Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Side With Glut Or Spaw?



Your journey in the depths of Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled with intricate decisions, and one such pivotal choice you face is whether to side with the Myconid leader Glut or Spaw. As you delve into the Underdark’s depths, this crossroads demands you to align with Sovereign Glut, the renegade power-seeker, or to stand by Sovereign Spaw, the established leader. The outcome of your choice not only shapes the destinies of these mushroom beings but also intricately weaves into your own narrative within this realm.

Key Takeaways

  • A pivotal choice arises between Myconid leaders Glut and Spaw in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Underdark.
  • Glut aims for power; Spaw is the established leader with opposing ideologies.
  • The Duergar incursion tests Glut’s and Spaw’s stances, influencing your bonds in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • Tasks from Glut and Spaw shape the Myconid Colony’s destiny and your allegiance.
  • Decide to aid Glut’s ambition or preserve Spaw’s stability.
  • Aligning with Glut or Spaw in BG3 reflects character values and influences narrative unity.

Who Are Glut & Spaw In Baldur’s Gate 3?

In the heart of the Underdark, players are confronted with a significant choice: whether to support Baldur’s Gate 3 Glut or Spaw. Glut, an ambitious mushroom sovereign, aspires to overthrow the current leadership. On the other hand, Spaw embodies the steady hand guiding the Myconid Colony.

Baldur's Gate 3 Glut or Spaw Underdark
Underdark (Image Credits: eXputer)

This decision thrusts players into an ethical quandary, requiring them to comprehend the complex interplay between these sentient fungal creatures and steer the colony towards a chosen fate.

Location And Background

Before starting, it’s important to learn about the narrative and location of Glut and Spaw in BG3. Your call on their differences steers Underdark’s path, so it’s better to gain some insight beforehand. After that, these tidbits of information could ultimately help you uncover whose morals align with your own.


Found on the lower road within the colony, Glut is an aspiring sovereign seeking change. Engaging in conversation with Glut offers insights into his motives and envisioned possibilities.

Baldur's Gate 3 Glut or Spaw Glut Sovereign
Glut Sovereign (Image Credits: eXputer)


Positioned at higher elevations, Spaw is the reigning ruler responsible for maintaining peace and order. Engaging with Spaw reveals his commitment to preserving the status quo.

Baldur's Gate 3 Glut or Spaw Spaw Sovereign
Spaw Sovereign (Image Credits: eXputer)

Engaging in conversations with Glut and Spaw uncovers their histories and perspectives. As you immerse yourself in their narratives, a deeper comprehension of the underlying dynamics unfolds, ultimately guiding your choice in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Duergar Threat

The Duergar incursion in BG3 marks a turning point, testing the resolve of Glut and Spaw while forging your bonds with them. This external menace alters the trajectory of events.

Dealing With The Duergar Invasion

  • As the Duergar encroach upon the Myconid Colony, its delicate equilibrium is disrupted, compelling the inhabitants to seek aid in defending their homes.
  • Your approach to this crisis significantly influences your standing with Glut and Spaw, shaping your subsequent decisions.

Tasks Assigned By Glut & Spaw

  • Glut’s Request: Driven by his aspiration for power, Glut proposes a task that aligns with his ambitions, where he urges you to eliminate the Duergar, a move that could bolster his claims and provoke change.
  • Spaw’s Directive: In contrast, Spaw seeks assistance in maintaining the existing order. He entrusts you with the mission of confronting the Duergar threat while upholding the colony’s stability.

Deciding The Future

This momentous decision compels players to shape the Myconid Colony’s destiny and influence these sentient beings’ fate.

Baldur's Gate 3 Glut or Spaw Decide The Future
Decide The Future (Image Credits: eXputer)
  1. After fulfilling Glut’s task, players are faced with a choice. Glut seeks your assistance in dethroning Spaw and seizing control. Supporting Glut could bring about change but also jeopardize stability.
  2. Alternatively, aligning with Spaw preserves harmony and tradition. This choice safeguards stability and reflects loyalty to the colony’s values and way of life.

Battle Strategies

Strategic considerations take precedence as you prepare for the decisive battle against Sovereign Glut or Spaw.

Baldur's Gate 3 Glut or Spaw Battle With Spaw
Battle With Spaw (Image Credits: eXputer)

Tactics For Fighting Sovereigns

  • Engaging in combat against the chosen sovereign demands understanding their abilities and combat styles.
    • Sovereign Glut’s unique abilities, including Timmask Spores and Bibberbang Spores, require adaptation to his toxic emissions and bewildering tactics.
    • Sovereign Spaw’s combat prowess stems from his leadership role, influencing allies and potentially granting unique advantages in the battle.

Preparing For The Decisive Encounter

  • Before the confrontation, ensure your party is well-equipped with appropriate gear, spells, and consumables to maximize your combat potential.
  • Assess your party’s strengths and weaknesses to formulate a strategy that complements your playstyle and party composition.
  • Consider how each companion’s abilities can synergize effectively during the battle.

Rewards And Repercussions

Delve into the aftermath of your decision and its impact on quests, characters, and the Myconid Colony.

Outcomes Of Siding With Glut Or Spaw

  1. Siding With Glut: Opting for Glut’s quest for power leads to a substantial shift in the Myconid Colony. The colony becomes more hostile, with Glut remaining the only friendly face, showcasing the extent of the transformation.
  2. Siding With Spaw: Selecting Spaw’s guidance preserves the tranquility and collaborative spirit of the colony. Its residents continue to flourish within their established harmony.

Impact On Quests, NPCs, And The Colony

  • Glut’s Influence: Choosing Glut will require fighting all NPCs in the colony. You’ll miss quests, interactions, and merchants. For instance, Thrinn’s boots, Nere’s head, the mushroom picker, Omeluum’s cure, and finding Omeluum. Glut just calls you King Maker. The trouble likely outweighs the reward.
  • Spaw’s Stewardship: Choosing Spaw’s leadership ensures the ongoing availability of quests and interactions within the Myconid Colony, upholding the established order.

Character Dynamics

Observe the diverse reactions from your companions based on your choice between Glut and Spaw.

Baldur's Gate 3 Glut or Spaw Companions Reaction
Companions Reaction (Image Credits: eXputer)

Companion Responses

  • Astarion’s Approval: Aligning with Glut garners Astarion’s favor, reflecting his affinity for power-seeking and darker paths.
  • Karlach’s Empathy: Choosing Spaw earns Karlach’s approval, resonating with her commitment to harmony and empathetic leadership.
  • Lae’zel’s Stance: Opting for Spaw aligns with Lae’zel’s views while siding with Glut evokes her disapproval due to her warrior spirit’s alignment with specific leadership ideals.

Aligning With Your Character’s Values

  • Intrinsic Values: Your decision, whether Baldur’s Gate 3 Glut or Spaw, reflects your character’s intrinsic values, echoing their readiness for change or their commitment to equilibrium.
  • Narrative Unity: The seamless integration of your choice with your character’s identity immerses you in a dynamic narrative that echoes your decisions and the essence of your chosen path.

The journey unravels a tapestry of connection and continuity, forging a narrative that’s as unique as your character’s essence.

And so, your adventure within BG3, whether you choose Glut or Spaw, arrives at its inevitable ending. The significant choice between Baldur’s Gate 3 Glut or Spaw is intricately connected with destinies and stories, resulting in a distinct tapestry reflecting your character’s core. Before you leave, kindly spare a moment to check out our guides about Who Is Guardian and The Dark Urge. They are definitely worth your attention!

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