Armored Corps 6: Ocean Crossing Battle Log Locations



To add War records AC6 helps you develop your loghunt program Hunter Rank, unlocking new match parts and additional challenges. With these new parts and missions, you can acquire many resources or directly improve your robot. Thus, once you reach the final mission of Chapter 2, you’ll want to know about Armored Corps 6. Ocean Crossing Battle log locations to ensure you don’t miss out on these limited and extremely useful collectibles.

Key takeaways

  • Ocean Crossing is the final mission of Armored Corps 6. Chapter 2with Four War records
  • After starting the mission, proceed along the main path until you find Two drones Go through the lower platform exits which will drop 1 Battle Log each.
  • From there, drop down to the railing on the right and go into the tunnel to fight another. Two droneswhich will reward players with two more Battle Logs.
  • These battlelogs progress the player. Loghunt programa side objective in AC6 that raises their Hunter Rank and gives them additional match parts and challenges to complete.

Armored Corps 6 Ocean Crossing Battle Log Locations

The Ocean Crossing mission is the last part of Chapter 2 of AC6, almost immediately after you defeat EC-0804. Smart Cleaner Boss I “Infiltrate Grid 086“Mission.

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that you can still collect any missing Battle Logs by replaying the full mission. Sortie Ditto for menus, and ocean crossings.

Ocean Crossing
Ocean Crossing Briefing and Prizes (Photo by eXputer)

War records

  1. When you start the mission, go forward and take the elevator to grid 086. top rank.
  2. Once on the bridge at the top, look down correct And jump to the platform below.
Ocean Crossing Armored Corps 6
Platform under the bridge (screenshot via eXputer)
  1. From the lowest platform, follow the main path to the exit, where you’ll find Two drones to your right.
  2. These drones have relatively low AP and HP, and taking them out will reward you. 2 War Records.
Drone sea crossing ac6
Drones to your right (Image credit copyright: eXputer)
  1. After that, drop down Railing To your right and inside the tunnel leads to the tunnel. 2 more drones This will drop each battle log.
Crossing the sea on the lower platform
Railing leading to the tunnels (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  1. Before engaging, use your Scan. The ability to get information about their positions and sneak attack to avoid any unnecessary damage.
Drone Armored Corps 6
Second pair of drones (screenshot by eXputer)
  1. You’ll also find an abandoned machine lying on the far edge of this area, which you can negotiate and gain access to. Diet information.
  2. Return to the railing above and head past the lasers to the airspace to your objective.
Abandoned Match Ocean Crossing War Log
Abandoned MT Mech lying on the edge (Photo by eXputer)

Sea Spider Encounter

Upon arriving at the checkpoint, you will encounter IA-13 Sea Spider boss in Armored Corps 6Which is the last major challenge of this mission. As a heads-up, stay between his legs during both phases as he has several long-range lethal attacks.

Finally, when you complete the mission, you will receive an extra. 330,000 COAM And yours The Laughant Report A description of the battle logs you have collected.

Loghunt AC6
Loghunt program information post mission (screenshot taken by eXputer)

Important: Be sure to check out the Ocean Crossing mission in your “Replay Missions” menu. If you have missed any Battle Logs, your ‘Battle Log’ objective in the Rewards section will say PENDING instead of COMPLETED.

This wraps up the definitive but concise guide to Armored Corps 6 Ocean Crossing battle log locations. As highlighted earlier, these logs can give you several. increase Which you can use on your match to refresh your gameplay. As such, it’s best to kill a few non-threatening enemies to grab these unique items. You can dive deep too. AC6 ocean crossing laghant To make sure you don’t miss anything. Remarkable collection.

If you want to add some aggressive features to your match, here they are. The best weapons in Armored Corps 6. For defense-oriented options and parts instead, consider reading on. Best coach which you can catch in the game. And be sure to check out this guide OST Chips To get an idea of ​​other essential in-game items.


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