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Bakugo’s Villainy Struggle Makes Him One of the Best Heroes

Rather than echo the novelty of a hero society, my hero academia focuses on the question, “What makes a true hero?” As seasons 5 and 6 serve to challenge the “villain” label, the “hero” title has always been questionable for certain characters as well. No one in the series has fought more between these two sides than Katsuki Bakugo.

At first, Bakugo comes off as an obnoxious bully who somehow always gets his way. His contempt for the protagonist Izuku Midoriya and his arrogant personality aroused great hatred within him. MHAThe fanaticism of As Midoriya became a fearsome opponent, Bakugo headed into a harsh redemption arc that would change his character to become more worthy of the “hero” title. Although some fans still despise Bakugo, for valid reasons, Bakugo’s growth is a brilliant addition to the supporting character and defies the “hero” vs. “villain” labels.

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The many offenses of Katsuki Bakugo in My Hero Academia

Despite his rough personality, Bakugo’s peers have always admired and respected him for his versatile and powerful quirk and brilliant mind. Midoriya is also one of these people, as well as Bakugo’s childhood friend. As they grew older, Bakugo took on his rotten and arrogant personality while being constantly praised, while Midoriya, who never developed his own Quirk from him, was often bullied or ignored. Although Midoriya considered him a friend, Bakugo treated him terribly, even going so far as to tell Midoriya to commit suicide.

it doesn’t take long to MHA viewers loathe Bakugo for his arrogance and brutality, and thankfully, the sentiment is quickly shared among his classmates at UA. Bakugo disrespects everyone around him, causing friction with his classmates. Although he is one of the best in the class, his short temper and wild nature become the main concerns in the eyes of his teachers and classmates. As they learn to become professional heroes, Bakugo is ironically compared to the villains more than once.

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Becoming a true hero in MHA is always an option

All Might and Bakugo from My Hero Academia

Bakugo’s hideous personality traits may leave him labeled a villain, but the reason he’s usually considered a hero is simply because he chooses to fight among heroes. To be fair, his behavior in Season 1 of MHA, as well as various scenes from his childhood, give him the title of “villain”, although the anti-hero might be more appropriate. As he gradually changes, Bakugo reveals that deep down, he longs to become a true hero, even if he doesn’t deserve the title as a student.

Like most, Bakugo grew up inspired by the heroism of All Might, whose integrity and moral radiance inspire good within so many who meet him. All of Might’s inspiring work led numerous children to dream of becoming a hero like him. Although the countless accolades he received as a child have gone to his head, Bakugo’s intentions are to be like All Might. Earning that praise is the most important thing to him.

He may have responded well to praise from his peers when he was younger, but Bakugo later proves that he has his own standards to live up to. Normally, such a hotheaded and power-drunk character would be elated at any victory or chance to reach the next level, but two moments prove that, if nothing else, Bakugo is looking for more than just power.

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Bakugo’s first moment of redemption is at the end of the Sports Festival when he is deemed the winner against Shoto Todoroki. When Bakugo realizes that Todoroki withheld his powers, he angrily rejects first place because he feels he didn’t earn it. Of course, the timing doesn’t make up for his behavior up to that point, but it was a glimpse into Bakugo’s more respectable qualities.

The second moment is when he is captured by the League of Villains and given a chance to join them. Given Bakugo’s great desire for power and victory, and how he clearly doesn’t fit in with the heroes, Shigaraki is confident that Bakugo will join his cause. The League of Villains is shocked when he instead lashes out at them, declaring that he wants to win as All Might and that nothing will deter him from becoming a professional hero. This is the turning point for the Bakugo character in my hero academiaand when he begins to achieve his goal of earning the title of hero.

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Karma forces the change of Bakugo in My Hero Academia

all might bakugo izuku

As a gifted child, it seems Bakugo was led to believe that his ability alone deserved the same adoration as his hero All Might. No matter what atrocities Bakugo committed, no one, not even his teachers, would properly reprimand him. It wasn’t until his time at UA that he was finally given the discipline he needed. Part of this is taught directly by his teachers, but part is karma.

When Midoriya becomes a student at UA as Bakugo, the hot-tempered egoist takes great offense. However, after losing to Midoriya during training and seeing how much the boy has grown, he is forced to admit that he is wrong, though that doesn’t discourage him as a rival. Following Midoriya’s example and after failing to obtain his Provisional Hero’s License due to his rude behavior, Bakugo finally begins to cool his temper, ever so slightly.

During the Class 1-A vs. Class 1-B tournament, Bakugo joins his classmates and not only displays his impressive and deeply inspiring leadership, but also consideration and care for his teammates. In recent events during seasons 5 and 6, Bakugo even shows strong love and support for Midoriya, whom he accepts as All Might’s successor. His rude attitude may still be there, but he’s showing signs of changing. Although his character still needs further redemption to make up for his worse behavior, especially in regards to Midoriya, the change and likability of Bakugo’s gradual transformation are key to his role in MHA.

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Bakugo is transforming from a villain-like character into a hero

Bakugo Best Jeanist

With my hero academiaThe central focus of the differences between heroes and villains, a character like Bakugo, with both heroic and villainous qualities, is significant. The worst qualities of him can make him a villain and earn more scorn than praise, but even among the worst villains in this series is the potential for growth. In Bakugo’s case, his slow transformation is proof that villainy is a choice. He chose to act as a villain in his youth, but while training with the Pro Heroes, he began to realize that he needed to change.

Despite his terrible personality, Bakugo’s best qualities make him a fearsome leader who has learned to support others when necessary. Even when given the choice of praise, riches, and victory, he made morally good decisions, even when it wasn’t easy. This change in character is so vital because choosing to do the right thing no matter the challenge, no matter the merit or praise, is what makes a true hero.

While there is no doubt that Midoriya has the qualities of a true hero, Bakugo’s transformation proves that even the worst villains can change and eventually become heroes. Although Bakugo has yet to prove himself worthy, he at least is on his way to redemption.

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