Baldur’s Gate 3: Astarion’s Approval (Dialogue Choices)



Gaining the approval of the brooding vampire Astarion in BG3 requires finesse. The approval system tracks how much each companion likes or dislikes your actions. In Baldur’s Gate 3 for Astarion, certain dialogue options and story choices will raise or lower his approval rating.

Key Takeaways

  • Astarion appreciates selfish, pragmatic, and evil-leaning actions that prioritize your interests In Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • However, playing the hero and making purely noble choices will lower his approval quickly.
  • Allowing Astarion to indulge his vampire urges by drinking blood will gain favor.
  • Progressing Astarion’s storyline and promising loyalty improves his disposition.
  • Insulting others and belittling the less fortunate will entertain Astarion.
  • Siding with traditionally evil factions like goblins will please Astarion.
  • Rejecting Astarion’s romantic advances or betraying his trust tanks approval permanently.

What Is Astarion’s Approval In BG3?

astarion approval bg3

In BG3, gaining your companions’ approval is important in strengthening your relationships and uncovering story content. One of the trickier companions to get approval from is Astarion, the mischievous vampire spawn.

Astarion has very specific likes and dislikes, making playing a heroic good character challenging. However, putting in the effort to gain Astarion’s approval can be rewarding. It will open up the possibility for a romance with him, provide insight into his backstory, and even grant gameplay bonuses.

The approval system in BG3 tracks how much each companion likes or dislikes your actions. For Astarion, certain dialogue options and story choices will raise or lower his approval rating. This guide will explain how to navigate Astarion’s approval system and maximize your rating with him.

Having a high approval with Astarion can significantly impact your playthrough. Use this guide to learn the best options when interacting with him, and you’ll have an easier time getting on his good side.

How To Gain Astarion’s Approval

Certain actions and dialogue choices will increase Astarion’s approval rating.

Here are some of the key ways to get on his good side:

  • They are siding with the goblins when given a chance—Astarion advocates for helping them attack the druid grove rather than protecting it. Agreeing with him raises his approval.
  • You are roleplaying a selfish, neutral, or evil alignment. Astarion likes when you put your interests first and make pragmatic or cruel decisions.
  • He is allowing Astarion to drink your blood. After resting at camp, he will reveal he is a vampire spawn. You are letting him satiate his vampire thirst with your blood gains approval.
  • It supports the use of the tadpole powers. Astarion wants to keep the mind-flayer tadpole for its powers. Agreeing with him on this gets points.
  • They are making cruel jokes and insulting comments. Astarion enjoys belittling others and appreciates a wicked sense of humor.
  • Furthering his personal story and showing loyalty. Progressing his questline and promising to keep his secrets raises approval.
  • You are generally being deceptive, manipulative, and uncaring towards NPCs. Astarion likes when you are not overly heroic.

Gaining high approval with Astarion requires acting in your self-interest and embracing his morally dubious tendencies. Focus on supporting him personally, and you will progress on his good side.

How You Can Lose His Approval

While Astarion appreciates selfishness and moral flexibility, certain actions will lower his approval rating of you. Avoid overly noble and generous actions to maintain Astarion’s approval. Be prepared to make questionable choices to stay on his good side when necessary. Here are some key ways you can lose favor with him:

  • Playing the “hero” and making decisions for the greater good. Astarion disdains selfless and noble acts. For example, choosing to protect the grove over the goblins will disappoint him.
  • Sparing enemies and showing them mercy. Astarion believes in ruthless efficiency and likes seeing wrongdoers suffer. Being overly kind or forgiving will make him lose respect for you.
  • He was criticizing Astarion or treating him poorly after his vampire reveal. He is sensitive about his condition. Admonishing him or driving him away will lower his approval significantly.
  • He was resisting using the tadpole powers or seeking to remove the parasite. Astarion wants to keep the tadpole, so opposing this desire decreases his approval.
  • Rejecting his romantic overtures. Not reciprocating if Astarion makes advances will hurt his ego and lower approval.
  • Ultimately betraying him or severing ties. Turning on or abandoning him after learning his secrets can tank your approval rating.
  • They are generally, being a righteous hero and opposing evil acts. Astarion wants an ally in pragmatism and moral flexibility.


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