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Bayonetta 3 Wastes Viola’s Potential

In Bayonetta 3, a new character, Viola, is introduced without any context. Combined with a difficult moveset, the character never quite shines.

A new chapter unfolds in bayonet 3the newest entry in the franchise since bayonet 2 released in 2014. The game brings some familiar faces, including some from the first Bayonetta. Some new characters are also introduced, including another protagonist, the Umbran witch-in-training, Viola.

While Bayonetta and her various demons remain the main attraction of bayonet 3, Viola takes over from time to time in certain chapters. Her role in the game was more of a mystery prior to the game’s release until a trailer revealed her character just a few months prior. While she is uniquely designed, her character leaves a lot to be desired. Essentially, Viola’s potential as a new fan-favorite character is largely unfulfilled.

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Bayonetta 3 Provides No Context For Viola’s Character


bayonet 3 it opens up quite differently than any game before it, quickly establishing the multiverse and the different versions of Bayonetta that exist within it. Viola watches as the original Bayonetta dies and then teleports to the current Bayonetta’s timeline. While this works in setting up the plot, Viola lacks development because there is no context for her relationships to the other versions of Bayonetta. In fact, Bayonetta is too trustworthy and seems to accept Viola’s framing of the situation with the homunculi from the start. Without any prior development, Viola’s initial inclusion in the plot leaves the player feeling detached from the character.

Viola’s move set can be quite difficult to master

Viola fighting in Bayonetta 3

Hardcore Bayonetta fans are used to Cherry’s moveset of X-hitting, A-kicking, and ZR-dodging to trigger witch time. When Viola becomes playable, players quickly learn how different Viola’s moveset is and may experience difficulty adjusting to it. The Y button becomes more present in her combos, and parrying with R not only changes the way Witch Time activates, but significantly shortens the window for Witch Time to activate. The inclusion of Viola adds more diversity to the game, but her moveset can seem daunting to players, especially having to learn the movesets for a new roster of demons at Bayonetta’s disposal.

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Other Bayonetta 3 characters like Jeanne outshine Viola

Other characters

Introducing the new protagonist Viola, bayonet 3 it also features returning faces, including Rodin, Luka, and Enzo. Umbra’s fellow witch, Jeanne, even gets her own minigame in which she infiltrates a secret laboratory. Since her moveset is so similar to Bayonetta’s, it would make more sense to give Jeanne more chapters in the main story, since fans of her already know her. Fans have an attachment to Jeanne, especially since she was saved by Bayonetta in bayonet 2. PlatinumGames should have made Jeanne a supporting character in the main plot due to her already established history and her popularity among the fanbase. The fact that Viola appears more than her is confusing and the comparison between the two does Viola no favors.

On the one hand, bayonet 3 is a celebration of the franchise that reflects the history of the series. In addition to including returning characters, the game features new playables with their own unique move sets. Viola is among the new characters introduced and while she has a unique design, the character aspects of her leave a lot to be desired.

Not only is there no context for Viola’s relationship with Bayonetta, but Bayonetta seems to be on board with her plans despite this lack of information. Viola’s new playstyle can be difficult to master, and it’s questionable why she’s included in the main story about Jeanne. bayonet 3Viola’s ending cements Viola’s presence in the series, so fans will have to wait and see how her new role in the franchise plays out.

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