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Assassination Classroom Creator Is Tired of Chainsaw Man-Inspired Mangas

Yusei Matsui, the creator of Assassination Classroom, expresses his thoughts on the plethora of Chainsaw Man-inspired manga he’s seeing.

the mangaka of assassination classroom noted the influx of chainsaw man-inspired manga and has some thoughts and tips for up-and-coming mangaka creators.

Yusei Matsui, the writer and illustrator of assassination classroom Y the elusive samurai, was one of the judges at the last Jump New World Manga award. According to Shonen Jump News-Unofficial Translation, he noted that there were many “human drama entries” that showed signs of the influence of Tatsuki Fujimoto, the mangaka of Shonen Jump. Chainsaw man. While he commented that what he saw showed an “overall high level”, he grew tired of them because it was an overwhelmingly large number. Matsui offered some advice to future mangaka: they needed to “think carefully about self-production, how to stand out from the crowd, hone their originality.” With so many new manga series debuting in Weekly Shōnen Jump often abruptly cut short at some chapters, it’s clear the magazine is looking for something unique that will appeal to readers.

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Fans were generally supportive of Matsui’s comments. One agreed, saying, “Jump’s greatest strength comes from its diversity.” Many pointed out that there have been a number of new series that have been trying to replicate the success that previous Weekly Shōnen Jump works have had without a very favorable outcome. Others commented that while it is understandable that the manga would borrow certain elements from other works, there must be some sort of “unique twist on the premise”.

Aspiring manga artists covet the award

The Jump New World Manga Award is a monthly award given to young mangaka, and the main award is publication in Shōnen Jump+. Run by Weekly Shōnen Jump, the judging panel usually consists of mangaka published in Weekly Shōnen Jump. Notable judges include black cloverof yuki Tabata, my hero academiaby Kohei Horikoshi and Jujutsu Kaisen’by Gege Akutami.

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Matsui’s first entry into the world of manga was as an assistant to Yoshio Sawai, the mangaka of Bobobo-bo Bobobo. his first job Neuro: Supernatural Detective it ran from 2005 to 2009 in Weekly Shōnen Jump. Matsui’s next great work was Assassination classroom. The series ran for four years and revolved around an octopus-like creature posing as a homeroom teacher at a high school. In addition to teaching all the subjects a normal teacher would do, Koro-sensei also teaches the students how to be successful assassins, knowing that all the students are there to kill him. The manga has received positive reception.

Fujimoto’s career as a mangaka began by writing one-shots, and several of them received nominations and awards. His first serial work, Fire punch, Posted on Shōnen Jump+. His next job chainsaw manit began in Weekly Shōnen Jump before moving to Shōnen Jump Plus in July 2022. chainsaw man is one of the best-selling manga series and has won numerous awards, including the Harvey Award for Best Manga. Described as dark and strange while possessing a surprisingly human core by critics, chainsaw man follows a poverty-stricken young man named Denji, who has the ability to become a powerful being called the Chainsaw Man. As he discovers that he can achieve anything he wants with this power, Denji realizes that he has entered a world much more dangerous than I expected.

assassination classroom Y chainsaw man both are available to read on Viz Media.

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