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Batman and Lex Luthor Reveal What They Really Think of Each Other

Caught in the middle of a deadly trap, the Dark Knight and Lex Luthor share their own version of a truthful, intimate moment in Batman: Fortress #7.

Batman and Lex Luthor finally reveal how much they hate each other in batman: fortress #7.

As they explore the far reaches of Superman’s submerged Fortress of Solitude, which now resides in the Mariana Trench, the deepest point on Earth, the pair walk through multiple death traps. One of the traps confines them to a room with a slowly rising water level, and as the pair become more and more convinced that they are about to die, Lex looks at Batman and tells him that he has always hated the Knight. of the night. Never one to be outdone, Batman responds with equal virulence.

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Batman and Lex Luthor reiterate how much they hate each other

batman: fortress takes place in an alternate continuity where aliens with a grudge against Krypton and Superman have invaded Earth. With Superman nowhere to be found and the Justice League defeated or imprisoned, Batman takes the lead in fighting the aliens, but is forced to ally with Lex Luthor, the President of the United States.

After assembling as many ragtag heroes as they can find, including Aqualad, Emiko Queen, and a prankster Green Lantern rodent named D’ayl, Batman and Lex venture into the Fortress of Solitude, hoping to discover Kryptonian technology that might help them. to defeat the aliens. There, they face Superman’s death traps to keep intruders out, and after Batman and Lex express their hatred for each other, Aqualad saves them from a watery doom.

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Batman and Lex Luthor’s relationship

While Lex Luthor is primarily known as Superman’s greatest villain, he has gone up against Batman on a number of occasions. Their relationship is best defined as one that alternates between grudging respect, with Lex acknowledging that Batman is a human among godlike superheroes, and outright hatred.

Perhaps Batman’s greatest conflict with Lex occurred during the late ’90s “No Man’s Land” storyline, after an earthquake decimated Gotham City and turned it into a separate war zone from the rest of the US. ., Luthor seized control of the rubble, rebuilt the city, and used the goodwill he fostered to run for president. Batman never trusted Luthor’s ambitions, and Lex turned to his criminal ways in superman/batman‘s “Public Enemies” story arc, which revealed that he had used his presidential powers to obtain weapons from Apokolips.

batman: fortress Issue #7 is written by Greg Whitta, illustrated by Darick Robertson, colored by Diego Rodríguez, with lettering by Simon Bowland, and features a main cover by Robertson & Rodríguez and a variant cover by Jorge Molina. The number is on sale now from DC.

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