Baldur’s Gate 3: Find Your Belongings (Walkthrough)


Finding Your Belongings is one of the quests in BG3 which involves finding the group leader of these Tiefling thieves to get your belongings back. Well, this is not a walk in the park, rather you have to go through a set of difficult stages to get your valuables back.

Key Takeaways

  • Finding Your Belongings quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 involves retrieving stolen belongings from Tiefling thieves.
  • Begin the quest by visiting Mattis, at the path connecting Sacred Pool with The Hollow.
  • Mattis will trick players through a coin toss, after which belongings might be stolen.
  • If items are stolen, Mattis will run to Thieves Hideout via a wooden ladder and a rock crevice.
  • Alternatively, players can go to NPC Doni and perform an intelligence check for a secret passage in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • To access a locked secret door, players can either complete the ‘Save Arabella’ quest or find a password from Mirkon after battling harpies.
  • The password phrase from Mirkon is “Dragons Lair”.
  • Using this password, Doni allows entrance to the Thieves Hideout, and the completion of Finding Your Belongings quest in BG3.

How To Start Find Your Belongings Quest In BG3

Find Your Belongings Quest (Image Credits: eXputer)

To start off the Find Your Belongings quest in BG3, first, you have to visit Mattis. Mattis is a trader belonging to the Tiefling race in the game running his small business of selling items to the visitors. He can be found on the path connecting the Sacred Pool with The Hollow.

  1. Both of these areas are located in the Emerald Grove region of the map. Once you find her, approach and interact with her.
  2. This will begin a cut scene where you can have a bit of conversation with him.
  3. First of all, he will perform some magic moves and a ring will appear in his hands.
  4. He will offer you the ring saying it will prove lucky for you.
  5. This event will be followed by a coin toss where in any case you are going to win and it’s a move from Mattis to trick you.
  6. Going further in the conversation he will show you some of the products which he is selling currently.
  7. Well, if you need something from his inventory you can purchase it for the said cost.

Once you leave the conversation with Mattis, there are two possibilities onwards at this point. If you pass the Perception Check, your belongings will remain safe with you otherwise they will get stolen by these pickpocket Tiefling kids initiating the Find Your Belongings quest.

BG3 Find Your Belongings Quest Walkthrough

Losing your stuff and then finding it is a pretty common thing in RPG games and Baldur’s Gate 3 is no exception. By getting tricked by one of the Tiefling kids in the Emerald Grove who will come across as a trader, you will lose some of your valuables.

Well, the moment you realize that your belongings have been stolen, the Tiefling kid Mattis will start to run. He will flee from the scene by climbing down the wooden ladder just behind the standing point. From the lower deck, he will enter one of the rock crevices

rocky crevices
rocky crevices (Image Credits: eXputer)

Exploring Thieves Hideout

Follow him up to the lower deck along with your party composition in Baldur’s Gate 3. Thieves Hideout is the name of the area which can be accessed through this particular Crevice. Well, from this point onwards there are two basic ways to follow up the quest.

If any of the members in your party belongs to one of the smaller races such as Halfling, then you can enter the Crevice directly. This can also be done by using a shrinking or transforming spell as well. 

Speak To Doni

On the other hand, the alternate way to pursue the Find Your Belongings quest in BG3 is by climbing the ladder up and speaking to an NPC named Doni standing by the wooden cart. Make sure to select the character with the highest perception before interacting with him.

Intelligence check to check out for any secret passage
Intelligence check to check out for any secret passage (Image Credits: eXputer)

You need to run an Intelligence check to check out for any secret passage hidden in the rocks. After the successful attempt, you will eventually find one but it will be blocked by the stones with no trigger or handle available to open it. 

Save Arabella Quest

Save Arabella Quest
Save Arabella Quest (Image Credits: eXputer)

To access this door, you need to perform a series of steps. The first of them is to move down towards the Sacred Pool area using the rock stairs. Here you can also initiate the Save Arabella quest and after completing it you can get your belongings back free of cost.

But if you are going without this quest, then just take the left path from the diversion located outside the Sacred Pool. This path will lead you to a beach located in the Northeastern part of Emerald Grove.

On the way to the beach, you will also hear music. Once at the beach, you will find a boy named Mirkon there. He also belongs to the Tiefling race. Soon after interacting with him, you will come across a group of harpies. You need to fight with them and make sure to keep the boy safe and alive. 

Getting The Password

Once you are done slaying them, just interact with the boy again and he will provide you with a password phrase Dragons Lair. From here, you need to travel back to Doni at The Hollow. Upon telling him the password phrase he will let you enter the secret door leading to the Thieves Hideout you found using your intelligence check. 

Climb down the ladder and explore the area until you come across an NPC named Mol. She is kind of the thieves’ leader at the Dragon’s Lair. After having a bit of chit-chat with her, she will return your lost belongings and this will also mark the BG3 Find Your Belongings quest complete.

Further for more information regarding the game you can have a look at Baldur’s Gate 3: All Feats, Halsin Companion, and Wildheart Barbarian.


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