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Atlas Fallen is full of high-paced action, big bosses and beasts, considerable power levels, and immaculate designs that keep the players on their toes. However, many players wonder what is the storyline of Atlas Fallen and how the character and classes’ arcs fit into that story. Whatever the developers have showcased so far, I have listed my theory about Atlas Fallen story & plot in this guide. 

Key Takeaways

  • Atlas Fallen is set in a unique, action-oriented fantasy world nearly destroyed by the Sun God, Thelos.
  • The protagonist, a nameless hero, starts weak but gains power through completing quests and fighting evil.
  • Atlas Fallen’s main antagonist is Thelos, who demands a magical power called Essence that grows in the human world.
  • Players must navigate a society oppressed by Thelos and his caste system, compelling a class of people to collect, mine, and transport Essence.
  • A key item in Atlas Fallen is the Gauntlet, which enhances the player’s power and allows them to fast-travel and interact with the environment in unique ways.
  • The player can craft Essence to customize their character, and their actions and choices will shape Atlas Fallen’s storyline.
  • Atlas Fallen is an open-world action RPG that differs from previous Deck13 titles by not strictly following a linear approach.
  • Atlas Fallen is divided into five regions, each with its own components to collect and enemies to defeat.
  • The map drives player activities, filled with secrets, puzzles, and various power styles to unlock.

What Is The Plot & Setting Of Atlas Fallen?

Atlas Fallen Plot

The story events of the Atlas Fallen take place in a unique fantasy world. This world is possessed with simple yet striking splendor. In this imaginative action-focused world, mankind is almost destroyed by the Sun God, Thelos. A common in-game sighting would be a lot of sand since you’ll be uncovering game mechanics, weapons, and abilities around deserts.

What Is Your Role In Atlas Fallen Story?

Atlas Fallen World

You fill the role of a nameless protagonist in Atlas Fallen story. When you start your journey to be a hero in this world, you’ll have little power. But slowly, you’ll gain strength as you complete different quests in Atlas Fallen. You’ll rise like a phoenix from the ashes to fight against evil as you gain more strength. The main villain of the nameless protagonist is Thelos alongside other gods.

At the beginning of Atlas Fallen, your character will be unsure and would not know what he’s doing. As you progress in Atlas Fallen, you’ll get more confident. Moreover, you’ll come across many NPCs with whom you can chat about the past events of Atlas Fallen.

How you fight against these Gods and how the next events will turn out, of course, will depend on the decisions you make and the friends you pick in your team.

Who Is Thelos In Atlas Fallen

Thelos lives above the world and demands the magical power Essence that grows in the human world. You’ll come across this Essence as you travel through the world while encountering different enemies. You can also craft the Essence to customize your character. 

This oppressed society that’s under the rule of The Sun God, Thelos. The people here are referred to as “The Unnamed.” The Sun God has applied a caste system that makes a class of people collect, mine, and transport Essence to a power-focused area.

What Is Gaunlet

Atlas Fallen plot Mystery

There’s no background story given in Atlas Fallen as to how you’ll find the gauntlet that will make you a powerful beast and that aids you in traveling across the desserts to find the essence of local people.

The gauntlet is the main thing in the story and also in this ruined world. It unearths powerful relics that help you fast-travel across different points in the region. Another ability of the gauntlet is that it lets you raise buried structures from the beneath the surface, allowing you to use them as platforms for your upcoming adventures.

What Is Atlas Fallen About?

Atlas Fallen Characters & NPCs

Atlas Fallen is an open-world action RPG adventure. It’s an upcoming game that is published by Focus Entertainment Games, alongside Game Developer, Deck13. The story of Atlas Fallen takes place in a ruined world full of sand that has been left at the mercy of merciless gods. Players must gain the strength to beat the Bosses and beasts in Atlas Fallen to eventually fight the Sun God who claims to have power over Atlas.

Unlike the last few Deck 13 titles, this game doesn’t strictly follow a linear approach. It’s expected there would be five different regions spread across the map that you need to access to collect different components and also to defeat the enemies. All your activities are driven by the map. This map is full of secrets, puzzles to solve, and different power styles to unlock.

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