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In Atlas Fallen, you get to build or customize your own character. This means you can decide how your hero looks and what special skills or class they have. You can pick things like their hair and eye color, and even their voice. You also get to pick their class, which decides how they fight in Atlas Fallen. With so many options to choose and customize from, you can really make Atlas Fallen feel like it’s your own unique adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • In Atlas Fallen, players have the ability to create a unique protagonist through extensive character customization options.
  • Customization plays a key role in enhancing player immersion and emotional connection with the world and narrative.
  • Players are empowered to shape the hero’s appearance and abilities according to their preferences, not a fixed identity.
  • Character customization includes the selection of general visual style, voice, class, and anima that grants unique combat abilities.
  • Anima’s selection and the character’s innate abilities balance to enhance the gameplay experience.
  • Players can create multiple characters but can have only one active at a time.
  • All characters retain their skill progression and can access anima-based combat perks.
  • There are seven categories for character modification:
    1. General
    2. Hair
    3. Skintone
    4. Face Shape
    5. Eye Shape
    6. Facial Features
    7. and Outfit Color.
  • Atlas Fallen also allows armor customization, which includes armor painting, mixing and matching combinations, and transferring the appearance of one armor to another while keeping its characteristics.

What Is Customization In Atlas Fallen?

Gear Customization

In Atlas Fallen, customization is the player’s tool to create a unique protagonist. After humanity’s fall, your hero rises with a Gauntlet, a device bestowing special abilities. Atlas Fallen permits extensive character creation, enabling players to dictate the hero’s appearance.

While details remain under wraps, Atlas Fallen guarantees a broad array of options, empowering players to bring their own vision of this world-saving character to life. Through customization, each journey through this fallen world becomes a personal testament to the player’s creativity, vision, and resilience against the Sun God’s tyranny.

Why Character Customization Is Important

Armor Dye Customization

Character customization is central to player immersion, fostering a personal connection with Atlas Fallen’s world and narrative. By allowing players to shape their hero’s appearance and abilities, they become architects of their own experience. Customization promotes engagement and emotional investment, enhancing the depth and individuality of each playthrough.

Also, whatever persona you make for your character, reflects your creativity & the appearance of Atlas Fallen’s protagonist is based more on your liking instead of a forced identity. 

Customization Options In Atlas Fallen 

Armor Cosmetic Cuztomization

Atlas Fallen offers Players the exciting opportunity to personalize their Character’s appearance through Character Customization. You can begin by selecting a general visual style or opt for a completely random set of features. Moreover, there are several voice options for you to choose from. 

Players can select from different classes such as fighter, mage, rogue, or hybrid classes, offering diverse playstyles for different Players. So you can choose which best fits you. Additionally, Players can choose an anima, which grants unique abilities and bonuses for combat situations. 

Balancing the anima selection with the Character’s innate abilities adds improvement to the Gameplay Experience. Also, players can create multiple Characters in Atlas Fallen, but only one can be active at a time. Each created Character retains its skill tree progression and can access anima-based combat perks, enhancing their abilities based on the chosen class.

How Many Character Customization Options Are There?

Abilities and Perks Customization in Atlas Fallen

The Character Creation and customization in Atlas Fallen consist of seven menu options, each allowing you to modify different aspects of your Character. These options include General, Hair, Skintone, Face Shape, Eye Shape, Facial Features, and Outfit Color. Within each section, you will find additional choices to further customize your Character’s look. 

The YouTube channel of Focus Entertainment, Atlas Fallen’s official source, has just released an exciting new trailer. This video focuses specifically on showcasing the different types of Armor and Customization available in Atlas Fallen. Based on the trailer, Players will also have Armor options, each offering unique bonuses. 

Not only will they be able to customize each Armor element with paints and additional items, but they can also mix and match different combinations, as per their playing style.

Moreover, a fascinating feature is available which allows Players to transfer the appearance of one Armor to another while retaining its original Characteristics. This means you can create your own stylish and powerful Armor set in Atlas Fallen.

Customization Menu & Features In Atlas Fallen

Transmogrify Customization in Atlas Fallen

Here’s a list of all the available Character Customization menu options, along with the number of variations you can choose from.

General Customization options available are the following:

  • Visual Type
  • Randomize
  • Voice

Players can change them as per their likes or dislikes. Players also have the option to customize their hairstyles, available options are as follows:

  • For Hairstyle x11 options per type
  • Beard x6 option
  • Hair Color x16 option


Players can also customize the following Skin options: 


For Eye Customization following options are available in Atlas Fallen: 

  • Eye Shape x8 options 
  • Eye Color x16 options 
  • Eyebrow Shape x4 options

In conclusion, you can really make the journey in Atlas Fallen your own. You can shape your character’s look, choose their abilities, and even design their armor, but of course, from available presets. The game offers a lot of options, like picking your character’s hair, skin tone, and eye shape, or even deciding their voice. The choice of class and unique combat skills also add to the game’s replay value.


Image Credits: Official Focus Entertainment

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