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Dragon Unsure BG 3 There is a powerful dragon and a boss enemy that the player must defeat. It is located in the Dragon’s Sanctum, accessible via The Wyrmway beneath the Wyrm’s Rock. However, once you get to Unsur, defeating him is another challenge entirely as the dragon has a large pool of health. 400-600+ HP!

Key takeaways

  • Ansur BG3 is a dragon boss enemy that must be defeated in the Dragon’s Sanctum while passing through the Wyrmway under Wyrm’s Rock.
  • to save Duke Ravengard In BG3 access to Insur becomes more difficult.
  • If the Ravenguard is spared, use the Gaseous Form spell to get through the pipes to Insur.
  • Ansur has high health and uses devastating. electricity attacks, so use ranged attacks on him to avoid attacks of opportunity in melee.
  • The cast The world of invincibility To save from the Stormheart Nova blast.
  • Stun insure during Nova Cast to achieve a crash landing.
  • Dispel Lightning Charges Insur absorbs the power of lightning strikes to limit them.
  • Defeating Unsur requires persistence and focus to reduce his health.
  • Ensur BG3 loot includes Giant’s Lair of Balduran and Helm of Balduran.

What is Insure in BG3?

    BG 3 Insur

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you will eventually need to find and confront the dragon Ansur as part of The Blade of Frontier’s questline. If you rescue Duke Ravengard first, he will inform Vail that Unsor’s power can be used to protect Baldur’s Gate and that the dragon is hiding in the caves beneath the city.

Before searching for Insur, make sure you Party Be well prepared, for Ansur will show no mercy. When you feel ready, search under Baldur’s Gate to find Unsor’s lair. You will need to defeat strong dragons in combat to advance the Blade of Frontier quest. Among the rewards, you will get Balduran’s Helm And Balduran’s Giantslayer!

Location of Dragon Ensur

Wyrm's Rock Fortress Ansur BG3 ZaFrostPet
Worm’s Rock Fortress

The legendary dragon Ansor can be defeated in BG3, but only after completing the important initial tasks. First, you have to solve the puzzle I present Legend of Ansur book, which provides the signal to open the dragon’s harem. Additionally, you need to clear all the puzzle challenges in the Wyrmway Dungeon.

These include puzzles in the Chamber of Justice, Chamber of Insight, Chamber of Strategy, and Chamber of Courage. Solving each puzzle will grant access to the next challenge. Once you’ve completed all of these trials, travel to the Dragon’s Sanctum Chamber to confront Unsur.

Here’s how you can find Ansur by following these steps:

  1. To find the Dragon Unsure, you must access the Dragon’s Sanctum located behind The Wyrmway under Wyrm’s Rock.
  2. It may be difficult to get an entry if you have already reserved. Duke RavengardBecause that would make the entire Wyrm’s Rock fortress hostile.
  3. The best way is to enter Wyrm’s Rock through the open south door and carefully jump over the edge of the cliff face to reach the beach below.
  4. Here you will find one. Pipe Which can take you straight to the Wormway, and allows access to the Sanctum.
  5. However, you “gaseous form” Spell to use pipe.
  6. If you haven’t secured Ravengard yet, you can also access The Wyrmway through the prison in the northwest corner of Wyrm’s Rock by entering the Iron Gates.
  7. Either way, going through the Wyrmway is the only way to finally reach the Dragon Sanctuary, where Unsor is hiding.

Proper preparation and judicious use Mantra Like “Gas Form” are the keys to finding and reaching Ansur.

How to defeat Ansur?

Globe of Invulnerability Insur BG3
Globe of Invincibility

Ansur has a huge health pool. 400 hit points and is at level 17, indicating its tremendous power. Joining the unsur are an array of water-based enemies such as myrmidons and elementals. Ansur is a formidable enemy that will test your party. skill and preparation. Defeating the Ansar is easier said than done!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you defeat Ansur:

  1. Fighting the Dragon Insur is a major task that requires careful preparation and strategy.
  2. When the battle begins, Ansur will be supported by two menaces. The Water Myrmidon.
  3. Focus on fire to take out the Unsur quickly before attacking them.
  4. Use ranged and area-of-effect attacks instead of melee attacks to avoid his chance attacks.
  5. Ansur will gather strength for his destruction. Stormheart NovaSignaling with a hover.
  6. When Stormheart is Nova, cast Globe of Invulnerability to protect the party from the incoming blast.
  7. Bring it like a magician The wind Crowd control spells stun Unsor, disrupt and gain collective power. “Crash Landing” Success.
  8. Space party members widely across the field to minimize lightning strikes.
  9. Dispel any electrical charge that Ansur absorbs to prevent his attacks from strengthening.

With persistence and truth MantraAnsur would eventually fall after a fierce battle.

All of Ansur’s attacks

Fly Attack Insure BG3
Fly attack

The table below summarizes all of Unsure BG3’s attacks:

attack The effect
Multi attack Hits multiple melees in one turn.
to fly Flies to a new position, prey can knock down targets.
Criticism An AOE slam attack that knocks down prone targets.
A terrifying presence An AOE attack that creates a terrifying condition.
Lightning Breath Cone-shaped lightning breath attack
Draconic Rage Releases a breath attack as its first action.
Collect power/storage energy. Stormheart gains resistance for 2 turns before using Nova.
Stormheart Nova A damaging lightning attack hits all party members.
konda Electricity. shine Lightning Creates zones that damage anyone with lightning strikes.

Some pro tips against the boss

Telekinesis Answer BG3

Personally, the following tips helped me beat Insure BG3:

  1. Have a party with high damage melee characters like a Savage.
  2. and cleric for healing Shadow Heart.
  3. A ranger like Astarion for extra damage, and a mage like Gale for control spells.
  4. Use Lightning Resistance potions on melee characters to prevent Unsur’s lightning damage.
  5. Summon creatures like Deva. To deflect aggression away from the party as they can retaliate with a breath weapon.
  6. Carefully position squishy characters like Gale to avoid being hit by Unsur’s knockback and fly attacks.
  7. Use the gel. Globe of Invincibility To protect the party from damage during large Unsur attacks, and thus position it carefully so that Unsur cannot take advantage of it.
  8. Use the gel. Telekinesis To throw extra enemies that spawn in the Abyss at the beginning.
  9. Use Shadowheart’s add spell to give everyone extra health.
  10. Rage with a barbarian for damage reduction, as magic Ansur is less effective.
  11. Reserve spell slots for emergency healing and control spells.
  12. Attack Unsur during his damage resistance phase to avoid attacks.

Rewards for defeating Ansur in BG3

Once you beat Ansur BG3 in Dragon Sanctum, you get a new achievement and a lot of valuable items in the game. Additionally, you progress further by completing all objectives in Legend of Insure and Wormway. Blades of Frontiers The quest

You can get following rewards from Ansur BG3 Quest:

Balduran’s Giantslayer

Balduran's Giantslayer Ansur BG3
Balduran’s Giantslayer

When you score a successful hit, you can double Damage bonus from your Strength modifier. This allows you to leverage your raw power even more.

Helm of Balduran

Helm of Balduran Ansur BG3
Balduran’s Helm

At the start of each of your turns, the helm magically heals you. 2 hit points, keeping you standing strong even against repeated blows. The helm also protects your mind from stunning effects – you are immune to any spells or attacks that could stun you while wearing the Helm of Balduran.

How to get the Crash Landing Achievement

Insure in the “Channeling Power” phase

There is a hidden feat that can be performed during the battle with Unsur – knocking him out of the sky in mid-flight. To complete the Crash Landing achievement, you must time the crowd control (CC) effect to hit the dragon precisely when it begins power gathering for its discharging nova attack.

  • Skills that can potentially stun or immobilize undead creatures include Banish, Turning the Undead, Mind Blast with Althid Power, and many others.
  • The best time to use your CC is when the insure enters. “Channeling Power” The phase when it is preparing to launch a discharging nova.
  • He will enter the “Channeling Power” phase several times during the fight.

This is from me! I hope you now know all the secrets to finding Insure BG3! While you’re here, check out our recipe BG3: How to Clean House with Flowers Quest Marker And BG3: How to rescue a trapped man..


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