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Armored Corps 6’s Intercept the Redguns mission offers a surprising challenge, plunging players into a vast, unsheltered chamber where relentless waves MTs Constant rain, thoroughly testing one’s intelligence. At a turning point in AC6, the mission refers to the brave pilots who tested the depths of the ocean Underground exploration And emerge victorious, only to face an even greater challenge.

Key takeaways

  • “Intercept the Redguns” is a challenging mission in Armored Corps 6, which takes players into a vast chamber with relentless waves of MT enemies.
  • Players have to choose between them. Stopping Redguns And Ambush Vespers In Chapter 4 of AC6, each is shutting the other down for a playthrough.
  • The mission is focused on annihilation. Michigan, Leaders of the Redguns, and their main MT forces.
  • Waves of enemies, including helicopters and threats tetrapods, Challenge players in a two-part mission.
  • The proposed construction has dual features. arsonists, Missile launcherand a tank-like setup for a winning edge.
  • One key strategy involved circling the main building to isolate Michigan, saving the songbirds for critical moments.

You can also get a detailed walkthrough of how the ‘Intercept the Redguns’ mission leads to the worst ending in AC6 from the following video:

What is Intercept the Redguns in Armored Corps 6?

Armored Corps stops 6 Redguns.
Mission Intercept: The Redgun’s Start

The Intercept the Redguns is one of them. Judgment missions In Chapter 4 of Armored Corps 6, where players must face continuous waves of MTs and defeat G1 Michigan.

soon after Underground exploration missions, players are provided to decide between the Intercept the Redguns mission or the Ambush the Vespers mission.

Decision missions mean that choosing one of the missions will turn off the other for the entire playthrough. This means that the mission itself and all subsequent branches will be blocked, so be careful when deciding which mission to complete.

  • The core of Intercept the Redguns revolves around the elimination of Hay. Michigan, The mysterious and powerful leader of the Redguns.
  • However, the challenge does not limit itself to mere elimination. This extends to the Redguns’ main annihilation. MT Force – their collective embodiment of power and dominance.
  • The battlefield becomes a proving ground, a stage where the capabilities of your weapons become intertwined with your tactics.

Mission layout and enemies

After deciding to stop the Redguns in Armored Corps 6, a briefing is held. Mission details are displayed on screen, and as you go on a mission, your match will be taken to a hallway in Watchpoint Alpha.

The mission is divided into two parts:

  • Blocking Balm’s central MT force.
  • Defeat G1 Michigan and Balm’s main MT force.
  1. During the first part of the mission, three waves of enemies arrive, including enemy mechs that are already there.
  2. These waves are filled with normal, light and heavy MTs.
  3. The second wave will have a. Helicopter Taking out infantry should be your priority target.
  4. The third wave will have a. Tetrapod Which you should only fight after killing the mini mechs.
  5. If you decide to go for the tetrapod first, the smaller mechas will swarm you, making it very difficult to survive.
  6. After the third wave, the first part of the mission will be over, and the main boss, the G1 Michigan, Some will arrive with flying drones and other machines.

After defeating G1 Michigan, the mission Intercept the Redguns, one of AC6’s most difficult missions, will come to an end.

Suggested build to stop Redguns

Armored Corps stops 6 Radguns (1)
Eliminate enemies during missions

The lack of ammo is a huge problem in this mission, as players face several elite enemies and a boss in between the destruction caused by normal enemies.

The following build will help you overcome this problem, allowing you to have a fully armored cover 6 intercept the Redguns.

parts of the body Equipment
right hand WB-0000 bad kick
left arm WB-0000 Bad Kick
right back BML-G1/P03VTC-08
Left back Songbirds
The head HD-033M Verril
compulsory DF-BD 08 Tian-Qiang
Weapons DF -AR Tian-Lao
the legs LG-022T Bornimus
FCS FC-007 Talbot
The generator VP-20D

Inspiration was taken for construction From this Reddit comment, and players testify that it works like a charm. The basic idea is to have a tank with flamethrowers and some high-damage missiles.

  • With duality WB-0000 Bad Kick Flamethrowers, The construction spawns a circle of scorching destruction.
  • gave VP-20D The generator provides fuel to the AC, empowering it to fire two pronged weapons – the Relentless Double Unguided Bazooka and a Vertical 10 missile launchers Which colors the annihilation on the battlefield.
  • This sequence paints a tapestry of destruction, eliminating the tetrapods with ease while preserving the platform to withstand the strong Michigan and even the resulting wave with courage. .

Here’s the basic plan you need to complete the Intercept the Redguns mission in Armored Corps 6:

  • On Michigan’s arrival, strictly circle the main building, aiming to keep it on the opposite side while dealing with the minions.
  • Quickly dispatch shield bearing opponents by firing from behind during your circuit.
  • If Michigan blocks the structure, repeat the circling maneuver to regain separation.
  • Reserve Songbirds For Michigan and Tetrapods; Take care to save them for those important encounters.
  • After clearing out the minions, focus on Michigan, taking advantage of Flamethrower’s power, except for her healing phases.
  • Avoid his powerful attacks and consider powering up directly with flame spells.
  • Aim for around 70% or more health with at least one healing ability when only Michigan is left.

More tips for other buildings

Here are some additional tips for tackling the Intercept the Redguns mission in AC6:

  • Don’t waste your shots because you don’t have unlimited ammo supply.
  • During the second wave, try to target the chopper carrying Mercs first.
  • Always keep moving forward and focus on matchups that deal more damage.
  • In contrast to movement, when Tetrapod And Michigan When you arrive, try to eliminate the small minions first because they can be quite difficult if they all come at you at once.
  • Also, don’t aim for the tetrapod as attacking it will activate all the other machines.
  • Scanning is always useful; Keep scanning to track your enemies, especially the Tetrapod.
  • Prioritize killing drones upon arrival in Michigan.
  • Try to run away from Michigan until you defeat all the small enemies.

In the Armored Corps 6 Intercept the Redguns mission, players face tough enemies and obstacles, requiring smart planning. The best weapon to succeed. As the battles intensify and G1 Michigan threatens, only the determined and skilled will become the top match warriors, leaving their mark in the epic struggle.

Also, consult the Armored Corps 6 game length Guide to estimating the time required for your in-game playthrough. Once finished, make sure not to ignore it. AC6 Plot and Story essay for a deeper understanding of its narrative complexities.

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