Baldur’s Gate 3 Dev Defends Starfield Team Against Vague Criticism



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  • Bethesda’s recent releases have been in a flurry of criticism and comparisons with other games. Baldur’s Gate 3’s director of publishing, Michael Doss, took to Twitter to address one such post.
  • Mark Kern, former team lead for World of Warcraft, compared the review scores between Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield and said that Davis was not obsessed with RPGs. Michael disagreed.
  • He says that the leadership should be blamed rather than the goddesses who put their hearts into the project. RPGs have also been compared. Cyberpunk 2077causing one of its devs to speak up as well.
  • Starfield comes out for PC on September 6 worldwide. Xbox Series S, and Series X. Despite some criticism it has been a huge success for the devs. And now, it has become the studio’s biggest launch ever.

Starfield It has come under fire since its release due to vague reviews and comparisons to other titles. Baldur’s Gate 3 Director Publishing, Michael Doss, recently took to Twitter to address a similar vague criticism. Former team lead for World of Warcraft, Mark KernCompared to Miscellaneous of review scores Between Baldur’s Gate 3 and the latest Bethesda Enrolled and gave quite a vague critique.

The controversial figure pointed out in his tweet that the space-faring RPG has gotten the short end of the stick. This means that the devs behind Starfield haven’t put passion into the project, blaming the team that worked on it for decades. Additionally, Mark believes that AAA titles don’t respect gamers’ time. Michael Doss called it “A truly extraordinary oversimplificationAnd defended the devs who developed the RPG.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 dev believes that the leadership behind Bethesda should be blamed for any criticism and lack of “passion” rather than the sweat and tears apparently poured into the vast Starfield universe.

I think he and I have similar views on AAA but it’s a leadership issue that shouldn’t be associated with development teams who put their hearts into their projects,” Michael said.

It is also Not the first time Starfield has been compared to a major AAA entry in the industry. Recently, cyberpunk 2077 lead dev Also had to take steps I Avoid excessive amounts of comparison. Which was happening between the cutting edge Bethesda RPG and Cyberpunk 2077. Dev found him Quite inappropriate for gaming Extracting some features from both entries for comparison without providing any context or details.

Overall, Michael Doss is a very skilled giant who Speaks with wisdom about the matter. it is Not strange for titles. Comparisons may be made by users to criticize and point out a lack of detail, but this is hardly done with good intentions. Baldur’s Gate 3 has been enjoyed. Continued success and gained worldwide fame for its player-friendly ecosystem. A voice has also been raised against it. Many other RPGs With the alleged lack of features for the same reasons.

Starfield has been full of achievements and milestones even before it came out. In early access, the title was already collected. One million users Only with Premium Edition owners. It didn’t take long to get admission either Million concurrent players after release. Now, the number is Six million players. As an RPG becomes. Bethesda’s greatest hits.

The latest Xbox One is now shipped to all current-generation devices on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S only. It runs on one. Locked to 30fps on consoles. But one is flawless 60 fps on PC Due to technical limitations preventing its integration. No announcement. About 60 FPS patch for consoles has been made yet.

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