Baldur’s Gate 3: Who Is Slack Skinned Head?



Slack-Skinned Head Baldur’s Gate 3 is a Zerai warrior who fought against the mind flayers, known as Ghaik, using powerful psionic abilities. However, her people were ultimately destroyed by the Illithids, who kept Slack-Skinned Head alive as a trophy.

Key Takeaways

  • Slack-Skinned Head is the sole surviving Zerai in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • Having her mind entirely erased is the only chance Slack-Skinned Head sees for potential freedom in death.
  • Slack-Skinned Head proposes erasing her mind completely in exchange for powerful psionic abilities, including Githzerai Mind Barrier in BG3.
  • Players can find this NPC atop a pedestal inside the Mind Flayer Colony’s Necrotic Laboratory during Act 2. 

Who Is Slack Skinned Head In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Slack Skinned head slack skinned head bg3
Slack Skinned Head (Image Credits: eXputer)

If you speak to Slack-Skinned Head in the Mind-Archive Interface room using the Waking Mind item, she will reveal these tragic details of her past. The NPC will then offer you a difficult choice – she proposes that if you use your tadpole’s abilities to purge her mind completely, you will gain access to her impressive psionic powers, including Githzerai Mind Barrier, Psionic Mastery, Mind Link, and Chaos Influence.

  1. While accepting would grant you these new skills, it would also result in her death.
  2. As a Githzerai with a personal vendetta against the Illithids, Slack-Skinned Head represents an intriguing moral dilemma for the player that could significantly impact the overarching story.
  3. Her presence highlights the conflict with the sinister mind flayers and provides opportunities to steer the narrative moving forward.

The Tragic Tale Of Slack-Skinned Head 

Slack-Skinned Head is the last living member of the Zerai, a people possessed of formidable psionic abilities who were utterly defeated and destroyed by the mind flayers known as the Ghaik. After her people were annihilated, Slack-Skinned Head was kept alive by the Ghaik as a prisoner and trophy of their total victory over the Zerai. She longs to return to Limbo, the chaotic realm of pure thought that the Zerai called home.

  1. But trapped by the Ghaik in their stronghold, Slack-Skinned Head is now the sole remnant of a vanished race.
  2. With her people gone and held captive by her mortal enemies, Slack-Skinned Head sees having her mind and existence completely erased as the only path back to Limbo and, thus, her only chance at freedom.
  3. The opportunity she presents the player to wipe her mind using the tadpole’s powers represents a desperate gambit to escape her captors in the only way she can conceive – through total oblivion.

What Offer Does She Make?

Githzerai Mind Barrier slack skinned head bg3
Githzerai Mind Barrier (Image Credits: eXputer)

Slack-Skinned Head presents the player with a difficult moral proposition – she suggests using your tadpole’s powers to erase her mind and existence completely. In exchange for annihilating her sense of self, Slack-Skinned Head promises to impart some of her powerful psionic abilities to you, including unmatched skills like Githzerai Mind Barrier, Psionic Mastery, Mind Link, and Chaos Influence.

  1. When questioned about just freeing her instead, Slack-Skinned Head claims only the destruction of her mind can potentially return her to her people in death or let her reconnect with Limbo.
  2. This offer requires contemplating the ethical dilemma of essentially ending her life in order to absorb her mental gifts.
  3. Accepting this bargain grants new powers but eliminates Slack-Skinned Head, while rejecting it retains her life but forgoes the opportunity to gain abilities.

This is it from my side! I hope now you know everything you need to know about the mystery character Slack Skinned Head Baldur’s Gate 3. Feel free to check out our take on BEST Skills and BG3: The BEST Party Compositions.

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