Baldur’s Gate 3: BEST Tempest Cleric Build (Skills and Spells)



The Tempest domain is one of the most powerful subclasses. Scholars at Baldur’s Gate 3. With the Tempest Cleric subclass, you’ll be able to use abilities like Holy Might It will sustain you and yours. Party The members remained safe in the toughest battles. It is important to focus on it. skill And abilities that will make your Tempest Domain Cleric. built up Strongest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Key takeaways

  • One of the most powerful Cleric subclasses in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the Tempest subclass.
  • To get the best build of the Tempest Cleric subclass, it’s important to choose a race like this. Dragonborn Or High Elf.
  • A major pro of Tempest Cleric is its wide range of spells and equipment.
  • The only disadvantage of the subclass is less. mobility And survival
  • Players should focus more on spending their ability points in Wisdom and go for skills like Perception, Survival, and Animal Handling.
  • Finally, The best mantra Included for the Tempest Cleric build Sacred flame, sanctuary, spiritual weapon, And Flame Strike.

Tempest Cleric Build Review

Here’s an overview of the best Tempest Cleric Builds in BG3, along with their stats:

Build. race background talent Mantra
Tempest Cleric High Elf, High Half Elf, Gathianki, or Dragonborn Acolyte or Outlander Insight, Cognition, Medicine and Animal Handling Spirit Weapon, Sanctuary, Holy Flame, Flame Strike and Heroes’ Feast

What is the Tempest Cleric in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The Tempest Domain is one of the most powerful Cleric subclasses in BG3, with a wide range of spells that you can use in battles. Additionally, it also uses a variety of equipment that is capable of dealing high AOE damage and is easy to use.

With the right choice of racebackgrounds, and spells, you will be able to create the most powerful Baldur’s Gate 3 Tempest Cleric.


Before I get into the construction details, it’s important to know about some of the features you’ll have access to when you choose the Tempest subclass.

Baldur's Gate 3 Tempest Cleric build
Tempest domain subclass (image capture credits: eXputer)

The only downside to the subclass is that you won’t have much. survival and mobility, which can make his playstyle a bit painful to learn.

  • Additionally, you won’t be able to access powerful gear until mid or late game.
  • gave Level 12 The Tempest Build will allow you to deal more damage to enemies by using abilities. Call the electricity. And storm surge.
  • I would also use Ice Storm, Gust of Wind, and Channel Divinity To overwhelm opponents.
  • Additionally, I will also use some healing spells to increase survivability.

Excellent Tempest Cleric Build

The best Cleric builds will use powerful. Mantra And Cantrips in Baldur’s Gate 3 which can easily knock down target enemies during battles.

Below, I’ll recommend some of the best spells for a Tempest Cleric build, as well as the race, background, and skills you can use in Baldur’s Gate 3.


Baldur's Gate 3 Tempest Cleric build
Race and Background (Image Capture Credits: eXputer)

You can choose between High Elf, High Half Elf, Gathiankior Dragonborn.

race Features
Dragonborn Dragonborn is one of the best races for Tempest, as it will give you a fast AOE lightning attack. That is, it is capable of dealing with it. Power loss resisting it.
High Elf Similar features Elven weapons training Will give you proficiency with weapons like long swords and short bows. Darkvision will let you see in the dark with a range of about 12 meters. In the end, you’ll get it The Fae lineagewhich will give you advantage against saving throws when charmed.
Gathianki is one of the best features of the race. The martial prodigywhich will give you life. Training relentlessly As well as mastery of weapons such as greatswords and short swords. You will also gain proficiency in light and medium armor.


Although the background may not affect your gameplay much, it is still important to choose the right one. For a Baldur’s Gate 3 Tempest Cleric build, I would recommend choosing either Acolyte or Outlander.

Acolyte Outlander
An Acolyte background will give you expertise in both. Religion and insights for scholars. An Outlander background will give you the skills to do this. Athletics And Survival.
It also has mastery skills. perception, Medicine, and history. Have background skills. insight, Cognition, and history.

You can also go for a background like a folk hero, which will give you expertise in it. wisdom, And you’ll be able to add some great perks to enhance the spells of your Baldur’s Gate 3 Tempest Cleric build.

Competency score

When it comes to allocating ability points, I would focus more on wisdom. In addition, you may also want to invest. Constitution And power For the perfect Tempest Cleric build.

statistics Ability points
wisdom 17
intelligence 8
Constitution 16
skill 15
power 8
Charisma 10

Make sure you put most of your points into constitution and wisdom. Also, you can focus on strength if you want to increase your weapon damage. In addition, you will also be able to improve Saving Throw Against various influences by investing in strength. The only stat that doesn’t matter much for a Tempest Cleric build. skill

Skills and expertise

When it comes to skills and abilities, choosing the right ones is important, as they can greatly affect your Baldur’s Gate 3 Tempest Cleric build.

Skills and expertise
Skills and Abilities (Image capture credit: eXputer)

The skills and abilities I would highly recommend you pick up are tactical and can help you a lot especially during the end game.

  • The first skill you should choose Handling animalswhich will allow you to control animals.
  • Next, you can go for insight, as you will be able to detect lies and analyze situations.
  • Medicine is also a great skill for building The Tempest if you want to get it. skill in the diagnosis of diseases.
  • Intuition can help a lot when exploring and help you find. hidden mystery
  • Survival is great if you want to make it through the wild.
  • Can go for you too. Religion And Arcana Skills for construction.

The best mantra

For the best The Tempest Domain Clerk build, I would recommend using the following. Mantra.

Cantrips (image capture credits: eXputer)
Mantra Description
Guidance By using the spell, you gain a bonus on ability checks. It’s great when communicating with. NPCs In Gate 3 of Baldur.
The sacred flame One of the main ranged attacks you can use for the Tempest Cleric build is Holy Flame. Even with low damage, it can be very useful against enemies, esp The undead
bless A level 1 spell is great for dealing damage to enemies and giving bonuses to attack rolls. Saving Throw. It is also helpful in giving buffs and status effects.
shelter The spell will grant you one. Protective effect Where you and your partner cannot be targeted unless you attack an enemy. However, you will still take damage from any area spells activated during battle.
silence A level 2 spell will cast a circle that is Sound proof And Thunder will damage targets.
Spiritual weapons When the spell is activated, a Spectral weapons will appear, dealing damage to any targeted enemies.
Guardians of the soul By casting the spell, you will be able to call Spirit On the battlefield to protect you. They will also damage your targeted enemies.
Defender of the Faith You will be able to request a Stationary Divine Guardian Which will damage nearby enemies. gave Guardian Capable of causing radiant damage.
Flame Strike A level 5 spell capable of dealing with fire. Radiant damage to nearby enemies. You’ll be able to cast a pillar of fire that will target enemies in range.
A feast of heroes One of the best level 6 spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 is Hero Feast. When cast, you and your teammates cannot be affected by frightened, sickened, and similar status ailments in range. poisoned

Class leveling

With each level, you will be able to unlock something the class Features for Clerics

The surface Spells to choose from
Level 1 You will unlock the Tempest Domain subclass feature. Cantrips like Resistance, Blade Ward, Guidance, etc The sacred flame are recommended.
Level 2 Class features such as spell slots, Channel Divinity Charges, and Turn Undead are unlocked. For spells Command, Bind, Bless, Create or Destroy Water, and Guiding Bolt are recommended for the Cleric build.
Level 3 At 3rd level, subclass spells such as breeze And to spread are open.
Level 4 You will unlock it. Achievement of capacity improvement, which will add two points to your wisdom. For cantrips, you can choose any spell that suits you best.
Level 5 The Destroy Undead class feature is unlocked. Subclass spells like Sleet Storm, Call Lightning, Daylight, and A word of mass healing are open.
Level 6 The subclass is called Feature. Thunderbolt Strike is open.
Level 7 Subclass spells like Freedom of Movement Ice Storm are unlocked. You can use Death Ward and Guardian of Faith at level 7.
Level 8 A subclass of action is called a divine strike. Additionally, you will also be able to unlock the Warcaster feat.
Level 9 Mass healing spells like wounds and Flame Strike are open
Level 10 The Divine Intervention class feature is unlocked, which you can use to call upon a deity to aid you.
Level 11 Spells, incl Blade Barrier and Planar Alley, are unlocked.
Level 12 Here, you can choose the Shield Master. feat Or mobile feat.

With that, I conclude my detailed guide on Baldur’s Gate 3 Tempest Cleric builds and spells. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the guide. The best one-handed weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 And how to find out Slave mind. You can also check out the best guide. The construction of the bard And how to find out Thaniel. Finally, don’t forget to read the guide. Wizard vs Wizard in Baldur’s Gate 3


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