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Attack on Titan, More Anime, May Be Pulled from Netflix Over Ad-Supported Tier

Due to disputes over Netflix’s new ad-supported subscription plan, fans may have to say goodbye to NHK-aired anime like Attack on Titan.

22 NHK shows including various anime series like attack on titan, it could soon disappear from Netflix due to the platform’s new ad-supported subscriptions.

As reported by anime news network, NHK, the Japanese public broadcaster, requests that Netflix remove all its titles due to its new ad-supported program. Netflix’s “Basic with Ads” subscription tier includes four to five minutes of ads every hour for a slightly cheaper price than its ad-free plan. This is in contrast to distributor, as NHK has a policy that prohibits licensors from distributing your content if there is a chance of creating a misconception that you are recommending or advertising a certain product or service.

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According to a statement from Netflix, NHK was aware of and accepted the ad-supported subscription plan, but as of November 16, the streaming platform stopped showing ads for NHK shows. However, NHK reportedly complained that the ad-supported service was not what it was supposed to be. The broadcaster also said that Netflix did not provide a proper explanation until just before the launch of the new plan.

NHK is currently broadcasting Attack on Titan, Tsurune, Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun, Until your eternity, Kingdom, Ojarumaru Y Nintamo Rantaro. Other series that the station has aired before and are currently streaming on Netflix include vinland saga Y Cardcaptor Sakura. Netflix and NHK have not released the list of 22 shows that would be affected by the potential removal, but the aforementioned titles may be removed.

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2022 has been a difficult year for Netflix. The popular streaming service laid off about 150 employees in May before another 300 were laid off in June with most job cuts in the US. Netflix also revealed that it had seen a decline of about 200,000 subscribers in its first quarter despite forecasting an increase. than 2.5 million subscribers. Although the platform indicated that password sharing and rival streaming services are some of the reasons for the drop, the streaming service also raised the prices of its subscription plans for those in the US and Canada in January. . The standard plan currently costs $15.49 per month.

In an effort to maintain its current subscriber count and attract new viewers, Netflix launched the “Basic with Ads” subscription on November 3 in several countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Italy and Australia. These hourly ads play before and during content in 15-second or 30-second durations. Subscribers can only watch at a maximum resolution of 720p and cannot download content.

Netflix is ​​currently involved in an ongoing discussion with NHK.

Font: anime news network

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