 536
    • Ruined Portal: -280 40


Seed: 969325560

Is a conspiracy afoot? Have Villagers made peace with Pillagers on this world? No. Neither of these. The world era mechanics merely frowned upon this near-spawn village and positioned a Pillager Outpost proper within the middle. Do you suppose you possibly can collect sufficient tools and set up safety for the Villagers inside the first jiffy of creation? Or will the Pillagers wipe out the Villagers and power you to rebuild from scratch?

  • Key Locations
    • Village w/ Outpost: 232 248
    • Nether Portal: 88 344
    • Desert Temple #1: 648 72
    • Desert Temple #2: -264 584
    • Village: 216 792

Flower Children

Seed: 944710140

If you like flower villages, that is the proper map. There are three flower villages (Villages that generate in Flower Fields biomes) not far off from spawn on this seed. Try out this seed in the event you benefit from the calm, peaceable ambiance of Minecraft and need entry to a head begin in your survival world. Don’t neglect cease and odor the roses!

  • Key Locations
    • Flower Village #1: -504 -456
    • Flower Village #1: 152 -456
    • Flower Village #1: 328 -1352
    • Nether Portal: -248 -424
    • Igloo w/ Basement: -344 -888

Spelunker’s Delight

Seed: 1219235093

Whether you need to go underground in a cave, or underground to the Nether, that is the proper map for you. You spawn close to a Portal Village with a large open Lush Cave system close by. This implies that all of the shinies and valuables are yours for the taking or buying and selling, even those within the Nether. Alternatively, you possibly can all the time go to one of many different two villages that you just spawn close to!

  • Key Locations
    • Village #1: 228 -288
    • Lush Cave: 305 -420
    • Village #2: 232 104
    • Village #3: -264 120
    • Ruins Cluster: 24 -296

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