Army Codes of Control (January 2023)



Control Army Codes is your ticket to gifts and rewards that will help you build the strongest army. As you build your base, discover new regions, and get various upgrades, you might want to get more out of the game, especially resources. This is where the codes come in.

Read on and this guide will teach you how to redeem codes for Control Army and will list which codes are currently available to use.

Control Army Code List

here is a list of all the Control Army Codes known to date:

Army Control Codes (Active)

  • 10k – Barack XP Increase
  • 20k likes – 2x +100% Gold Potion
  • Hello – 500 gold
  • Merry Christmas – 5000 Candy Canes, Snowballer Barack
  • assembly shop – 1500 gold
  • Mushrooms – Mushroom variants for crafting
  • Launching – 250 gold
  • Beach – 2000 gold
  • Submarine – 2500 gold
  • Waterfall – 1000 gold

Control Army Codes (Expired)

There are no expired Control Army codes yet.

How to redeem control army codes?

Just follow the steps below to use any of the upcoming Control Army codes:

  1. Start and play the game
  2. Open the codes Menu, located on the left side of the screen
  3. Enter your code in the box (Type your code here!)
  4. press or click Redeem to claim your rewards

What are control army codes in Roblox?

Control Army Codes are redeemable rewards provided by the developer, ShkatulkaGames. Depending on the code, you can receive various items, coins, and even boosters, all of which will help many players buy equipment and get resources faster during their gameplay.

Control army codes not working (fix)

There are several possible causes for your codes not working. The codes may have expired or you may have already redeemed them.

Also, remember to check spelling and empty spaces before redeeming any codes, as even a minor change can render them useless.

How to get more army control codes?

Control army codes are usually distributed by developers; however, you can always refer to our guide to gather all the codes in one place. To keep up with the latest Control Army Codes, bookmark this page and come back whenever you want.

On the other hand, you can follow the developer ShkatulkaGames on social networks to get the latest updates and codes, such as Twitter (@shkatulkahero), Discord (control army), and the Control Group Army Club Roblox.

Those are all the working codes in Control Army so far. If you like this guide, be sure to check out our other Roblox articles.

Also watch this video AlphaBolt with all new job codes for Control Army:



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