Atomic Heart Denuvo DRM confirmed by developers



Mundfish has recently confirmed Atomic Heart Denuvo’s DRM feature, but assures fans that it will have another feature to make up for it.

Atomic Heart Denuvo DRM included

CEO Robert Bagratuni recently spoke to the Russian gaming website Igromania in an interview that the PC version of Atomic Heart will have Denuvo DRM security to prevent hacking attempts. After recent gameplay previews, it makes sense that the game would include such a security feature in its PC version, but it has a pretty bad reputation among the gaming community, so many are concerned about its performance. when it launches.

However, Bagratuni assures everyone that Atomic Heart will run smoothly due to the game’s Nvidia DLSS feature. He says it will make up for any potential performance issues that Denuvo DRM could cause. Unfortunately, that causes some problems of its own. One problem is its exclusivity on high-end Nvidia PCs. DLSS is not available for AMD, so it’s a problem. Another issue is that DLSS 3.0 is only available on RTX 4000 video cards, which most PC gamers don’t yet have.

Why is Denuvo DRM hated?

Denuvo DRM is a security feature that many developers build into triple-A PC games to prevent piracy. One way or another, a game will get hacked by people who have the know-how, but Denuvo DRM slows down that process. The problem is that adding Denuvo to a PC game mainly affects gameplay and performance, which is highly frowned upon by the gaming community. If a game advertises its Denuvo DRM, its community is quick to report that announcement and sometimes request refunds if they have previously purchased the game.

atomic heart denuvo drm

Atomic Heart launches on February 21, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.



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