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The Momentum system in Atlas Fallen is a combat feature that makes fighting more interesting. When you attack enemies, a bar called the Momentum bar fills up. As the bar gets fuller, you can do more types of attacks. But, you also take more damage from enemies. So, you need to be smart about when to attack. This system works with the type of weapon you choose, adding more to your game strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • The Momentum system in Atlas Fallen enriches combat, providing more attack options as you successfully strike enemies.
  • Momentum builds through a bar that fills up with each successful attack.
  • High momentum unlocks more potent attack options, like the Knuckledust spawning an additional pair of arms.
  • Increased Momentum, however, also increases the player’s vulnerability to enemy attacks.
  • The Momentum system is linked to weapon choices and combat styles, which impact how quickly or slowly Momentum builds.
  • Many Essence Stones, found in-game, can be attached to the momentum bar to activate different abilities or upgrades.
  • The Momentum system allows weapons to transform, affecting the entire move set.
  • The system introduces strategic balance, as higher Momentum leads to both powerful attacks and increased vulnerability.
  • Atlas Fallen’s Momentum system and Weapon Ascension mechanics reward mastery of different moves and attacks.

What Is Momentum System In Atlas Fallen?

Momentum Gauge in Atlas Fallen

The Momentum system in Atlas Fallen is a unique combat mechanic where each successive attack fills a momentum bar. This passive system enables more attack options as the bar fills, encouraging an aggressive playstyle. 

However, a high momentum bar also increases the player’s vulnerability to damage, necessitating strategic decision-making in combat. This delicate balance of power and fragility provides a dynamic combat experience. High momentum may unlock powerful attack sequences but also forces the player to consider defensive tactics. This system is intricately tied with weapon choices and combat styles, adding depth to the overall gameplay.

How Momentum Mechanic Works?

Higher Momentum gives great damage potential

The Momentum mechanic in Atlas Fallen is an innovative feature that adds a strategic layer to combat. As players land successful attacks, their Momentum bar fills. When the Momentum bar reaches certain thresholds, new and more potent attack options become available, enhancing the players’ combat capabilities. For example, the Knuckledust, a fist weapon, can spawn an additional pair of arms with high Momentum, amplifying single-target damage.

However, this enhanced offensive ability comes at a cost: as Momentum increases, so too does the player’s vulnerability to enemy attacks. Therefore, players are compelled to make careful decisions about when to strike with their enhanced abilities, and when to adopt defensive strategies to mitigate incoming damage.

The Momentum system is also tied to weapon choice and combat style. For instance, using the quick and mobile Sandwhip could help build Momentum quickly, but a more measured approach might be required with the heavy-hitting Dunecleaver to avoid becoming overly exposed. Overall, the Momentum system in Atlas Fallen adds an exciting dynamic to combat, demanding both aggression and caution from players.

Essence Stones’ Impact On Momentum

Essence Stones In Atlas Fallen

You can find Essence Stone while exploring and killing enemies, which you can attach to the momentum bar to activate different abilities or upgrades. These abilities could range from a passive defense boost to an AEO sand tornado or a modification to your dodge.

An AEO sand tornado is an ability in Atlas Fallen that causes a sandstorm to appear around your character, damaging and stunning nearby enemies. The Sand Tornado is an example of an AEO ability, which means it affects a specific area around your character.

This information is based on the new official trailer & Boomstick Gaming, who had a chance to play Atlas Fallen for at least 5 hours.

More Buffs As Momentum Builds Up

Atlas Fallen has Fast-paced combat

At different sections of the momentum gauge, your weapons will physically change in form, affecting your entire move set. If you want lesser buffs to activate earlier on in a fight, you can unlock more spots on the left of the gauge. If you want more powerful but harder-to-obtain buffs, you can unlock more spots to the right.

The Sand Sword is an example of how the weapon Ascension Mechanic works.

  • When your momentum gauge reaches the third section on the far right side, the Sand Sword will physically transform into a larger, more powerful version of itself with greater reach.
  • This transformation applies to all weapons, not just the sand whip.
  • Atlas Fallen’s Weapon Ascension mechanic adds an additional layer of complexity and depth to the gameplay, providing players with a more challenging and rewarding experience.

However, you can always activate your Shatter ability to instantly set your momentum back to zero. Shatter is a powerful move that you can use to drain your own momentum manually. This ability is useful when you need to reset your moment gauge to avoid taking too much damage. You can use it strategically to keep your momentum in check and avoid getting overwhelmed by enemies.

Momentum System Cons

Aerial Combat in Atlas Fallen

One of the risks associated with Atlas Fallen’s momentum system is that as a player’s momentum gauge increases, they become more vulnerable to damage. However, along with the extra buffs and abilities, your attack will become more powerful as well.

Overall, the Momentum System and Weapon Ascension mechanics are exciting and engaging parts of Atlas Fallen’s combat mechanics. They reward mastering different moves and attacks, while the shatter ability is a useful tool for resetting your momentum gauge and avoiding taking too much damage.

Atlas Fallen is an action RPG game that sets itself apart from others by relying on the momentum system. The momentum gauge at the bottom left of the screen builds up as you attack enemies, and the higher it climbs, the more passive buffs and active abilities will become available.


Images Credit: Official Focus Entertainment

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