Atomic Heart Patch Improves Dialogue Among Other Fixes



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  • Atomic Heart has received another one of its regular updates. The latest patch seeks to improve dialogue elements while adjusting other factors and improving overall game stability.
  • The previous update of Atomic Heart added a fully voiced Japanese dub featuring a prominent cast. However, there is yet to be any news on ray tracing.
  • Earlier this month, Atomic Heart was verified for the Steam Deck and can be played on the device with minimal performance hiccups.

Atomic Heart has received its next update that aims to improve its dialogue’s quality and pacing, among other notable improvements according to the patch notes. Initial complaints about the Soviet first-person shooter revolved around the quality of the dialogue, mostly pertaining to the NOVA. While the script was fairly decent, Mundfish has adjusted the dialogue length, place & time of activation, and overall amount.

Other fixes in patch include an improved view when aiming with modified FOV settings. The notes elaborate on the point by stating that the player’s character’s hands will no longer cover the scope. Some rare issues related to save files for Atomic Heart have also been addressed in the latest update. Beyond all these adjustments, game stability has also been improved on all platforms.

Atomic Heart Update Patch Notes
Atomic Heart Update Patch Notes

Some recommendations and tips have also been provided. Players are advised to ensure that the display drivers are updated to the latest version if they’re on an Nvidia GPU. This may result in a boost to performance. Furthermore, in case a player encounters issues with the game on Steam, they are suggested to verify the integrity of game files via the Steam client. 

Atomic Heart was one of the larger names on the list in 2023. It was released in February to a fairly positive and unbiased reception considering the global situation with Russia. The plot revolves around the technological rise of the Soviet Union in the 20th century after the discovery of a substance called Polymer and its consequences. Players take control of a physically enhanced protagonist, P-3, in standard first-person shooter fashion.

One of Atomic Heart’s greatest achievements at launch was its performance. While far from perfect, it was definitely acceptable. In our review of the game, we discussed the stunning Soviet utopia presented in Atomic Heart citing the various achievements and minor performance issues.

In its previous update, Atomic Heart made it possible to play the game with a fully-voiced Japanese dub. The cast featured prominent names from the industry, including the voices of Eren Yaeger, Solid Snake, and Yukiko Amagi. However, there’s still no update on the ray tracing features that were previously promised and pulled back on launch. In other news, the game was recently verified for Valve‘s handheld computing behemoth—Steam Deck

Atomic Heart is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and last-gen consoles.

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